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John Morgan On Florida Medical Marijuana Bill: It’s ‘Tallahassee Window Dressing’


Florida medical marijuanaA medical marijuana expansion bill has been passed by the Florida Legislature, and the bill is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature. While some are hailing this as a significant move, most activists see HB 307 as doing way too little. The United for Care campaign, led by John Morgan, has put a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot for the second election cycle in a row. The initiative is much better than the bill, and HB 307 in no way is a suitable replacement for the initiative, which is how some Florida politicians are framing it. John Morgan had some choice words in regards to the bill, which he e-mailed yesterday. See below:

Once again, Tallahassee politicians are putting their own campaigns before medical science and the rights of doctors.

Yesterday, they passed HB307, a bill that perpetuates the status quo except for a very small number of terminally ill patients.

This law would do nothing for people like my brother, a quadriplegic, or any other person who has intractable pain. It does nothing to help cancer patients who need marijuana to counter the affects of chemo. It does nothing for our soldiers with PTSD or patients with MS.

The bill is typical Tallahassee window dressing, designed more to help with campaigns than serve as a true means of access for those that need it. lt also adds a new class of eligibility to a universe of ZERO eligible patients.

Hospice centers have another drug: It’s called morphine.

While there are a few up there worth supporting, I lost faith in the legislature a long time ago. The ONLY thing they’ve done with this legislation is acknowledge that medical marijuana works, but then they specifically voted against access for hundreds of thousands of patients who need it. 

This is why we took matters into our own hands, and why so many of us opened up our wallets to support getting Amendment 2 on the 2016 ballot.

Tallahassee’s failure points again to the need for Amendment 2, and the need for your continued support.

Doctors—not Tallahassee politicians—should decide who they should recommend use marijuana.  People shouldn’t have to be terminal to be allowed this access.

Please support our efforts by making a small donation of $5 or more here.

– John Morgan
United for Care


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  1. warren mercer on

    That makes zero sense. That’s like saying we should ban liquor, but allow beer. Both are abused, and both are used responsibly. Like Billy Bob said, you would just have a people making at home(which is very dangerous) and a thriving black market.

  2. Billy Bob Merkowitz on

    You’d rather have people converting smokable cannabis into concentrates like wax or shatter in their own kitchens?

    While I’m not a fan of wax or shatter, I’d much rather see it commercially available to those who want it, vs. reading about another Kitchen, Garage, or Apartment explosion sending people to the hospital, and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to a landlords property, and making neighboring tenants temporarily homeless.

  3. Christian Zetting on

    You prefer, Morphine, hydrocodone, oxycoton, percocet? You drink alcohol? Because wax will never be as potent or deadly and will never kill anybody or give an overdose. Do you know why? Because THC and CBD don’t block the respritory receptors that cause you to stop breathing in your spine. They go right to their own personal receptors that we were born with and fit like nature intended. Your body makes its own endocannabinoids. A cancer patient on chemo takes pot to fill their receptors with the cdb and thc responsible for stimulating appetite and balancing your system.

  4. Christian Zetting on

    Concentrates is what is kept cathy Jordan alive and killed her tumors from the inside out. It is the purest form of endocannabinoids you can take in and it will not mess u up more than a beer for experienced patients. Which is why you start with a low dose. Smoking the herb is good for pain and headaches but vaporizing concentrates are the way of stopping seizures in their tracks and causing cancer cells to die before they spread. Do some research please. Or allow a doctor to make the call.

  5. Okay to have feelings, but data shows >1/2 of cannabis patients DO use edibles for everything from arthritis pain to epilepsy. In fact, with so many against smoking anything – oils and edibles are the logical choice for millions.

  6. Richard Hurtz on

    I feel strongly that edibles and concentrates like wax or shatter, should not be allowed to be sold commercially, medically or otherwise, only smokable cannabis and oil extracts.

  7. 90+% of all politicians are former lawyers, judges, prosecutors and sheriffs. With nothing but law enforcement making the rules does anyone expect them to side on compassion?

    On helping the children stop suffering?

    On allowing their relatives access to a live saving treatment……NO.

    The only thing law enforcement people want is more law enforcement.

    They want to keep the jobs of all the cops that we will not need when cannabis is legal.

    They want to keep the ‘war on drugs’ funding going, big money is at stake.

    The politicians could care less about the suffering children, all they care about is re-election, if this bill gives good lip service they might hold on to their jobs without allowing access. This is the only thing they care about.

    Vote out all haters.

    It is time for a cannabis revolution!

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