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Justice Department Will Still Prosecute People For Medical Marijuana


justice department medical marijuanaA spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) told the Los Angeles Times that a bi-partisan amendment passed by Congress last year prohibiting DOJ from spending any money to undermine state medical marijuana laws doesn’t prevent it from prosecuting people for medical marijuana or seizing their property. The statement comes as the agency continues to target people who are complying with their state medical marijuana law. This insubordination is occurring despite the fact that members of Congress in both parties were clear that their intent with the amendment was to protect medical marijuana patients and providers from federal prosecution and forfeiture.

“The Justice Department is ignoring the will of the voters, defying Congress, and breaking the law,” said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance. “President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder need to rein in this out-of-control agency.”

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalize and regulate marijuana for medicinal purposes. Twelve states have laws on the books regulating cannabidiol (CBD) oils, a non-psychotropic component of medical marijuana which some parents are utilizing to treat their children’s seizures. Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for non-medical use.

Last May Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Democratic Congressman Sam Farr offered an amendment to a spending bill prohibiting the Justice Department from spending any money in 2015 to prevent states “from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.” Members of both parties took to the House floor in opposition to the prosecution of medical marijuana patients and providers and in defense of states setting their own marijuana laws without federal interference.

The Republican-controlled House passed the amendment with most Democrats and 49 Republicans approving it. The amendment was backed in the Senate by Republican Senator Rand Paul and Democratic Senator Cory Booker and made it into the final “cromnibus” bill that was signed by President Obama in December. The spending restriction applies to fiscal year 2015 spending.

The House also passed three other amendments last year letting states set their own marijuana policies, but those amendments never made it into law. Polls show roughly three-quarters of Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical use. A little more than half of voters support legalizing marijuana for non-medical use, in the same way alcohol is legal, taxed, and regulated.

Advocates say that even though the spending restriction is a good restriction, the Department of Justice’s actions show the need for changing federal law. Last month Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Dean Heller (R-NV) introduced bipartisan legislation to legalize marijuana for medical use. The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States – CARERS – Act is the first-ever bill in the U.S. Senate to legalize marijuana for medical use and the most comprehensive medical marijuana bill ever introduced in Congress. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) and Rep. Don Young (R-AK) introduced a House version of the bill last week.

“Congress should respond to the Justice Department’s insubordination by changing federal law,” said Piper. ”Patients and the people who provide them with their medicine will never be safe until states are free to set their own marijuana policy without federal interference.”

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Johnny Green


  1. crimes against the cannabis communities humanity hopefully will end

    if not, may those responsible find their own prosecution
    warring against their own native country is an act of terrorism, which the usa endorses

  2. Johnny oneye on

    Activist are targeted by LEO
    SHONA Bonda andthe WERC Testing facility in Pasadena are two recent
    victims in the “war on drugs”

  3. Look around you, read the “news”, look at internet blogs, we do NOT live in a “democracy”, it was suppose to be a representative republic but it’s not that either.
    Do you actually feel “represented”?
    If you do, you must be one of the 1% who own most of this country.

    What we have is a fascist, plutocratic, police state, corporatocracy.This country is ruled by a few very rich people & large greedy corporations & the drug companies are one of the largest & greediest.

    We the real, living people are just pawns & cannon fodder for these undemocratic rulers. We have a long, messy fight ahead of us to get cannabis off the schedule. Appealing to their greed is the best way to get cannabis off the schedule.

    There is PROFIT to be made from cannabis & more legislators are realizing this & fighting against the will of the majority is expensive & not good for profits.
    When they see how cannabis can fatten the bottom line, it will be removed from schedule 1.

    “They” couldn’t care less about fairness, justice or even people who are sick or dying, PROFITS is what gets their attention, not human need.

  4. I think she is just making the point she is Christian and supports legalization, no harm done with that.

  5. Robert Gipson on

    On a recent Friday afternoon, Nick Kriaris, owner of Encanto Green Cross medical-marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, and his brother, Chris, tried to open an account at Bank of America for their nonprofit business with $420 in cash.

    The attempt at the bank branch at 3030 North Central Avenue was, to some extent, a stunt, from the pot-culture-inspired amount of the initial deposit to the dispensary employee videotaping his bosses. They knew the odds of success were minimal, if not zero.

    But if the bank agreed to take the medical-marijuana retail shop’s money, it would have been something of a minor historical moment. Although dozens of dispensaries are authorized to operate in the state, no bank will deal openly with them — yet.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcRRaXV-fg

    thanks to the pals

    this waiting for parts to arrive is becoming problematic for me

    i long to be in denver, where toking is not looked down upon you see

    where a gram is a gram, and the quality is fine

    not all seedy and headachy, and sold for the best with all the hyped line

    they say that the restoration of religious freedom is the focus by the feds of late

    why then is abbot and costello lines uttered by the political debate?

    their who’s on first was funny in its day

    but why do haters of cannabis always when suggesting to eliminate the hate laws to the cannabis community

    they automatically mention gays, and i do not mean to my self discriminate on them

    its just that i see no talk of cannabis without the talk of gay rights

    when a person speaks of cannabis laws, and the abuses therein

    that does not mean they are speaking of a homosexual thing

    they are speaking of legalizing peoples right to use cannabis

    there is nothing sexual about that

    why is it that we always hear the whos on first thing? “third base!” or in this case, “gay rights!”

    maybe coast was right last nite when it said

    that china is the dominate economically speaking folks of earth, so what

    what matters is not to spend millions on military to build bombs to blow people up

    what matters is that all people be given their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    all the talk of gays, they have the right to life too, but i dont see
    why the news always brings it up when speaking of cannabis

    i am not gay

    i like cannabis

    what of my right to work here in indiana with no discrimination?

    what of my right to practice my religious beliefs with cannabis?

    pence was heard saying that indiana discriminates against no one

    however, pence’s discriminatory urinalysis against those who use cannabis suggests that he is a liar


    this this, indiana now has the right to grow cannabis for religious
    reasons, which is constitutional, shouldn’t the thing be called the
    constitution restoration act as well then?

    what should be done
    legally to all those who want to ruin people like my selves lives with
    their prohibition of my belief of cannabis? How are we to allow bullies
    to pass insane laws banning the rights of those who use cannabis,
    instead of locking the perpetrators that seek to overthrow our
    constitutional rights up? or at least fining them heavily?

    cannabis is a wonderful plant, and cannabis is integral to a happy life

    it is also necessary for a long and healthy life

    but that is only achieved if the person using has a quality strain

    that is not riddled with seeds, and sometimes adulterants, and told
    they have the best, and then find that it is so weak that it does little
    to alieve any of life’s’ pains

    will have to make a decision real soon, as the ammeter is soon to arrive

    i do the math, and see how many thermo chips would produce enough power
    to propel a motor from the heat of the sun? Maybe take on a job here to
    gain funds to purchase enough thermo chips to propel my bike with the
    sun? but how could i stay here that long?

    i think i will put together the cloud chamber and see if it looks like something that i can auction on ebay

    it doesnt sell, then i think i will go to denver and take on any job to
    plan out a venture to look for gold to gather up my own cache

    i heard folks while looking for weed yesterday threatening others of violence with guns

    few months ago i was told of a stabbing of someone several times in the
    back due to hate, here in bloomington then there is no need to ask
    myself if i should stay, where here is the fun?

    the mobster mentality that has taken over this state

    is sad, as it is avoidable, just they just need to loose their hate

    hate is the haters dis-ease

    i am going to denver and enjoy again bliss, as i please

    restoration of religion freedom will only truly be

    when all can toke, buy, and sell their cannabis as if they were truly free

    i dont see that happening fast enough in this stubborn pill and alcohol addled state

    i see no betterment of society when in indianapolis alone, violence and shooting and killing goes on due to people’s hate

    the politicians are to blame, just like the lyrics on war pigs said

    that to pray to God to ask for our daily bread “kanehos”, is something
    that the ignorant high treasonous bullies will dread

    denver is not immune to hate though too

    saves is written outside of a rescue mission in denver, where they
    serve meals to those in need, here is the outside of the building,
    showing the Jesus saves sign


    Jesus saved people through the use of the entheogen called cannabis

    talking with one of the workers at the mission in denver, i was told
    that the rescue mission does not do as Jesus did, and save people using
    cannabis, the mission tells people to do the opposite that Jesus did,
    and not use cannabis, so that they can pass a drug screen, so then they
    can get a job somewhere, meaning that the mission’s mission is to not do
    like Jesus, so why the sign?

    whatever, i am off to look for some tokage

    when it is not found, i feel like i am abandoned like a prisoner in a cage

    that is why i must get out of here

    this state is not for peace, if it were, there would not be any laws against those who use cannabis, yet be all for beer

    then turn around and suggest that all those who use cannabis is somehow a queer

    i do not hold this state too dear

    and i am not dissing gay folk

    i do not see the reason to automatically the news speaks of gays when speaking of the restoration of religious freedom

    what is wrong with growing our gardens and getting back to a paradisical place much like Eden

    there is no need to bring up sex when speaking of entheogens

    they do it anyway, maybe the law has that language in it, i didnt read
    it, but i assume they want to keep the hate laws in place in indiana,
    the Godless heathens

    the word eve ening, i wonder if it has another etymological origin in that EVE signifies a lack of light?

    eve after all did see a lack of light with her demonic visions did she not?

    how are those in the churches ever to show their true faces after their apparent fall from grace


    web site suggests that those who hate Jesus’ teachings on using
    cannabis to heal folk, and would rather war on people who use it, are
    not too holy, are they


    i spent the nite at someones place who was out of weed, but not to be
    without, they did allow me to clean a extremely tarry resonated pipe

    so i did sleep ok, as they toke only the best

    so even the tar had a good effect

    so that event i can not gripe

    so what if i developed a temporary cough

    it won’t last long, just as soon as i cough up all the tar particles, i will be back to norml:-)

    good news is that i found some skunky stuff finally and so now i can
    say goodbye to the headachy seedy schwaggy weed that has no place in

    i wish they would burn the fake stuff, the only people it
    helps are those that sell it to folk so they cheat them, and buy other
    things, or line their greedy pockets with money for selling crap that is
    full of MOLD

    so i have to go and toke up, just had to gloat

    cause no matter what the haters do to prevent my toke

    i will find it any way, no joke

    note my unhappy, un contented air pre canna-medded

    will post a post canna-medded picture later

    the likes of which will be typical once in denver

    i am reminded though to mention the price of what people charge for good weed here in bloomington indiana

    will buy 3.5 grams which is 1/8th of an ounce, but one place i can get
    that, they want to pinch out 2 chunks for getting it to me, which means
    3.5 grams becomes more like 2 grams or less

    another person scales
    it out good, but sells only the high dollar stuff i can not afford, as
    they only want to sell quarters minimum

    i can clearly get better
    deals in denver, where on wazee street, at lodo wellness center, i can
    buy a gram of shake for $9.00, if i bring my a container to put it in,
    or $10.00 a gram if i have no container, and if i have a medical card,
    all weed is like half off the regular prices, not sure if that goes for
    the shake too or not, but still a med card would be the way to go, until
    i find my own place to grow

    clearly, bloomington indiana is a disappointment to any cannabis consumer

    and the federal government is responsible, and they refuse to even say they are sorry

    i believe the world would respect any government if they were hoinest and admitted their mistakes against the cannabis consumers

    but the feds, and indiana’s stance is like shut up, what are you gonna do?

    so whatever, i am tired of griping of the blommington’s lack

    when i move, i hope never to come back

    who know me will have to come to colorado to visit, as i do not believe
    that toking mold is good for anyone, nor is abstaining from what Jesus
    used to heal people, and kaneh-bos is in the bible, and honestly, so
    many church folk are against cannabis, they give Christianity a bad name
    honestly they do, their are church folk for it, but only speak of it in
    secret, and i find the secrecy thing a kind of a curse against all
    churches, keeping secret of that what Jesus used, what is with those
    people anyway, only God can judge us, they act as though they are God,
    as they judge people, and vote on who to kill etc, holy molly
    if our car engines do not run properly, we do not blow the engine up, we fix it
    the barbarians anyway

  7. PhDScientist on

    Its time to get the law changed. Its not enough to post here. Call and email everyone you can in washington. Its time to get results.

  8. PhDScientist on

    I’m sick and tired of all this. Americans with Cancer and suffering and dying because of the arrogance, dogma and ignorance of these people. We need to take a stand — do we live in a democracy or not? Its time to dust off the playbook from the anti vietnam war and civil rights eras. Wasn’t there supposed to be a march on Washington about this? Every American Cancer patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to medical marijuana. The white house comment line is (202) 456-1111. Call now — make sure the government knows how much you want the law changed.

  9. If people want to be Christ-like or Muhammad-like or Buddha-like then I have zero problem with that but organized religion is just used for controlling people and advancing agendas of a few evil people. It is rare to find a religious person that lives their love and tolerance instead of calling for hateful and intolerant treatment of people that do not March lock step with them. People wear crosses not for themselves but to stick their religion in others faces. The push for prayer in school was just a ploy for spreading it and getting converts. School children can pray to their hearts content silently in their heads. Organized religion has been the biggest impediment to legalizing weed. As the polls show a increasing number of people behind legalizing weed their are a few religious republicans supporting it because they want to keep their influence and are camouflaging their stripes.

  10. miss independent on

    i am a christian and often speak openly of marijuana for medicinal and for recreational use. It is no different to me than those who sit down with one or two glasses or the whole bottle of wine. in fact, marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol any day in my opinion. You will find that these so called “religious” protesters or whatever they claim, are not as religious as they would like for their constituents to believe they are…….it is all about the money and the greed! I am sure there are many payoffs in many levels of this whole thing. Big pharmaceutical companies are nothing more than a huge family of “sopranos” in my opinion even though I realize it is somewhat exaggerated, I am basically just trying to make a point. The money and the controllers of the money are going to be hard to defeat but it looks like the marijuana industry is definitely putting its mark down and hopefully will prevail

  11. Idaho Hippy Coalition on

    I believe it.. I would say if you attend a rally, you should prepare to get profiled on your way there and back. they hate the fact that their cash cow and phony excuses to get into your vehicle and house are coming to an end. Now they are going to have to pretend they smell something else when they pull you over.if they come to your house the best thing you can do is not even answer the door.. If you didn’t call them, you don’t need them.

  12. PhDScientist on

    The fastest and simplest solution is for President Obama to direct Attorney General Holder to take Marijuana off of Schedule 1 immediately. The PBS Special “Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies” should be required viewing for everyone who’s involved in this area. Chemotherapy is hell on earth and Medical Marijuana is a real “Gift from God” for Cancer patients going through it. The fact that the NIDA now admits that Medical Marijuana shrinks tumors makes taking it off of Schedule 1 that much of a “no brainer” Its a moral imperative to take Marijuana off of Schedule 1 immediately. Its arbitrary, cruel, and cold-blooded to deny Cancer Patients safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.

  13. PhDScientist on

    Its good to hear that the DPA agrees that President Obama and Attorney General Holder need to take the lead on this one. The third person who’s critical is Surgeon General Murtha. He agrees with the AMA, ASCO, etc. that Marijuana needs to be taken off of Schedule 1 immediately.

  14. Agree with you to a point. Regardless of religion, greed and control goes across the board. Its all about the money

  15. It’s because the DEA thinks that they can do what ever they want this is why 2 agents just got caught ( unrelated )stealing silk road but coin and extort money from Ulbricht. The only thing they care about is stealing your property and your life. Our government needs to put the justice department under control and legalize Marijuana.

  16. Two thumbs up!
    As far as what’s happening in Idaho, people that sign petitions, attend rallies etc. in regards to legalizing cannabis have been and are subjected to special attention by L.E.O. And NO I’m not exaggerating. I’m speaking from personal experience (three separate occasions – too many to be considered random occurrences).

  17. These thugs will not give up their fat and nolonger needed bureaucracy easily. We need a good atheist president and Atheist majority in the senate to straighten out the crazy crap that is happening in this country. The Religionists has done far too much damage to the U.S.

  18. With a heavily Mormon population in ID, they are lucky to have legal coffee in the state, let alone cannabis. About 25 years ago, I don’t know if it is still true, Utah had the highest per capita use of SSRI drugs (Prozac) in the nation.

  19. It takes a lot of effort to change any law. If you can’t hire corporate lobbyist, and many reforming states can’t, you have to use every tactic available. You have every right to call every state member of congress every single morning to wish them a Good Morning and remind them about marijuana reform. You have to call enough to get to know each secretary’s name. You have to send letters too, mailed letters. FedEx gifts are nice. I recommend good manners and kindness, but persistence. You have to attend every marijuana gathering at the state capital and stand in the heat and snow to show support. Attend every single meeting and practice non violent acts of protest. Every state will get it, when enough people in that state are willing to make working for it a priority. Sending E-mail and online petitions do very little. You have to get out there and fight for it like the states with the best programs have. You can’t wait on a leader. You don’t need permission from anyone to exercise your right to participate in government. If you want change you have to get out and do something every single day to make that happen.

  20. But won’t the people eventually speak? I have noticed one common theme amongst most Americans, Right or Left leaning. They like to be heard. Won’t the citizens of the state stand up or is there no initiative process?

  21. leagalize it idaho on

    As long as Butch Otter and the representatives of idaho that don’t support legalizing its not going anywhere cause they are not going to speak for Idahoans

  22. legalize it Idaho on

    John as long as Butch Otter and these current representatives that dont support legalizing and don’t speak for Idahoans its not going to go anywhere here in Idaho unfortunately.

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