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Kentucky Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Extract Bill Into Law


cannabidiol cbd cannabis marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has signed Senate Bill 124 into law, legalizing cannabidiol (a non-psychoactive cannabis compound) for medical purposes.

Under the new law, which was approved unanimously by the Kentuck’ys House and Senate, universities in the state with a school of medicine will be authorized to produce and distribute the cannabis extract cannabidiol to qualified patients who receive a recommendation from one of the university’s physicians. The measure would also allow anyone enrolled in an FDA trial (two such trials were approved by the FDA last year) to be legally treated with cannabis oil.

With the signing of this new law – which takes effect immediately – Kentucky becomes the second state in less than a month, following Utah on March 21st, to legalize cannabidiol.

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  1. This does nothing for the cancer patients who are using the oil with all of chemicals. The THC and CBD s work together we need this plant to help people.

  2. HmmmSaysDavidHume on

    This bill kills two birds with one stone, or so lawmakers think. They think, on the one hand that they can jump on a bandwagon, and get credibility if the winds change and cannabis legalization takes hold. On the other hand, since the scope of the bill covers non-psychoactive forms, if the winds never change they can claim they’re making critical treatment available while remaining tough on ‘crime’.

    Meanwhile, Kentucky remains a leader in deaths from opioid and heroin overdoses, kids have unrestricted access and are inculcated into drug use at an early age, and the state continues to spend millions annually on an enforecement program so riddled with inefficiency and failure that Kentucky remains a top producer of cannabis.

    All of this, because lawmakers deemed all drugs excluding alcohol and tobacco evil and illegal, while failing miserably in any effort to educate and treat citizens with disease.

    A horrible disgrace. History will regard these misanthropes as those who harmed its citizens – even unto death – by way of their cold, moralistic and intellectually empty views.

    Seizing products and people is certain to fail. Always has. Always will. Seizing the market, placing it under regulatory controls is the only way to reduce the death, suffering and crime that attends Prohibition. Protect kids. Legalize, tax and regulate today!

  3. I get your sarcasm, but seriously want to point out the obvious: that the states that need money the most, particularly the Deep South, are the very ones who resist changes that would earn them mega bucks.

  4. Well looks to me like these states dont need any extra tax money they must have all they need to cover every single thing to the max, teachers pay topped off, schools improved perfect roads top salaries for police fire fighters etc etc

  5. It doesn’t matter. Universities can’t jump on board because obtaining the cannabis to make the extract is still illegal under federal law, and the government isn’t making any exceptions as far as I know. Feds trump states, once again.

  6. Trippin Sanchez on

    This only helps a limited amount of people in each state that passes a bill like this, These bills do nothing to help everyone with painful chronic health problems outside of what cbd treats. Give us the whole plant!!!!!!!!

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