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Join Compassionate Idaho At The Moscow Hempfest


compassionate idaho medical marijuanaBelow is a STELLAR way to spend your 4/20 if you are in Idaho:

Please JOIN us at Moscow Hemp Fest!! We will have a booth set up to get You registered to vote Or to get your Signature to get Medical Marijuana on the November 2014 Gubernatorial Ballot!

We NEED YOUR help to do this! Please come by our booth and Sign! Also, we will have Lindsey Rinehart there to speak as well as Russ Britt from North Idaho! We may have other speakers as well.

WE WILL BE TRAINING GATHERERS AT THIS EVENT and setting up trainings! Please sign up at www.compassionateidaho.org under Volunteer!

This day is Fun Filled with all sorts of vendors relating to Hemp, food vendors, FREE concerts ALL DAY LONG and a Fire show at Dark to close the day out!

If you would like to volunteer for this festival to help get signatures please call 208-703-9156 and speak to Lindsey Rinehart. If you would like to help volunteer for the festival please contact Arlene Flacon at tyedye@moscow.com and offer to help out for this festival’s 17th Year!!


What – Signature Gathering At The Moscow Hempfest
When – April 20th 10am to 9pm
Where – East City Park Moscow Idaho

Check out the event on Facebook


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  1. Kenyon Gibson on

    Let’s get this state to join the other 12 in passing a hemp initiative this year!
    And along with that, let’s get the 25,000 signatures on the petition to the White House
    so when that these states’ efforts will not be in vain.
    http://www.minawear.com/about-us/ is hosting the White House Hemp Petition.

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