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Kansas Supreme Court Voids Successful Wichita Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative


wichita kansas marijuanaThe voters of Wichita, Kansas voted to decriminalize personal marijuana possession in April 2015. Kansas law considers simple marijuana possession to be a misdemeanor, punishable by a year in a jail and a $2,500 fine. The initiative in Wichita made first time simple possession an infraction, punishable by just a $50 ticket. Even before the vote was held, Kansas’ Attorney General said he would challenge it if it passed. The initiative passed, and the promised legal challenge followed. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled on the matter this last week, and voided the will of the voters due to a technicality. Per Kansas.Com:

A voter-approved ballot initiative lessening marijuana penalties in Wichita was struck down Friday by the Kansas Supreme Court on a technicality.

The court did not address the state’s argument that the proposal conflicted with state marijuana possession laws. Instead, it decided that petitioners did not follow state law in filing the proposed ordinance with the city clerk.

“If the only way they can beat us is on a technicality, it really says something about their argument,” said Esau Freeman, one of the organizers for Marijuana Reform Initiative-ICT, which organized the ballot petition.

This is a very sad thing. Clearly the voters of Wichita wanted decriminalization, but instead they get to live in a state that believes putting people in a case for possessing a joint is OK. Kansas’ Legislature is considering lowering the penalty statewide for simple marijuana possession, but even still it would just reduce the fine and cut the jail time in half. That’s obviously still very unjust. Kansas deserves better.


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  1. I am a disabled Veteran 100% for PTSD and some physical injuries. I moved to Kansas from Oregon, where I was using Marijuana for my PTSD. It was the only substance that has helped me for my condition and I am unhappy that now that I am living in Kansas, I cannot use it.
    So many of us Veterans are suffering as a result of this stupidity on the position of the politicians in this State. Too many of us are committing suicide as a result of our service, most of which are Veterans with PTSD and have no hope left. I love Kansas and want to stay here, I am a tax payer and a property owner and would like to have a voice. We need to go to war with this ignorance! We need a leader in this State that can rally, plan and execute a media blitz, but most of all we need to organize a strong force of advocates who will gather in huge numbers, openly violating this unjust system, so that awareness will make the news cycles so that people who are undecided, will begin to understand the issue. Just my opinion.

  2. Thats ok.. im in Pennsylvania, which is supposed to be a cutting edge state in the northeast and we don’t have medical cannabis either. Just find a reliable high school kid who wont rip you off and purchase overpriced ounces like we all do in the “enlightened” state of Pennsylvania. Screw government.

  3. I feel deeply sorry for the people in Kansas who need Medical Marijuana. Its wrong to deny life saving medication to people who need it and the supreme irony is that while even if it weren’t a life-saving medication prohibition of marijuana would be deeply wrong, it is a wonder drug and a gift from God for so many people with so many medical conditions.

  4. “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!” – Thank God! – I’m so happy I escaped the American Gulag and now live in the Free States!

    (My captivity was actually Oklahoma, but it’s the same place – Lockdown, USA.)

  5. The people of Kansas can force the resignation of the AG if they wanted to but looks like there are just a bunch of sheeple in Kansas


    The majority rule of Kansas needs to get off their asses and force this asshole out.

    We have a jerk as an AG in Michigan but this AG in Kansas is intolerable.

    STAND UP KANSAS (yes you have to get off your ass to ‘stand up’).

  6. I don’t live in Kansas but I feel your pain. Although it’s disheartening to have the will of the People trampled by prohibitionists in government, keep trying and never give up! Remember, it could be worse… you could live in Indiana!

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” -Thomas Jefferson

  7. Since the voters approved the initiative in April 2015, organizers will work to take the case to the City Council to pass the resolution from the bench. We emphasize the cooperation we had with the City as the legal staff helped to draft the ordinance. This is not over!

  8. The Kansas Supreme Court has proven to be not for the people; they’ve proven to be cowards unable to accept the reality that the death of marijuana prohibition is inevitable one way or another.

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