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Jilly Bean Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Jilly Bean Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

Like the name implies, the Jilly Bean marijuana strain is a sweet, fruit flavored bud that tastes like a mix of jellybeans and pineapple. The Jilly Bean marijuana strain is a mostly indica variety of the Orange Velvet strain crossed with the Space Queen strain . Jilly Bean has a dark forest green color with some red hairs and lots of sticky resin. The high from this strain is mellow, giddy, and friendly. The Jilly Bean marijuana strain is good for daytime use and can be used to treat depression and chronic pain.

“One of my favorite strains. The smell and taste are delicious. Sweet and fruity. The overall experience was chill with no couch lock. An inspiring, uplifting bud.” – DiabloFan

Check out the Jilly Bean marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Jilly Bean, and how Jilly Bean affects various ailments.

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jilly bean marijuana strain


jilly bean marijuana strain


jilly bean marijuana strain


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  1. the strain sucks. it’s probably suited for lightweights who are looking for something start off on. every other strain even greenhouse quality blue dream will kick this shit to the curb. heck even an outdoor trainwreck thats mid-grade will beat jillybean topshelf to it’s knees.

  2. Up north ? SAM had a bunch of outdoor jillybean on YouTube then he got cut off
    still don’t know the genetics

  3. Ha I actually grew this strain not to long ago, Made a organic compost to get the best taste of the buds after harvest, did a nice scrog with LST cropping, and grew in a Gorilla Grow Tent, heres a review I actually did on this tent: http://microgrowcentral.com/gorilla-grow-tent-review/ one of my favorite grows to date definitely! The taste is pretty good and for a indica strain will knock you right on your ass lol.

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