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Kentucky Receives Permit For Hemp Seeds From DEA


Lucky in KentuckyCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Over 250 pounds of hemp seeds will be delivered tomorrow to Kentucky’s Agriculture Department by the DEA, which confiscated the seeds as they were being delivered from Italy to Kentucky. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer plans on using the hemp seeds for hemp pilot projects which will take place across the state.

These projects are legal under both state and federal law, as Kentucky legalized hemp last year, and the federal government recently legalized hemp research in states that have done the same. Despite this, the DEA stopped the seeds from reaching their destination, something which prompted Commissioner Comer to file a federal lawsuit. Kentucky has now received an import permit for the seeds, and will have them in their possession tomorrow, with plans of having them planted in the ground next week.

“This is a historic day,” says Comer said. “We’ve done something that no one thought we could do a year-and-a-half ago. We legalized industrial hemp and we’ve proven that it’s an agricultural crop and not a drug.” Comer plans to use the pilot program to study various aspects and benefits of hemp.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. I understand that they needed to sign it because the DEA would have held it up for months in court otherwise, probably with the judges somehow ruling that the DEA is the top expert on hemp, even though if you ask them about it, they’ll start quoting heroin overdoses.

    But I think they should still push forward with the lawsuit. When they claim, “We’ve done something that no one thought we could do a year-and-a-half ago. We legalized industrial hemp and we’ve proven that it’s an agricultural crop and not a drug”, that’s really pathetic. The whole world knows this, except for the US DEA.

    Why do we keep treating them like they have any say in this? Why does no one stop them? They just told the whole US Congress that they refuse to listen to their decision that hemp is not a drug, and by signing narcotics permits, the agriculture commissioner did the exact opposite of what they said.

  2. Johnny oneye on

    Big win here , its my understanding that this is the 1 permit issued to study HEMp in the US
    NIDA has held the only federal allowed testing facility and they wont allow testing for research unless it proves harm
    Baby steps!

  3. Bluegrass Girl on

    Pretty Sure The People That PROVED Hemp Is An Agricultural Industrial Crop…Have Passed Away Long Ago….Nice Of You Take The Credit Commish, I Know Your Doing Your Best….

  4. How much longer will the Hemp = Schedule 1 drug LIE live? How big would DEA be if you get rid of everyone defending that lie? 1/2? Michelle Leonhart makes how much a year to lie? think of all the money we could save. Also, who in congress can take DEA out behind the woodshed and give them a good spanking? That’s what needs to happen. Where’s the oversight? This agency is out of control.

  5. Bluegrass Girl... on

    Legalized hemp..ha ha…been growing wild there for very long time after industrial purpose quashed, my job as kid in tobacco field was to destroy hemp….now I’m old..Give Me A job!!!…Bluegrass Girl…..

  6. They seriously just signed the permit admitting that hemp is a schedule 1 narcotic? They should have kept up with the lawsuit, adding on every state that’s starting a hemp program. Maybe they still should, as they’re being made to sign legally binding documents based on lies.

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