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Join The Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Revolution!


By Bobby Durant

Over the last few years, many Vaporizer manufacturers have released various versions of Portable Vaporizers with varying results. The Iolite Vaporizer made quite a splash a few years ago, but its reputation was eventually damaged by the actual performance and efficiency of the unit. The Vapir NO2 is an excellent unit; however, many people dislike the size of this Vaporizer compared to other compact Vaporizers currently on the market. The Vapor Genie is definitely small and compact, but the efficiency and effectiveness of this portable vaporizer is surely debatable. But what about the Magic Flight Launch Box This small and portable Vaporizer has built up quite a reputation in the last year because of internet buzz and customer satisfaction. Their product has satisfied thousands of customers and their standing amongst Vaporizer manufacturers is growing every day. It truly provides a reliable and convenient way to Vaporizer your herbs and avoid the harmful effects of smoking.

Unlike the Iolite Vaporizer which uses un-reliable butane, the Magic Flight utilizes alkaline batteries that are re-chargeable. This provides the user with an instant heat source that can reach vaporizing temperatures in about 10 seconds. That makes it the quickest heating vaporizer on the market today. It’s tiny and compact size make it portable enough to fit inside your pocket and discreet enough to use almost anywhere. It utilizes a simple design of wood to ensure that no toxins are released from harmful products like plastic or metal. This also ensures that you receive the full flavor and aroma from your herbs or aromatherapy blends. Since the herbs stay safely inside the unit, you can even use this product in windy conditions without worry. The people at Magic Flight believe in their product so much that they have offered a Lifetime Warranty for their Vaporizer. This Warranty covers ALL defects associated with the Vaporizer. No other Vaporizer manufacturer can match that kind of guarantee.

To use the Magic Flight Vaporizer, you begin by loading it with your herbs or aromatherapy blend. Be sure to grind your herbs thoroughly to increase the surface area of your herbs and overall efficiency of the vaporization process. Once your herbs or aromatherapy blend has been loaded, load the alkaline battery into the appropriate slot and apply a slight amount of pressure. You should immediately see a small orange glow appear inside the unit. Continue to apply pressure on the battery for approximately 5-10 seconds. Once a light “fog” appears in the herbal chamber, begin to inhale through the draw whip at a very slow and steady pace. Make sure that pressure is still being applied to the battery during this time. After about 10-20 seconds, you can release pressure on the battery and finish your “rip” accordingly. You should immediately feel and taste the flavorful and aromatic herbs or aromatherapy blend that was used. It’s a good idea to use a fresh battery before every session because it improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the vaporization process. It’s also smart to safely store your Magic Flight after you’re done using it because it can easily be misplaced because of the compact design.

Magic Flight was able to achieve their high level of success by listening to the consumer and improving the product design accordingly. They maintain a strong presence on Vaporizer forum sites like FC.com where they consistently communicate with their customers about problems, concerns or other relevant stuff. Priced at only $99, this portable Vaporizer is easily one of the most affordable Vaporizers on the market today. The vapor produced by this unit is more flavorful and aromatic when compared to other Portable and Whip-Style Vaporizers. It produces no smoke or foul taste to ensure that your lungs are spared the harmful effects of smoking. These units are manufactured in San Diego, California and each Vaporizer is handmade. It goes through a 70-step assembly process that uses time-tested techniques and custom built tools to ensure superior quality.

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  1. I’ve been using my launch box for about a year now.  i think it’s great, but there are a few flaws as people have mentioned.

    firstly the batteries.  though it does come with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger, i found that after just a few months of using it, the batteries stopped holding a charge, and they were worthless.  i did go out and bought 4 Sanyo eneloop batteries.  those are really quality batteries.  they hold a very long charge, and they are super reliable.  with 4 batteries, that should be more than enough for a night.

    i believe any battery can work.  HOWEVER, the thickness of batteries are slightly different, so some may jiggle inside the MFLB because it’s a little smaller.  The eneloops fit very well. 

    secondly, it’s a little fragile.  i did drop mine from about 2ft – fell off the coffee table.  it had the battery still in it so it added to the weight.  unfortunately the lid cracked.  it was still functional, but i had a funky lid i needed to rubberband down.

    this companies service is super great though.  i told them about my problem and they gave me a one time replacement for free.  just needed to send the old one back.  really happy with the customer service.

    really prefer this to a pipe.  and i find it is EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL, meaning i go through a bag much much slower.  and it’s easy on the throat.

    i do have friends who still like ripping from pipes, and don’t like using my LB.  so it may not be the thing for you.  it did take me a few times to get used to it, but i love it.

  2. im on the same page i love this thing i use way less to get to the level i need to be on. im just mad i didnt get one sooner.

  3. The Mustard Tiger on

    I bought mine about two months ago and I absolutely adore it. I use it every day. Remarkably efficient, consistent taste if you know how to use it. I get about two bowls per battery, and a full one is enough to send me to Future Funland for a while. I literally have nothing but good to say about it.

  4. The main complaint about the Magic Flight is the batteries don’t last long enough, and/or you have to buy a lot of sets of batteries if you want to use this on a regular basis. I’d like to see a battery replacement adapter that plugs into a USB port on a computer, so that when I’m home, I don’t have to use the batteries, and it would not prevent me from using the Magic Flight while the batteries are sitting in the charger.

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