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John McCain About Marijuana – “Maybe We Should Legalize.”


john mccain marijuana legalizationYesterday the marijuana community was shocked to learn that John McCain has been talking about marijuana legalization. I know I was certainly shocked. Arizona Daily Star columnist Tim Steller, McCain stated the following comments at a town hall meeting in Arizona, “Maybe we should legalize. We’re certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned. I respect the will of the people.”

The comments were so simple, so rational, and so, well, so something I wouldn’t expect a veteran politician like John McCain to say. I read the comments while I was at work yesterday, and almost fell out of my cubicle chair. Whether you like John McCain or hate him, you have to admit that his comments are significant. I don’t think that John McCain will become a crusader for marijuana reform anytime soon, but he has a huge following among senior citizens, and hopefully it sways some voters in that demographic. But then again who knows, maybe as John McCain sees that he is on the right side of history, maybe he will decide to backup his words with some action.

It’s my hope that John McCain’s words on marijuana legalization will encourage more Republicans to follow suit. After all, there are numerous reasons that Republicans should support marijuana reform. Republicans support state’s rights, Republicans support smaller government, Republicans do not support wasteful spending, and Republicans support good economic policies and practices. Marijuana legalization fits in nicely with all of those positions. And if that wasn’t enough, Republicans don’t like Barack Obama, and President Obama obviously hates marijuana reform, so that’s all the more reason they should support marijuana reform.

senator john mccain marijuana legalizationWhat do readers think? Why do you think John McCain made these comments? Does it change/re-affirm your opinion of him? Do you think that he will follow up on his comments, or do you think it’s just rhetoric? Do you think that John McCain’s GOP peers will embrace his stance, or bash him for it?

Maybe John McCain’s daughter played a roll in influencing his stance on marijuana legalization. From the Huffington Post:

“McCain isn’t the first one in his family to show signs of support for marijuana legalization. His daughter Meghan McCain came out in favor of pot legalization — and admitted she’d smoked a joint — in June 2012.”

Maybe it was John McCain’s constituents that influenced his comments. After all, a recent Arizona poll from May 2013 found:

“On the subject of marijuana law reform, Arizonans have repeatedly affirmed their support at the ballot box for legalizing the distribution of marijuana to individuals who have first obtained a prescription provided by a physician. Now it appears that a majority (56%) also favor legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use”


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  1. Watch the recent documentary by Dr Sanjay Gupta called “Weed.” What they appeared to be using was a concentrate that was high in CBD’s (Cannabidiol) that Dr Gupta reported is more effective with seizures and does not cause intoxication. The documentary showed how a girl with Dravet Syndrome responded. The improvement was nothing short of a miracle compared to her response to pharmaceutical medicines. Those who are responsible for setting up the medical marijuana program in Arizona have tried at every step to derail the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and want to arrest people for concentrates even though the law clearly allows for mixtures and preparations of marijuana. They seem to be suggesting that young children who could benefit should get a bong… When this goes to court they will lose just as they have lost at every other attempt to overturn this voter initiative. I just hope that not many patients are hurt or killed before this happens. It’s too bad that those who work with this program through the state don’t understand and don’t support the medical benefits of this plant. Good luck to you and your cousin. Your best bet might be to move to a more progressive state such as California or Colorado until the bozos here lose in court or you could sign one of the voter initiatives to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol. I think that the petition that is circulating will allow concentrates. Recent polls suggest over 50% support here in Arizona.

  2. I was surprised by Sen McCain’s comments. I am glad to see that he has become more wise than I would have given him credit for. I hope that those that are continuing to fight against the voter approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Act are listening. In Sen Leahy’s recent marijuana hearing both Sen Grassley (who flew the flag for prohibition) and the representative from SAM appeared largely irrelevant to the discussions that took place there. Reefer Madness was not the focus of that meeting and those who attended appeared to really want legalization to work for Washington and Colorado. Thank you Sen McCain for honoring the will of the people. Please share your wisdom with other Republicans in Arizona. They need your help…

  3. It pains me to admit it… But McCain is no idiot. Hes also a very instinctual survivalist. I suspect its merely the republican party sniffing the political breeze. I see it as an open declaration that WE are now the majority. He’d be comitting political suicide if he believed anything else. He wouldnt risk losing public approval for anything. The rats are starting to jump ship!

  4. Russ is the man! It just blows my mind that he can do a report like that while hes medicated! I’d be losing my train of thought after every sentence. Great focus.

  5. you want a 3 year old to smoke pot? I understand that they are in pain, but it’s not the answer for everything and every person. Maybe when he is older.

  6. at least for medicinal use. my cousin (3yr) with Dravet Syndrome sure could use some to quiet his seizures!

  7. Conservatives4Legalization on

    This is a big step, but McCain doesn’t have as much sway as he used to in the party. Most of us see him as a RINO (Republican In Name Only). I hope this might make some noise in the party, but not sure the poster boy for term limits will do much good for the movement. Trust me, Obama would’ve never gotten my vote any which way, but McCain, I’m ashamed I ever voted for that ass clown.

  8. CannabisGrind.com on

    Haha this so called “senator” will do nothing less than blabber and nothing else. Been following his so called influence on politics ever since his presidential run but as stated if the marijuana community is placing their eggs on this senator we might as well keep our cannabis use under the covers as we already do. Nevertheless, great article! Keep doing what youre doing, check out our blog as well!

  9. I would like to take McCain’s new view at face value, But I wonder what his ulterior motive really is. His wife was caught stealing narcotic pain meds from the very foundation she founded, which helps war vets, of course the DEA did not pursue any legal actions against her. Maybe she is off the pills and using medical marijuana? Whatever has caused his change of heart, I hope its sincere.

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