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Kevin Sabet Tour – People Didn’t Get High On 1960s Weed


The always hard working Russ Belville has been following Kevin Sabet as he tours Oregon spreading reefer madness. In the video below that Russ captured, ‘Kevin Sabet explains how 1960’s weed had no THC in it and didn’t get people high and kills your dreams when you get busted for it.’


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Johnny Green


  1. You admit to “daily use?” I did that and the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles suspended my license! Beat them on appeal though. No priors.

  2. He obviously didn’t attend a large urban high school in the 60’s. Podunk USA is still Podunk USA.

  3. Kevin Sabot is full of shit, my grand father who past away at the old age of 95 and was a ww2 war vetran grew weed on his family farm as a kid. He worked hard his entire life he didn’t loose his mind to old age. He used to tell me stories when I was in my 20’s how good it was grown in the corn field with just manure fertilizer.

  4. ” Law enforcement only thinks THC everything revolves around that as does Kevin Sabet..”

    And that is why they characterize cannabis as a drug instead of what it really is: a highly evolved plant with at least 932 known compounds (as of March 2014) that act synergistically together and modulate each other so that there is virtually no risk of adverse reactions. On the other hand, adverse reactions are associated with every pharmaceutical drug including common aspirin (your can kill yourself with it). Try to do that with whole cannabis.

    If you isolate and purify a compound in the plant such as THC, and worse yet synthesize it (Marinol), and administer it by itself then it will more than likely have adverse effects. Same with any other plant based compound that is isolated and purified e.g. heroin, cocaine.

    The laws prohibiting cannabis (including low THC hemp) are hopelessly incoherent and fundamentally unscientific. It is surprising that those laws have not be overturned in a court challenge.

  5. no different than the folks that believe the world is only 6000 years old, or the abortion debate between pro-life or pro-choice, The gay marriage thing, the race thing, the global warming thing, and all the other “things” that politicians use to separate and demonize the voters and issues. The beauty is in the fact that as time drifts by the slant shifts towards the truth and there are actually fewer idiots out there now, though some will never get it. I lived long enough to see it legalized where I live, I wish I could live long enough to see the ring of the division bell stop !!!

  6. Funny how these so-called experts who never smoked marijuana come up with so much misinformation . Strains like Thai ,Malawi and numerous other names have THC levels equal to or beyond todays hybrid standards. Growing ,drying and faster delivery has a made quality control better. Beyond that never heard if you cross a Chihuahua with a Chihuahua you’ll suddenly get great Danes. In 1974 I smoke some bubble gum Thai it didn’t have a name that’s just what best describes it’s taste . I found nothing that’s ever touched it. People claimed Thai sticks were dunked in opium they weren’t just THC over 22% that even after taking weeks to months getting to people in the States. The myth of super increase is a scare tactic that has been encouraged by not only law enforcement but even some growers to try to increase sales. Thing is THC content has as much to do with growing conditions and treatment as with genetics. You’ll hear all over the web about people using super seeds and getting mediocre cannabis. I can take seeds from the crappiest Mexican dirt weed and make 22%+ THC. Proper nutrition, light, water and soil conditions. Everyone’s heard of the little old lady that grew better tomatoes. It wasn’t the seeds it was the care she provided. Not to say hybrids are bad just that increasing THC content isn’t what many crossings are about. For different tastes, larger yields and many other qualities. Law enforcement only thinks THC everything revolves around that as does Kevin Sabet..

  7. Well, the asshole wasn’t even born when I was hitting Panama red in the mid 60’s but what do you expect? These right wing lying shit bags just say anything they want. I think most people are catching on…

  8. Knowyour Cannabiss on

    I can tell you that I started smoking in 1980 I was living in Brighton at the time and at that time there was thai stick, African bush, moroccon blond hash, red leb, bombay black and temple ball as well as some others, all avalible on and off though out the early 80s and most from the same dealer or pub

  9. thai stick?! man they had good shit back then too it just wasnt as common, dishonest whore K.Sabet

  10. David William on

    Well now, as a child of the 50s I can assure you that cannabis was quite capable of making me as high as I wished to get during the late 60s. I NEVER ‘gate-wayed’ to other drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, thank you very much! Now, with the higher THC products I don’t have to smoke as much, which is better for these old lungs regardless of your stance on damage or not (age is a bitch no matter how you roll it). Now that I have found this site I plan to stick around a bit and see how things move here. Seems pretty cool so far.
    This willful idiot really needs to stop talking. He is beyond stupid and makes Beavis and Butthead look like freaking genius’s. Every single topic he craps off about I can be used as proof that he is full of it. His followers scare me more than anything he can spew on about. They are the idiots that willing accept everything he says without actual proof. I would love to visit his fans and have them tell me all about the horror of cannabis use so I can throw it back in their faces with proof of my life over the past 63 yrs as a responsible adult daily consumer.

  11. Lisa Marie Brown on

    If weed did’nt get you high in 1960, why was it ever prohibidabo? People have ENJOYED marijuana since the beginning of time …why do you think that is?

  12. This warmed over reefer madness, scaremongering, propaganda that states that using cannabis reduces IQ by 8 points is beyond pathetic.

    Here is a real world example of a young child, Mykala Comstock of Oregon, who was diagnosed with T-cell acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia two years ago at the age of seven. Although she has been receiving conventional chemotherapy treatments since she was diagnosed; she also started taking, a week later, a high THC cannabis oil (RSO). The cannabis oil is what healed her from the cancer and protected her body from the ravages of the chemo.

    After being out of school for two years she returned to school this September and her teacher recommended that she should be identified as gifted or talented based on scoring in the upper 97 percentile on standardized tests of mental ability and academic achievement. https://www.facebook.com/BraveMyKayla/photos/a.267627340033904.65780.185971814866124/530091730454129/?type=1&theater

    As important as IQ may be there is something of even greater importance that cannabis can do for all of us: Increase our EQ (empathy quotient), helping us to become more compassionate, selfless and fearless human beings.

    “I hope that the time isn’t too distant; the illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an
    impediment to full utilization of a drug (not a drug, but a plant–the herb of herbs) which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” — Carl Sagan

  13. The FOOLagain.Pot in the 60’s was just as strong.Im not getting into it.But panams red Mexican pot was very strong.

  14. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or more precisely its main isomer
    ( (6aR,10aR)-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), is the principal
    psychoactive constituent (or cannabinoid) of the cannabis plant. First
    isolated in 1964 by Israeli scientists Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel
    Gaoni at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

    How can you possibly have THC records dating back to 1960?
    – ANSWER: you can’t.

    No one knew what THC was until 1964. Add another great myth to Kevin’s book. The myth that he knows what he is talking about.

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