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  1. Cannabis is a Dietary ESSENTIAL according to Dr. William Courtney. Everyone can benefit from cannabis’ ability to heal our bodies and regulate our immune system. The endocannabinoid system has gone long ignored by the medical community and we are sick as a result. Feed your endocannabinoid system, look into medical marijuana and juicing cannabis.

  2. This video is awesome , been watching this for some time, they added to it.
    Its funny how much canna -product it takes to make Rick-Simpsons oils to cure cancer, eating raw canna products is a great delivery system.
    Dr Dave says a “bud a day” keeps the Dr. away , not an apple!
    I wonder if Adam n Eve took a few leaves , or was it banned back then by the city council!
    My neighbor brought me a commercial juicer last night , coincidence!
    So Kief extract can be added to juice , different types produce medical qualities so experimenting is fun.!

  3. Th FloridaBadger!! on

    There IS Nothing but ALL Positives coming from a plant that WON”T kill U but the DEA Might!!!

  4. This is awesome news!! I wish that I could try this for my Lupus, Osteoarthritis, and other disorders that I have. BUT~~it is still illegal to grow this plant, what to do?? Unfortunately for us, I doubt that it will be available for mahy years to come :(

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