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Jorge Cervantes And Subcool Of TGA Genetics (Video)


Jorge Cervantes with Subcool of TGA Genetics 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

When it comes to growing marijuana, there are only a handful of names that I would consider to be ‘elite’ grower status. Two of them are obviously the legendary Subcool of TGA Genetics and Jorge Cervantes. Ed Rosenthal is the only other marijuana grower that I would probably put into that category. I’ve had the honor of talking to all of them on the web, and I look forward to meeting Subcool and Jorge sometime in the future (I met Ed at the Spring Gathering earlier this year). Below is a video that I found while surfing marijuana videos YouTube. It is two marijuana legends, Subcool and Jorge Cervantes, talking the toke. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:



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  1. Subcool is a great grower. I recently contacted him about a technique I heard about and wanted to see his take on it. I know he is a busy man so it might be awhile before I hear back

    I am interested to know more about that first strain he was talking about. That sativa. I will have to watch the video again and listen more closely but from what I did hear I already like.

    This video was a great find.

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