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Jeff Mizanskey, Sentenced To Life In Prison For Marijuana, Released From Missouri Prison Tomorrow


jeff mizanskey marijuanaTomorrow is going to be a very, very big day. Jeff Mizanskey has been serving a life sentence in prison for non-violent marijuana only offenses in Missouri for over two decades. The Show-Me Cannabis campaign has been working very hard with the Mizanskey family to bring awareness to Jeff Mizanskey’s case, and to work for Jeff’s release. After a very long battle, Missouri’s Governor granted clemency to Jeff Mizanskey, which led to a successful parole hearing. All of that culminates with Jeff’s release tomorrow.

Tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Jeff Mizanskey will walk out of the Jefferson City Correctional Center a free man. The petition that received almost 400k signatures was a success. Multiple YouTube videos calling for Jeff’s release worked. Letters from 126 Missouri lawmakers to the Governor worked. All of the billboards, all of the Facebook shares, and everything else that activists have done has worked, proven by Jeff Mizanskey’s release tomorrow.

I tip my hat to the Show-Me Cannabis campaign and to Jeff Mizanskey’s family for all of the good work they have done, and a huge kudos to all of the other people that have helped fight for Jeff’s freedom. I’m very curious to see what Jeff does next. It’s my understanding that there will be a press conference and/or press release after Jeff is freed, and I’ll make sure to post footage from that when I receive it. For now, check out Jeff’s case from the information below:


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  1. Jordan Shorette on

    don’t get all butt hurt you’ll be alright big guy I was just being playful calling you dummy and I said some sort of probation and technically parole is a type of probation, just not the kind that’s an alternative to jail but still a type probationary period, don’t be a jerk just to be a jerk

  2. Probation doesn’t last forever and it’s called parole Dumbass and it doesn’t last forever either.

  3. I think they cleared his record but even if they didn’t he only has charges for marijuana and it is legal there so who gives a shit …battle number two i guess, people with only marijuana charges should be able to open a shop whether it’s felony or not.

  4. interesting letter from someone who worked with NORML and Show Me Cannabis on Mizanskey’s release.

  5. I was angry. Mad as he’ll
    20 years in a cage for a plant. Disgusting. No disrespect to SHOW ME
    Or Jeff most people couldn’t last That long in captivity
    Cruel and usual punishment
    Flaw Enforcement
    Injustice system

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Very powerful little statements. They remind me of a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “I have sworn eternal hostility to every form of oppression over the mind of man” and lady. Hats off to you, Amber Iris Langston, Leah Maurer, John Payne, et al, for deploying your hearts of gold to lobby for and win Jeff Mizanskey’s freedom. Johnny oneye is absolutely right, though, in pointing to an urgent need to free tens of thousands more nonviolent Americans who were unjustly ensnared by the tyrannical anti-“marihuana” dragnet. Let this be just the start.

  7. Dana Villines on

    exactly I feel the same way, they have so many people in prison on marijuana charges look at all the crackheads that are out here free go figure on that one what’s up with that? system sucks marijuana should be legal medically, recreationally, everything. How many people have died from driving stoned and how many people have died from driving drunk? alcohol is legal what the fuck

  8. How many people are rotting in prison for profit?
    #stillbreathing and they finally
    Let 1 go.
    Big fucking deal.
    The whole system is corrupt .
    Criminals rule these streets ( bankers)
    Cannabis #prohibition JIM CROW laws sucks and they fill prisons with this fodder , cannon meat
    Obama let a handful out but he didn’t have the spine to repeal

  9. I read the Colorado laws for working in the field, no felony’s allowed ………..fucking sucks…

  10. He should go to a state where marijuana is legal and open a weed shop with his name on it to get some cash from all the bullshit.

  11. I tip my hat to the Show-Me Cannabis campaign..Really good job, because I don’t think he would have ever gotten out.

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