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Hear Josh Stanley, Founder Of Citiva Medical, Speak At The Spring Marijuana Business Conference And Expo


Josh Stanley is a pioneer of the Colorado medical marijuana industry. Josh Stanley founded Citiva Medical with , the first true medical marijuana clinic in Colorado. Josh founded the medical clinic after he found relief himself in medical cannabis. His story is powerful. One of his favorite hobbies is hang gliding. As he says, he was really good at flying it, but not very good at landing it. That led to back surgeries, which led to the use of opiate-based painkillers.

Like many Americans, he became addicted to the painkillers. During what he calls ‘a very dark time in his life,’ Josh Stanley was given a medical cannabis tincture. He says that experience changed his life. He was able to kick the painkillers, and was inspired to help others due the same. That’s why he founded Citivia. Below is a video of him recalling his experience, along with why him and Chief Medical Officer Jack D’Angelo, MD. are fighting to bring safe access to New York:

I really like Josh’s story. It’s full of struggle, compassion, triumph, and business success. Josh has expanded his company to over 100 employees, and if he can get licensed in New York, he will expand his company to over 350 employees. Josh has a story that all aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs can relate to, and people can learn a lot from him. He will be one of many speakers featured at the 2015 Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago, hosted by Marijuana Business Daily. I will be there, and I can’t wait to hear him speak, and hopefully shake his hand. Click on the banner below to find out more about the event:

marijuana business daily conference expo

To find out more about Citiva Medical, check them out on Facebook, and Twitter.


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  1. My research consists of my experience in Missouri with bills backed by the Stanley Brothers which eliminate patient/caregiver cultivation, which require that only those who have a half million dollars in the bank can even apply to be retailers and that they have to pay a non-refundable $25,000 application fee. This is transparently designed to allow only the rich to retail cannabis. severely limit competition, and force patients to only buy from the very limited number of retailers allowed under this bill. They refuse to even talk to in-state long time patient advocates.

  2. Karen Ferguson on

    Uh….you need to do more research. Why do you care he’s paid for his work if he’s keeping people out of jail? Your argument is made up, assumed and I suspect there are no words to even respond to it. Seriously. Do your homework instead of spouting untruths to placate whatever it is you’re trying to ‘fix.’

  3. Mr Stanley is going into other states, ignoring the activists who have been working for many years for patients’ rights, and using his money to pass laws designed to make him richer.

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