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Kansas May Join Marijuana Lawsuit Against Colorado


colorado marijuana legalization denver daLast week it was announced that Nebraska and Oklahoma were suing the State of Colorado in federal court over Colorado’s legalization law. Nebraska and Oklahoma claim that Colorado marijuana legalization is a nuisance to their states, and that they want the feds to overturn the law. The legal arguments being made on behalf of Nebraska and Oklahoma are shaky at best. As I’ve heard many activists say, Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Nebraska and Oklahoma have a marijuana prohibition problem.

It appears that the State of Kansas is thinking about joining the lawsuit. Per KMBC:

Kansas hasn’t decided whether to join a lawsuit filed by other states against Colorado over its legalization of marijuana even though the two states share a border.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Rapp said Friday that Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has been considering legal action against Colorado for months.

But she said in an email that his office is still weighing its options.

Of all the things that Kansas’ Attorney General could be mulling over, he is spending time thinking about joining a frivolous lawsuit against another state that has successfully implemented a popular public policy change. Kansas’ Attorney General could be focused on other things – fighting identity theft, investigating and prosecuting child pedophiles, or a whole host of other issues. But instead, he is dedicating time towards thinking about joining a lawsuit to try to overturn another state’s law that was strongly supported by voters.


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Johnny Green


  1. This would be a good opportunity for marijuana consumers to flex their economic muscles and boycott these oppressive, Neanderthal states. – This sickness must end!

  2. Careful, just because a state employee (or employees) initiates an ill-advised plan doesn’t mean the residents of that particular state should be labeled in the same manner.
    There are ample marijuana users in this state and they support reclassification.
    Don’t shoot the messengers…

  3. More self-serving and utterly shameless attempts from elected officials to what they feel will boost their political resumes, grab a headline, and further their careers. This is so insignificant. Wont be long until they succumb to the ‘green wave’ (Benjamin’s, that is) that will result in infrastructure improvements, et al that will benefit their states. Purchasing is the ultimate determinant that drives both corporate and political behavior, and buying marijuana aint gonna stop…It’s OVER Johnny!!!

  4. marijuana arrests are a cash crop in those states, they can’t wait to catch some one crossing their border with something. they just need to lighten up and take care of more serious business inside their home state and stop worryin’ about what is going on in Colorado. Where there is no problem !

  5. I think the lawsuits will not make it past base 1. These are probably based on political desires and removal of freedom. These attorney generals need to keep their minds on fighting crime not fighting legislation approved in other states just because they think someone will bring the suspected items into their state. Why not focus on all the fraud, deception and criminal behavior in government politics and try to correct that and leave our freedoms as they are? We have lost enough as it is.

  6. You got that right. Time to write a nasty letter to my elected officials in Topeka. I had hopes of them supporting medical but if they refuse to support other states right to decide than they have lost my votes (not that it matters but if enough of us think-vote alike maybe something with get through their thick ass skulls). If not it looks like I may transfer my address from 67401 to 80011.

  7. Dorothy and Toto help! Kansas is getting ready to send their flying monkeys to join Nebraska and Oklahoma to hijack Colorado’s cannabis freedom.

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