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Joan Rivers Smoking Weed Proves Anyone Could Be A Toker


Joan RiversBy Barry Blunt of kushsmoke.com

“Suck it in! You’re not sucking it in!” There’s not many grandma’s out there I’d expect to burn, but Joan Rivers has to be one of the last ones I’d nab for a blazer. So if Joan Rivers gets down with the herb, I feel pretty confident in saying that there’s a solid chance anyone on this planet smokes weed, from squares like Mitt Romney to douches like Roger Goodell. Couple notes from this video.



If it’s cool for celebrities to blaze on TV—in a car—it should be cool for just about anyone to feel comfortable smoking their herb on the road or in front of a screen. Stupid videos like this actually help remove the stoner sigmas that the medical marijuana community is so plagued with.

And serious question: does puffing Kush have any impact on people with fake lips and 100 face lifts under their belts? Don’t want that smoke seeping into the plastic surgery, Joan. And watch it with those munchies girl—shit goes straight to your ass, trust me. But I understand—when you’ve got a craving for the chronic, resistance is futile.

Article from Kushsmoke and republished with special permission


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