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Kentucky’s Incoming Governor Supports Medical Marijuana Legalization


matt bevin medical marijuana kentucky governorDuring the 2015 Election, all eyes from marijuana fans were on Ohio to see if Ohio would become the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana. The initiative of course failed. But while that was going on, another significant thing occurred from a marijuana reform perspective during the election. A pro-medical marijuana candidate was elected Governor of Kentucky. Per Reason:

As Peter Suderman noted last night, Republican Matt Bevin beat Democrat Jack Conway in the race for governor of Kentucky by a comfortable nine-point margin. One interesting wrinkle in that contest was that Bevin said he would seek to legalize medical use of marijuana if he were elected, while Conway vehemently rejected the idea. During a televised debate on October 25, High Times reported last week, Bevin “told the crowd that there is enough ‘unequivocal medical evidence’ that cannabis has therapeutic benefit to support the development of a comprehensive medical marijuana program across the state and begin allowing the herb to ‘be prescribed like any other prescription drug.'”

When you think of marijuana reform, Kentucky may not be the first place that you think of, but there has been a growing movement for a long time to reform Kentucky’s marijuana laws, and specifically for medical marijuana. The late great Gatewood Galbraith had been pushing for medical marijuana in Kentucky for a long time prior to his death in 2012, and efforts have continued on after his death. Will medical marijuana be coming to Kentucky in the near future? Apparently if the incoming Governor has anything to say about it, it will. My question is, what will that medical marijuana reform look like? Because if it’s CBD-only, with no legal way to obtain it, that’s going to be very sad.


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  1. I can truly say that i never enjoyed pot nor the smell of it lol but I’m not against it being legal for people who are in real need of it! It’s way better than alcohol and way better than people doing heroin and other drug’s and that’s just my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Michigan has legalized medical marijuana and I have the card but I’d love to move down south in the area of Kentucky or somewhere around there and it be great to legalize it there and what do you do if you have the legalization in another state and move to a different one?

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Kentucky is sounding as practical as pussy lately, and that is from the heart! I have heard some good things about the hunting down there too! I can’t stop thinking about moving to Kentucky!

  4. Kentuckians who hold the power that would need to be wielded to move cannabis legalization forward are really just too lazy and entrenched.

    Here is why they are lazy:
    They are white, mostly older, in their 50s & 60s and are drinkers of Kentucky Bourbon and consumers of synthetic pharmaceutical products. They have a lot of professional & personal obligations, and they do not have the energy necessary to transform the society there. It would take a hell of a lot of work, and these individuals (mostly male) are too tired. They would prefer to coast in their jobs and pursue that which is easier for them – and obviously collect their salaries & receive their benefits. Most of them have a hard enough time getting erections for their wives/mistresses at this point in time. It is just too risky for them to pursue any cannabis legalization of the sort unless all of their cohorts are supporting it. They would need to have a very coordinated strategy which would require way too much work for them.

    Here is why they are entrenched:
    They have obligations to the liquor and gambling industries, as well law enforcement, and remember they are not a rich state. So, legalizing cannabis is way too risky for them. They have a nice comfortable life as normal hypocritical politicians and community leaders. Too many of their supporters benefit from the status quo, and we won’t really see any true change until the reins of power are turned over to the younger and more rational crowd. Meanwhile, we will listen to their BS until most of them finish their pathetic lives in nursing homes, while their kids move the state forward.

  5. Interesting for such a die hard conservative state, but it is now or never for Republicans so they better get on board before the ship sails completely.

  6. I want to see the bill. This guy has also threatened to dismantle the state. He’s a liar who did what he had to to win. This lying stake of dung will never be the governor to legalize cannabis.

  7. Republicans are starting to get with the program. Ben Carson – who is otherwise horrible on the drug war – favors medical cannabis.

  8. Closet Warrior on

    I live in a bordering state and be assured their will be in house fighting on this issue. While the new governor may be pro mmj, the state’s law makers and law enforcement don’t want anything to do w/another drug in their state. Their words not mine. In fact their police commander stated they would never embrace marijuana of any ilk in Their state. Just because you have an oxy epidemic and other drug related problems like every place on earth doesn’t give you the right to deny the people their medicine. Your law enforcement’s so – called “protect and serve ” motto is a joke. Go home or get w/the program Jack!

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