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Kansas Attorney General Wants To Know How Much Marijuana Is Coming From Colorado

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Right now the State of Colorado is being sued by the States of Nebraska and Oklahoma. Recently the Solicitor General for the Obama Administration weighed in on the lawsuit and said that it should be dropped. That hasn’t stopped Nebraska and Oklahoma from continuing to pursue the lawsuit. Now Kansas’ Attorney General wants to quantify how much Colorado marijuana legalization is affecting the State of Kansas. The Attorney General has put out a survey to law enforcement and prosecutors across Kansas to try to gather data. Per The Cannabist:

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is gathering data from local law enforcement agencies in an effort to measure the impact of Colorado-purchased marijuana on the state.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports that Schmidt has sent more than 500 survey forms requesting information to county and district attorneys, as well as police departments. He said he would make the survey results public when they are compiled later this year.

“There are numerous and persistent anecdotal accounts of marijuana acquired in Colorado and illegally transported into Kansas causing harm here,” Schmidt said. “But because of technology limits, the confirming data is elusive. Since Colorado’s experiment with legalization is affecting Kansas, we need to know more about what is actually happening here so policymakers can make informed decisions.”

As activists were quick to point out – Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Kansas has a prohibition problem. Marijuana existed in Kansas long before Colorado legalized and if hypothetically speaking Colorado completely went back to prohibition (hypothetically for the purpose of this article, don’t freak out, I don’t support it), marijuana would still exist in Kansas.

I haven’t seen the results of the survey yet, but I will almost guarantee right now that the data isn’t going to have much integrity. Marijuana that didn’t come from Colorado will be included, the numbers will be inflated, and the ‘damage’ caused by the marijuana will be overly exaggerated. That’s why the artificially inflated ‘street value’ of marijuana is always so high – it helps when it comes time to put together agency budgets and spread reefer madness.


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Johnny Green


  1. John Albert Powers Jr. on

    Another study/survey to laugh at. I dont know about anyone else and what they think. But I rarely ever believe anything the government tells us. Because they only will tell us a 1/4 of the truth. The truth they do tell us is usually twisted all around not being able to make heads or tails with it.
    That only leads me to feel the governing officials are trying to treat us all like a bunch of morons. That or they have an agenda to get votes etc. For some reason people believe this garbage by supporting them without question or research.
    Here’s a good example of our governing officials at work manipulating us. Marijuana has been labeled by our government as a schedule I drug. I’m sure many of you already know the definition of a schedule I drug. But for those who don’t here it is.
    Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are the MOST DANGEROUS DRUGS OF ALL THE DRUG SCHEDULES with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.
    So if I understand this correctly marijuana is the most dangerous drug of drugs. But wait the government has been preaching since day one that marijuana is a gateway drug. So I find it interesting that cocaine is a schedule II drug and marijuana is a schedule I drug yet marijuana is a gateway drug. What? That’s just crazy if you think about it. but then again that’s nothing new with our government.
    so yeah…..I guess I’d much rather have my kids snorting /injecting cocaine then smoking some pot.. Lol, I think we all know better then that at least I hope we all do. But in reality big brother really wants us to think that marijuana is more dangerous then cocaine but on the other hand they want us also to think marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs…huh?

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    “There are numerous and persistent anecdotal accounts of marijuana acquired in Colorado and illegally transported into Kansas causing harm here,”

    There are many, many 1000’s of confirmed accounts of alcohol causing death and devastating harm in Kansas. But creeps like this couldn’t care less about that, it’s only cannabis that he’s worried about. Kansas is very clear that a pregnant woman or domestic violence perp can only use alcohol not cannabis. Cannabis is too safe for Kansas to allow it to be used.

  3. Jane L Stanley on

    This is just another waste of our tax payers money. Even if they did do this survey Colorado is no longer the only legal cannabis state. How are they going to determine if the cannabis came from Colorado, Washington, or a secret grow right in Kansas. This is not a new problem of people choosing to use cannabis. The problem is this government wanting to keep control of this plant, just think if this government stopped this nonsense the 400,000 untested rape kits can be tested. Let’s start convicting those who do the real crime, why is it except acceptable to put people in jail for providing people with a plant that is necessary for every life function of our bodies and mind? We have people in jail for life for a plant this government illegally scheduled period. Yet murders, rapist, and pedophiles only serve a fraction of the time?
    Our government is largest mass murders known to man. They have the scientific evidence at hand yet still refuse to expect independent credible research that was not paid and bought for by this government. Nothing the government says about cannabis can be proven; period. This is why Reagan/Bush tried to get all universities and colleges to destroy all their cannabis research.
    It is time to regulate cannabis as the vegetable it is. Free to use as we see fit.

  4. If Colorado made marijuana possession a major felony tomorrow, it wouldn’t change the amount of reefer in Kansas, only the quality.

  5. stellarvoyager on

    I hope you find a way to vote him out soon. But the system there is so corrupt, they’d just steal the elections anyway, just like Brownback did in 2014.

  6. Lisa J Sublett on

    That is exactly what we asked him. Please define “harm” Ag Schmidt. The only harm is coming from prohibition.

  7. Lisa J Sublett on

    Thank you, Johnny. We appreciate the spotlight staying on Kansas leadership. They must be held accountable for spending tax dollars Kansas does not have, to prove what we already know: prohibition hurts people and communities, and Kansas patients want their right to be #FreeToHeal Our Kansas patients and advocates appreciate you, and Weed Blog. Here is our full response to AG Schmidt-


  8. stellarvoyager on

    The most harm that has been done to Kansas has been caused by corrupt republican politicians.

  9. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    “…for having cannabinoids in his system.”

    Mandatory Rimonabant dosing would take care of those
    pesky endocannabinoids that plague his body… ]:-)>

  10. A corrupt one at that. Too bad for the people of that state but you get what you vote for.

  11. I would figure that all the meth they like to smoke over in Kansas would be a bigger issue for them than our fine cannabis here in CO. They can have kansas

  12. And just what is this “harm” that the Attorney General is claiming? Is Kansas suffering from an epidemic of Reefer Madness?

  13. I used to think that these people didn’t care about civics. But I’m starting to realize that the attorney general of Kansas, and countless others on the right, may not understand basic high school civics.

  14. The 3 stooges should start with decriminalization to proof they are not in it for the privates prisons and the other seizure money, and federal drug war monies. They have to use it or lose it. Maybe they need a fence. Morons.

  15. 1. Kansas and the other 2 stooges should thank Colorado with providing some of the finest medicine in the world. Better quality means you need to smoke less to get high, therefore smoking is decreased. Usage decreases by a factor. This should be heralded as a great capatalistic achievement but crazies in positions of power are very weird. Their police and courts make more money in prohibition. They love them seized cars. Great to fund the yearly Hawaiian trip for the families of the force.
    2. They do not need to search for this data. They just look in the file labeled seizure cases. F off to these hypocritical fools.

  16. stellarvoyager on

    This just sounds like a phony pretext for another lawsuit. I hope the taxpayers of Kansas appreciate their tax dollars being so flagrantly mismanaged.

  17. I call for the ARREST of “Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt” for having cannabinoids in his system.

    Haters gonna hate but science is TRUTH

    If he hates pot so bad he should arrest himself and then GROW UP

  18. Michael Miller on

    And the stupidity continues. It’s amazing that I never hear of Cannabis causing any societal problems anywhere. I am constantly reminded of the ills of alcohol in the news. Drunk drivers killing people, stabbings, shootings… you read the local news and that’s all you hear about. Check out your news in your community and notice all the havoc Cannabis is causing. Ha! This Derek Schmidt thing will go away… it’s a joke, and so is he.

  19. Kansas and the rest that try to sue legal states need to stop wasting tax payer money on trying to stop legalization in these state. We all know that federal legalization will happen sooner or later.

  20. Ditch hemp grows wild all over Kansas. And sometimes low-lifes from Kansas bag it up and sell it here in Texas. I would like the Kansas Attorney General to stop this.

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