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Jimmy Buffett Endorses Medical Marijuana In Florida


Jimmy Buffett is very popular, especially in Florida among older voters. So when he publicly endorses medical marijuana in Florida, it’s a big deal. My grandma was on the fence about marijuana legalization for a long time, and what pushed her over the top was a video that I showed her where Willie Nelson endorsed marijuana legalization. ‘If it is good enough for Willie, it is good enough for me!’ she exclaimed. Below is a video in which Jimmy Buffet expresses his support for Florida Amendment 2 and various other initiatives in Florida.


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  1. Makes me wonder how many grammas out there love Willie Nelson, but haven’t been paying much attention to his love of the herb.

  2. I’ve lived in Fl. since 1960. Have seen a lot of changes here over the decades but I’m afraid that this state is still too backwards to pass amendment 2. I will for sure be voting YES but I don’t really have too much hope of it getting passed. Getting 60% of the vote is just too much to ask. It’s all about politics and it shouldn’t be. Way too many ill informed people still don’t get it. I think within the next year or two my family and I will be packing up and moving west. I’m sick of this state and I never really ever did get used to the suffocating heat down here. Anyway, good luck to all of us on Nov. 4 and good luck to all who believe that cannabis is a far better medicine than pharmaceuticals. Take care.

  3. More good news. I’m thinking the largest opponents of legal marijuana are those over age 55. Celebrities should be supporting marijuana, because if they don’t, they’re promoting illegal marijuana. How many have talked about smoking in their songs? These guys can make a difference.

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