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Jeb Bush Smoked Marijuana And Sold Hash In Boarding School


jeb bush marijuanaJeb Bush is considered to be a front runner for the GOP nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election. If that becomes the case, Jeb Bush would join his father (George H.W. Bush) and older brother (George W. Bush) in doing so. In a recent article in the Boston Globe, Jeb Bush’s past marijuana consumption while in boarding school was covered, and it also became known that Jeb Bush even sold hash on at least one occasion while pursuing his studies. Below are excerpts from the Boston Globe article:

“I drank alcohol and I smoked marijuana when I was at Andover,” Bush said, both of which could have led to expulsion. “It was pretty common.”

One of those who did get to know Bush in these early days was Peter Tibbetts. The connection, he said, was pot. The first time Tibbetts smoked marijuana, he said, was with Bush and a few other classmates in the woods near Pemberton Cottage. Then, a few weeks later, Tibbetts said he smoked hashish — a cannabis product typically stronger than pot — in Jeb’s dormitory room.

“The first time I really got stoned was in Jeb’s room,” Tibbetts said. “He had a portable stereo with removable speakers. He put on Steppenwolf for me.” As the rock group’s signature song, Magic Carpet Ride, blared from the speakers, Tibbetts said he smoked hash with Bush. He said he once bought hashish from Bush but stressed, in a follow-up e-mail, “Please bear in mind that I was seeking the hash, it wasn’t as if he was a dealer; though he did suggest I take up cigarettes so that I could hold my hits better, after that 1st joint.”

Bush previously has acknowledged what he called his “stupid” and “wrong” use of marijuana. In the years since, he has opposed efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational use.

Similar to how I feel about Obama, it bewilders me how someone like Jeb Bush could have consumed marijuana, and even sold a little bit of hash, yet they think that cannabis is so wrong that it should be prohibited. If Obama or Jeb had been caught back then, it would have derailed their lives. Why would they support something like that happening? Why wouldn’t they rely on their own past experiences and work towards changing public policy? As a marijuana consumer, how do you feel about Jeb Bush? Many marijuana consumers I know have stated that if Jeb Bush gets elected, that they would rather leave the country than live thru a third Bush presidency.


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  1. John P E Curtin on

    Anybody that justifies drug use, excessive sugar consumption, tobacco use, rock music played with dangerous to the hearing decibels, too close for the eyes television watching, gambling, magazine pornography, excessive alcohol use, and excessive caffeine consumption is too crazy to be good for themselves or for the United States and should be made to start school over again with kindergarten because they didn’t learn to properly play with blocks but instead became a blockhead themselves.

  2. Get caught selling drugs, if black, thrown in prison and tagged as incorrigible ex con, if white and middle class, thrown in prison, with maybe a chance at later life, if son of waspy scion, nominated for president. Welcome to the USA!

  3. Randall Burns on

    The issue is not really what JEB did in high school. It is an issue of hypocrisy. His family connections protected him from arrest or explusion at Andover. He protected his daughter from imprisonment around her hard drug use while advocating mandatory prison time for others. JEB brother George was arrested in 1972 for possession of cocaine and used family connections to avoid any prison time and get that record sealed. George also appears to have gone AWOL from the air national guard to avoid testing positive for cocaine. JEB has supported mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients as a condition of getting benefits even though that has been shown not to be cost effective but has not supported mandatory substance testing for elected officials, licensed professionals or corporate officers which all have a high rate substance abuse. I personally support substance testing for elected officials, licensed professionals and corporate officers but feel those tests should be used to inform voters, investors and consumers. I would personally avoid investing in , voting for or using the services of drunks, cokeheads, meth freaks or junkies.

  4. If you can continue to support the criminalization of something that you also did, then you are a criminal.
    Excuse yourself from public office Mr Bush, you are unfit to lead this country.

  5. My nephew (college student) is currently fighting for his future after he was arrested for distribution of marijuana. He didn’t actually SELL the marijuana, or profit from it in any way. What he did was HELP a friend locate a small amount of weed after receiving a text message from the friend. His friend had already been arrested and was cooperating with the police when he sent the text asking my nephew if he knew anyone with weed for sale. Because my nephew helped him locate it, he now faces felony distribution charges and a long prison sentence.
    How fortunate for Jeb Bush that he was not caught in such behavior when he was that age. Would he be a presidential contender today with a felony drug conviction hanging over him?

  6. I would call being “pretty good about recreational marijuana” bull, being pretty good about it when the Democrats had a lock on congress and the presidency would have been legalizing pot. Most politicians from both parties are worthless.

  7. This is the first presidential candidate who has gone from recreational use to actually selling marijuana and hashish. I’ll bet he did some coke if the whole truth be known. His daughter did her share of crack, ask the bros in Frenchtown. She got busted but because she was the gov’s daughter she was sentenced to rehab. How many other poor people who would have like to have gotten a deal like that. But as usual a majority of people here talk about everything else except the topic at hand. How do we elect a president who was a drugster, a trafficker even and elect a president who does not have a college degree. Another case of double standards…rake one person over the coals for the same acts you make excuses for another person. Everything goes and if you’re contrite and apologetic you get hammered but if you tell everyone the hell with you, you get away with it. Look at O’Reilly!

  8. Exactly,, This classification (medical food) would still allow for only FDA involvement in the areas of consistent quality control, and assurances for proper growing procedures, to avoid adulteration or contamination. I only reference this to medical cannabis. Similar to any herbal supplement. Not so much for Rec. that would be monitored like alcohol and tobacco under an already established different classification.

  9. there are not enough drugs to encompass the new reality….
    smoking makes this dross disappear

  10. First of all I appreciate your taking the time to reply. Let me amend my point: If cannabis is DE-scheduled then there is no reason for govt. agencies to be involved except for the FDA in cases of adulteration or contamination. Hope that clears up where I stand.

  11. It is a reference to the FDA classification of “Medical Food”. I only used Metanx as a type of med / supplement that is in this category. To help with any ones review of the classification. If there is any Re-scheduling of cannabis that will still allow FDA involvement. Then it is in my opinion that the medical food classification would satisfy all. After the re-schedule to medical food, then the move to OTC can take place. Metanx has nothing to do with cannabis. It was only used as a reference.

  12. Look up what renewable energy really costs ($/KWh) unsubsidized. Then add in that extra plants have to be kept on hot standby to make up for drops in wind speed and the occasional clouds so the grid doesn’t crash. The rule is that for those sources you have to have 90% of the power they produce available as hot standby.

    Thus for wind and solar you can roughly double the quoted capital costs. And to keep those plants hot you have to burn fuel that generates no electricity. There is always some of that going on to compensate for plant reliability. Bur no where near 90%.

    The faith in AE can only be sustained by those who don’t know how it works. Should we keep doing research? Of course. But it is no where near ready for wide spread roll out. No matter what you wish was true.

    Batteries you say? Well they at least double the installed costs of wind and solar and to keep them economical they are sized at 1 grid time increment (15 minutes). What if the wind doesn’t blow for days locally? Back to gas and coal.

    Germany is complaining that the high cost of AE is driving away business. California is seeing the same effect.

    I like Polywell Fusion.

  13. Well you might not like coal or oil – but I do until something lower cost comes along. Energy is life. And I happen to like humans.

    We have taken sulfur out of coal and it is damaging plants:


    And what would be causing that? The fight against acid rain. Got to make
    you ask. What do greens have against plants? They don’t like that other
    plant food, CO2, much either.

    So many of these environmental scares are just ways for business to defeat their competition without having to do it in the market place. The Arabs and Russians are anti-fracking in America and Europe. It is good for their business. What a surprise.

    And the XL pipeline? Its delay is a bonanza for Warren Buffett’s oil trains. You want environmental reports on them? Look up “oil train crash”. Here is just one report:

    As Fiery Accidents Pile Up, U.S. Proposes New Rules for Oil Trains at National Geographic.

    I like Polywell Fusion.

  14. What does “Matanx” (actual spelling Metanx) have to do with cannabis’ schedule on the CSA?

  15. Not sure of the exact class terminology with the FDA, but their a class called “Medical Food”. Google “Matanx” + FDA Classification. I take it for neuropathy’s…. It’s a high dose combo supplement that requires an Rx and dispensed by a pharmacist (not OTC), and is controlled by the FDA.

  16. Reschedule to what category? I haven’t been able to find one of the schedules in which cannabis fits!

  17. Rescheduling would be a big, big victory. I like big victories. I can’t imagine they are going to deschedule in one fell swoop.

  18. LOL. Not from me. I’m not a fan of fence-sitters who talk out of both sides of their mouths, who hedge their bets instead of taking a stand for what they know is right — regardless of the political party for which they grab ankle. Without fail, I cannot call out anyone from either party without someone from the *other* one assuming I am just as partisan as they are, but on the opposite side of the aisle. Weren’t you around a couple months ago when I was mislabeled a Republican, Libertarian, and a few other glib rightwing terms simply because I *don’t* give Democrats and Liberals a free pass for being only slightly less shitty? Being called a Republican simply because I was being honest about Democrats… I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!

  19. stellarvoyager on

    Quit apologizing for the Bush clan. The record speaks for itself. When did the Clintons have business dealings with the Nazis? With the Bin Laden family? With Saddam Hussein? That’s right, never.

  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EDNQxY-66w

    Why is that story hidden?
    Politicians try to make it look as though all those who use cannabis are criminals, but if that were really true, then Jesus was a criminal along with Rabbi’s for using cannabis.
    They attempt in vain to suggest that an “alter” boy in ancient time had nothing to do with cannabis, they mistakenly believe that the word alter is a table, not a verb, they idol worship others through their idols’ eyes, they are a disgrace to humanity, they attempt to make it look as though all those who use cannabis including Jesus was as evil as them, they were no choir boys then, and they still are not, but they are bullies.
    They are practicing high treason to war against my right for instance to obtain a job with no discrimination, this nation has not experienced ANY deficit EVER like the one we have now, and they suggest that killing people in war is their answer, true idiots

  21. How do you figure we cant grow enough hemp ? Completely possible this is no corn crop that needs 6 months to grow to be harvested!
    hemp 3 months man and then another crop thats 2 to 1 and thats where I live down south make that 3 crops if you didn’t know that the fuel derived from hemp is way better that the fuel from corn less sugar to gum up your engine and the great henry fords model T was made from hemp not metal !! The sad fact is where I come from the farmers are paid to grow crp a useless crop that never produces anything other than cover for animals and then the farmer has to sell out to work in a factory instead of growing a sustainable crop that helps every facet of life . Oh but we can import it but we can’t grow our own !!! Yes we can replace all the crude oil products with this plant even gas. Your attitude is the same as the rest of the people that don’t believe all we have to do is give it a chance and if you want natural gas go to your local farm and grab some manure there’s your renewable
    natural gas from feeding the remnants to livestock .Gotta get back to a balanced circle or we all die and I was taught to leave it better than I found it !!
    Maybe i’m just up in the night and crazy that god had this figured out and lazy men found a way around the hard work it requires !!!

  22. What if they had an election and nobody voted? There’s a thought….

    I’ll tell you what….IF these two criminal neocon re-runs or has-beens, Bush Jr and Hillary, are the ones chosen to be on the Presidential ballot for the next nat’l election, I will solemnly swear that I will then quickly and with no haste, join the largest political party currently in America – The Does Not Vote Party. And I would heartily recommend that same strategy for all who feel the same way. So excuse me, as I have something more important to do (like getting ready for the economic crash they’ve prepared for us all that they still conveniently deny) than vote and participate in something that’s rigged for the benefit of the 1% that are “dependant” on it anyway. They may get my (tax) money but they’ll NEVER get my brain or my heart (or my LEGAL cannabis either, for I am in Washington state). Screw them. I’ve had enough.

  23. they actually believe that they have the right to vote away the constitutional rights of the american people who use cannabis, and yet no where in our Constitution or the bible dies it give hem that authority.

    In fact, warring on people of the usa is a crime, it is called high treason.
    Politicians all take oaths to protect all the people in the usa, not war on them, which tells me they are not only evil, but true criminals, you want to know who the mobsters are? Look at the politicians itching to war with those who use cannabis, i am fixin to re-up, now, there is nothing the dictators will do about it.

  24. politicians act like terrorists
    i suppose it isn’t easy for them to be so sleazy
    deep down they know that they are taking part in evil that has been destroying this country, and is still doing so, yet politicians do not care, as their hearts are dead, along with their spirits, serves them right, but we sure do not need to be under their control, we need to put them in prison
    bloomington, indiana

  25. “demon’s resume”. That is nice rhetoric. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll borrow it.

  26. Obama and the Dems in general have been pretty good about the recreational marijuana legalization victories. I’m thankful we didn’t elect a Repub President in 2012.
    But I’m enraged with how the Dems have handled medicinal marijuana. Cannabis needs to be rescheduled immediately, there has been so much suffering and death because of its insane Schedule I status. The weird thing is that rescheduling cannabis would have overwhelming public support. It’s so transparently obviously that special interests are thwarting the overwhelming will of the people. I won’t forgive or forget this, big pharma, you’re the enemy forever unless you repent.

  27. I don’t care which side of the aisle a politician is on, they’re always focused on the $$!!

  28. Even though Jebby was in no way a hashish dealer, it’s still significant that he sold some to an acquaintance. Other people who were in no way dealers have been absolutely crucified for doing exactly what Jeb did. And that was and is perfectly fine with this wretched excuse for an American, Christian, and human being.

    If so many people hadn’t lost their right to vote over cannabis, a policy enforced by Jebby as Florida governor, our boy President never would have been elected in 2000, he would have lost Florida even after the crap the Repubs pulled.

  29. The Democrats have the same concept, but they feel confident that the people pushing the marijuana legalization initiative will blindly follow and support them even though they have done nothing tangible to move this effort forward.

  30. Guess what, the Democratic hopefuls have basically the same issues stashed in their backgrounds as well, but as usual they tend to get a free pass.

  31. stellarvoyager on

    Yeah, he was on an advisory board of Straight, Inc, and the Semblers are major bundlers for him and were bundlers for Romney in 2012. Mel was also gifted with an ambassadorship in Bush I’s administration. The Bush family is up to their eyeballs in some very shady business, and I’ve seen this coming since at least 2010, when Jeb decided to “wait out” the 2012 election, presumably because he would have more of a clear path in 2016.

    Jeb Bush’s views on the war on drugs are draconian.


  32. I have even less love for the man, now. I’d heard of “Straight, Inc” and the Semblers, but I had no idea they were so tightly involved with the Bush clan. Honestly, the best way to keep Jeb out of politics is to make the drug war a center-ring issue for 2016. His drug war CV reads like a demon’s résumé.

  33. James Sunderland on

    Republicans will not tolerate marijuana reform as it will go against their national platform of “family values” and being “hard on crime”. Republicans will also see that young people support legalization, so they must oppose it, because goddamn, kids are just phone using SJW little liberal shits! Now, if the Democrats were smart, they’d fully support legalization with open arms. But as long as establishment Democrats like Hilary Clinton exist, they’ll be too scared to embrace it. This is why we need a left-wing shift in the Democratic Party. We need more Elizabeth Warrens and Burnie Sanders in the world who will get rid of the DINOs and truly reform our nation’s archaic marijuana laws and keep the Republicans from taking our freedoms away.

  34. George Sr. was a fine president, but George Jr. was a nightmare so I am reluctant to listen to anything Jeb has to say. He is trying to rally Libertarians [me] to his side to galvanize the base, but what he forgets is that I have no interest in his military spending or his continued support of SS retirement payments. The GOP won’t ever get my vote again no matter how much they attempt to pander, even if they are telling the truth.

  35. So smoking pot was “stupid” and “wrong,” but drastically cutting funding to libraries, performing a record number of executions and forcing poor Terri Schiavo to live while brain dead were OK? The scary part is, he’s not as bad as some potential candidates.

  36. Weed & hash – that’s nothing. There’s been a rumor floating around for years that the DEA has video of JEB & GW purchasing a kilo of coke in Miami.

  37. stellarvoyager on

    Jeb Bush’s connections with radical prohibitionists Mel & Betty Sembler, founders of the child abuse “drug treatment” centers known as “Straight, Inc.” must be exposed. Jeb Bush’s radical drug war views must also be exposed.


  38. “Besides, don’t you know crude oil is just a gateway resource to other dirty energy sources? Today, we’re just using crude oil, sure, but tomorrow, we’ll be snorting coal and fracking our brains out. After that, people will start marrying their animals… and then burning them for energy because the oil is gone. That’s assuming video games haven’t killed everyone, first. It’s a slippery slope! ;-)”

    Quoted because… awesome.

  39. If the Jeb becomes POTUS, get ready to put away your medical cannibis grow and go into hiding for between four to eight years.

  40. Hmm. Pics or it didn’t happen, Jeb. Frankly, I’m not sure I believe it. Sorry. GW, sure, but Jeb?

    Truth value aside, I am very encouraged Jeb wants to establish his “street cred” while angling for a 2016 bid. IMHO, he’s only claiming to have rocked the ganja as a youth to give himself a leg-up over Rand Paul before the GOP starts ripping each other apart in the primaries. It’s not because he thinks he can co-opt the advocacy vote in the general election — he’d never be so presumptuous after speaking out against Amendment 2 in Florida. He simply needs something to make himself look less like a narc standing next to Rand Paul on the dais. For that, I’d suggest standing next to Chris Christie, who makes Jeb look like Willie Nelson by comparison.

    Don’t get me wrong: this is good news. Jeb Bush is a very reliable political weathervane. More than that, he’s one of the most square men on the planet, and he’d *never* stick his neck out. 20 years ago, it was risky claiming you didn’t inhale. Today, Jeb claims he sold hash! Whether or not it’s true doesn’t matter as much as the fact that he doesn’t anticipate *any* negative PR for claiming it’s true, only positive.

    The winds are changing, friends.

  41. I think you’re both saying two different things. Honestly, I don’t think he’s suggesting that we can meet all of our energy needs with *just* hemp. Hemp does produce more ethanol than corn by acre, but not enough to completely replace gasoline, given our current global consumption rates. I think he may have been suggesting that we can replace a lot of the petroleum-based products that we take for granted, like petroleum-based fibers, petroleum-based polymers, and other acrylic/textile products that hemp can replace. Most chemical fertilizers are petroleum based. The overwhelming majority of all plastics are petroleum-based, but they don’t need to be.

    Besides, don’t you know crude oil is just a gateway resource to other dirty energy sources? Today, we’re just using crude oil, sure, but tomorrow, we’ll be snorting coal and fracking our brains out. After that, people will start marrying their animals… and then burning them for energy because the oil is gone. That’s assuming video games haven’t killed everyone, first. It’s a slippery slope! ;-)

    We do need to get the non-renewable monkey off our backs, though, if not for the sake of the environment, for the sake of our wallets. China is currently kicking our ass in the global renewable energy market. There are promising wind energy start-ups in middle America, sure, but even they buy the magnets for their PMAs from China, and China has virtually cornered both solar and hydro power. Honestly, I’d like to make my own power for my home and I’d LIKE to buy American, but it’s almost impossible. But I’m getting way off-topic.

  42. Because they are egoists. What is truely incomprehensible is that such egoists can be voted in a “true” democracy.

  43. He would just change from “illegal” to “tax and regulate”. Then he can keep the police. To enforce the “tax” and enforce the “regulations”.

  44. Energy is life.

    We all live by crude oil. Or hadn’t you noticed? And natural gas. We will never be able to grow enough plants to cover our energy needs. But we can do conversions well enough. In the mean time until we get the other stuff sorted out I’d prefer the oil keep flowing. And in sufficient quantities to keep the price down.

    I like Polywell Fusion.

  45. What if this is the GOP’s plan, make everyone think by voting for him he will make it legal nationwide, when the truth is, he’s stood very firm on punishing those that do

  46. Jordan Shorette on

    Twice was bad enough I cant believe ppl actually consider another bush in the white house if the first times an accident second times your fault what is the third time?

  47. File this under “Do as I say, not as I do”. Hasn’t America had enough of these hypocritical politicians that would jail people for the very same thing that they did?

  48. Just remember that this mans family lives and dies by crude oil !!!! Cant let the one thing that can replace everything that their livelihood depends on become legal !!

  49. MarioAnthonyDargo on

    obviously new here but seems to me thats all anyone can do here ….talk that is…lol

  50. MarioAnthonyDargo on

    remember the past FL elecs…if this fuckee gets in who knows what may happen WW3 anyone?…thomas jefferson sad a country should revolt every 200 yrs to clear the blue blood….time for some blood letting. open em up and let em run out!!

  51. Midnight Moses on

    The ONLY “bush” this country needs is Cannabis… not hypocritical, politically opportunistic ambulatory bags of bullshit like Jeb.

    If it ever became 100% clear that the American people DEMAND the end of cannabis prohibition from anyone hoping to become President, you bet your ass he’d change his tune in a heartbeat.

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