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Kid Speaks Out Against D.A.R.E. At School, Is Detained, Removed From Home


dare schools marijuanaI was forced to participate in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program in the late 80’s/early 90’s when I was in school. I didn’t know why I didn’t like it at the time, but realize now that it just seemed like a propaganda dog and pony show to me. The D.A.R.E. officer would come in and tell stories about fighting people that were high on angel dust, would tell us to stay away from marijuana because it will inevitably lead to us using needles almost overnight, and then would take us out to the parking lot to show off the ‘D.A.R.E. mobile.’

I vividly remember one of my friends speaking out during one of the program meetings, and he was sent to the Principal’s office. He didn’t get in too much trouble, but it was obvious that any question asking, and certainly any criticisms, would not be tolerated. Something like that happened recently in Kansas, where an eleven year old boy spoke out during a D.A.R.E. meeting, stating that what they were saying about marijuana was not accurate. The boy’s mother had successfully used medical marijuana to treat her Crohn’s Disease. Below is what happened next, via the Human Solution:

As Shona’s son listened to the misinformation given by authorities to his class during the drug education presentation, he courageously spoke up and informed them that the information they were relating was incorrect in regards to cannabis.  He was pulled from class and sent to the office for questioning by authorities without his mother present.

When he failed to return home from school, Banda contacted the school only to be told that her son had be detained by authorities.  She went to the station, where she was informed that she was not being detained, but that they were obtaining a search warrant on her home and that she would not be permitted to enter the residence until the search was executed.

During the raid, authorities confiscated an alleged mere 2 ounces of cannabis flower and 1 ounce of cannabis oil. Banda has yet to be charged and was able to go home after the raid.  Shona had a hearing, which seemed to be going her way until the judge spoke up about how many charges she was going to be facing as a result of the raid on her home.  It was recommended that her son be placed into the custody of her ex, the boy’s father.

This example displays what’s wrong with drug abuse education in schools, and highlights just how far some are willing to go to keep marijuana prohibition in place. Authorities felt that it is better to detain an innocent kid, arrest his mom, and rip him from his home than admit that marijuana is not that bad. Fortunately the kid is going to his dad’s house instead of being put into a foster home, but the experience is still traumatic for him I’m sure. I’m hopeful that he is returned home sooner than later, and that people rally around his mom and support her during her judicial proceedings.


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  1. Portugal, Spain, Ecuador are more like banana republics, not proper countries.

  2. the sad part is NOT ONE of your fucking retards even know what socialism let alone communism really is by its definition and origins. And for starters its impossible to have a communist government as at its core Communism originally advocated for a stateless society … what we have see in China, N. Korea, & the former USSR are totalitarian regimes that USED Communism and or socialism simply as a means to an end in much the same way the USA claims to be a democratic or constitutional republic when clearly it is a oligarchy for, of, and by the rich the people be dammed. And truthfully speaking no true socialist government has EVER been formed in human history as any attempt to do so was always sabotaged by irrational human nature.

    In the end Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, exc is all the same shit just packed in a different box >_> Its always the regular working people who get fucked by the system IE the greedy assholes who run the show.

    “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” …. or my personal fav “Power attracts insane individuals like shit attracts flies” >_>

    Until the fundamental problems in humanity like greed, ignorance, arrogance, exc are solved we are inevitably doomed to repeating the same remedial mistakes perpetually regardless of what system of government we try to create.

  3. Cannabis is not legal in Israel. And the other ones you listed are not countries.

  4. “like you”. You may not have murdered communists (yet), but fascists like you have.

  5. Well that completely explains why people have been dying to leave socialist paradises.

    Socialist paradises are a fantasy. And fantasy works better than reality. Always.

    Reality is quite unforgiving Ask the people living in the paradise of Venezuela. Where toilet paper is unavailable and food is scarce. Compare that with the evil capitalist America.

    People will do things for profit that they won’t do for free. Like provide food and toilet paper.

  6. Thanks for that clarification “M. Simon.” Time does matter… especially “jail” time.

  7. kevin_hunt on

    How am I a ‘fascist’ and who did I kill? Be specific and cite your supporting data.

  8. “Communists are jailed for criticizing the government.” – Very true. Either that, or they get killed outright by fascists like you.

  9. Stalinism had nothing to do with communism. The only ones who called the USSR “communist” was McCarthyist US government propaganda.

  10. Glad to see that this woman is getting money for her legal defense, even though there shouldn’t be any charges.

  11. Kansas is definitely backwards, and the fact they are talking about taking this kid away from his parents is ludicrous.so basically what this kid learns is that if you speak out about something that you think isn’t true you are punished and your parents are treated like criminals (which they clearly aren’t).they are being punished for something that clearly shouldn’t be a crime.these parents could be drunks and this wouldn’t have happened, it’s a joke and needs to stop.not too mention this boy mentions the marijuana is helping his mother with crohns disease and they have no compassion?, I just don’t get it.complete fucking nazis!.again, this shouldn’t be happening in a free country.

  12. Can’t do much about the school issue, most parents don’t have time to home school, or they cant afford tutors, so what choice do you have?. If we ever get legalization at least they won’t be thinking every kid uses or sells drugs like they do now.its mainly the administrators not the teachers. Kids have to go to school, and public or private the same shit is gonna happen until these bullshit laws change

  13. I also don’t see what capitalism has do with it either, as one blogger mentioned . actually, capitalism would come more into play if drugs were legal. If anything this case is fascism.

  14. The people who think this shit wouldn’t happen in private schools are crazy. Private schools are stricter.privating schools won’t help we’ve gotta change these drug laws and get rid of propaganda like d.a.re.

  15. The worst part is that they took a child from his mother at a very tender age and placed him in the custody of his father (who is allegedly being set up to fail) where they can then take the child away from BOTH PARENTS. This is the Greek Tragedy that is being played out in a place like Kansas.

    What’s next… Dorothy and Toto get killed by the “Wicked Witch” or; Dorothy wakes up to discover her uncle molested her while she was sleeping? Kansas is as backward of a place that I can find on any map. Their law enforcement officials should be fired and I hope to support her legal efforts to counter-sue for interrogating her child to manufacture a felony arrest of a sick mom. She doesn’t need any more money… YET. But, I’ve book-marked her funding site and will follow with money for the purposes of suing the State, City, D.A.R.E., and the School Board.

    I am a Foster Parent and would gladly take this child in until they settle this public relation tragedy.

  16. Never mind J.G. I found the link with the post to her “defense fund” when I scrolled down. I’m still down with the oil because she’ll be stressed out and her Crohn’s will flare up badly.

  17. Where can we “pass the hat” and send this lady some oil that she needs for her Crohn’s Disease? I’m up for it. I have a friend who owes me a favor and I’ll chip in over half of what they took of her oil for Crohns. Somebody tell me how. I need an address, but; not her’s. I’ll send a check if need be, but… I’m familiar with Oil for Cancer/s and other diseases.

    Johnny G. – delete this… if this makes you uncomfortable.

  18. I would like to see the medical cannabis industry step forward and help Shona out. A generous donation would be a big boost to her. I believe it would also help the cause of medical marijuana in Kansas and elsewhere.

    I donated $200 anonymously yesterday. I hope they jump in and seize the opportunity soon.

  19. Sat4Months ForOz on


    She’s gonna need a lot of money for a decent legal defense even in light of the “baseless terrorist action” taken by local law enforcement of KS. The video shows a “stake out” on her porch after a few comments in a school room with a D.A.R.E. ociffer? Draconian Federal laws of the Ill laminated ones. Every one will make money or brownie points off this except Ms. Banda, you are in out Prayers.

    Please help out.

  20. They think they proved a point yet all they did was fast forward her story across the US boosting her needs to fight the good fight. …and make them look like the horrible assholes they really are. Remember when they wanted us educated? Education is no longer education if you know it is wrong from the start. As parents you really know nothing about what is being forced into your kids heads. This poor woman will never forget that feeling of NOT seeing her kid get off the bus…that sinking feeling that they got kidnapped or worse. And they never even called her! And they questioned an 11 year old without their parents…

  21. Here’s some good news. Her legal defense fund, which set a goal of $15,000, has raised $24,545 in 5 days from 927 donors. I’m going to send a few dollars her way.

    Here’s the URL Remove spaces and paste in browser => gofundme . com/rw8p88r?fb_action_ids=10153329618508738&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_ref=undefined

  22. Have to disagree with the communism statements make by one blogger, as far as I know drugs aren’t legal in communist countries.beside the fact we want less government involvement, not more. Why would anyone want communism. I don’t like what’s going on with our government especially with this drug war, but communism?, no fucking way!.

  23. I’m rather curious as to which version of Communism you think might actually work. Perhaps Stalin’s version, which wiped out the Kulaks in the name of “Class Struggle” (incidentally, removing from the land the very people who had shown that they were best qualified to work it). This, along with other measures taken in the name of industrialization induced a man made famine.
    Or perhaps Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, which reduced the country’s supply of kitchen utensils to unusable slag in the attempt to generate steel production with backyard blast furnaces. Not to mention forcing peasants into communes, with a predictable disastrous results on agricultural production. Incidentally creating another man-made famine.
    Fast forward to Mao’s concept of perpetual revolution (aka The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution), which thoroughly disrupted the normal functioning of all facets of Chinese society, not the least of which was agriculture. Again, resulting in man-made famine. Do I discern a pattern here?
    Pol Pot, in Cambodia, Haille Mengistu Meriam in Ethiopia and the Kim family in N. Korea all seem to have had some issues with providing their people with enough to eat. Oddly enough, all trumpeted their policies as being the “true” form of Communism. Which is it?

  24. Both Ancuwen and Denny have badly missed my point. In unambiguous terms that point is simply that if we feel compelled to introduce police state tactics (specifically coercing children to inform on their parents) then we should seriously question what we are trying to accomplish with cannabis prohibition. Police tactics of that type are in the finest traditions of the KGB and the Gestapo.

  25. “”Communism” is just another word for actual democracy.”?

    No it’s not. Communists are not allowed to vote. Communists are jailed for criticizing the government.

  26. I hope they try to sue dare and these idiot school administrators and cops, I’d love to see this family get rich at the expense of these uptight brainwashed fools. god forbid somebody hears something untrue and speaks out against it, we’re not supposed to do that, we’re supposed to believe the lies.

  27. Another example of something that is not supposed to happen in a free country, so what if the kid spoke Out at a dare meeting? (I didn’t even know dare existed anymore) just cause he’s a kid and he spoke the truth about his mom he’s treated like a troublemaker.even kids should have free speech it’s supposed to be a right of every American from birth.this kid simply heard the usual lies they try to feed and spoke out with truth from personal experience no less.the worst part of this is subsequently detaining this kid then most of all getting a search warrant (which any decent judge would’ve rejected) then searching his mother’s house for the all evil marijuana.what a fucking joke!,!another example of people not being free in a free country.

  28. “Government” is us the people and what we make of it. Throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater by abolishing government rather than improving it sure as heck isn’t going to solve anything.

  29. “Communism” is just another word for actual democracy. I’d say yes, let’s give that a try for the first time in human history. Better than having the robber barons decide over every aspect of our lives.

  30. Under free market capitalism, far more people would hunger to death (and die of easily treatable diseases etc etc etc).

  31. In North Korea you can do without electricity and starve due to food inadequacy and it costs nothing. Down with capitalism. Because a hungry people is a free people.

  32. When your kid doesn’t come home from school an overwhelming fear forms in the pit of your stomach. The fact that no one bothered to call her is worth about 1.5 million in my opinion. Stupid cops…….idiot principle.

  33. Bullshit. Straight bullshit. That this is still going on today after nearly 50 years of marijuana prohibition with no recorded incidents other than idiots who were most likely on other substances. This is disgusting.

  34. To: firetheliberals and Ancuwen… Wow, 2 sides of the same turd. Just cause you flip a turd over does not mean it stinks less. The whole government-industrial system has gamed American families for generations. The shameful part is that the majority of us and our previous generations have swallowed the whole mess for a pat on the head and scraps thrown to us by system. We have willfully allowed ourselves to be corralled, branded and controlled because of apathy and indifference.

  35. …Well it sure isn’t going to be in a public school. All you have to do is look at the kids and young adults to see that the “outsourced” parenting method does not work. Look at all forms of institutional rehabilitation-education-incarceration-prohibition and you can see the glaring problems. I was honest and very much to the point about cannabis, alcohol and tobacco long before my child ever stepped foot on government social engineering property. He KNEW the system was corrupt and while he had to follow (most) rules to get through it, he knew to never volunteer ANYTHING to anyone, much less instructors(lol) or cops-officials. Loose lips sink ships, it was true then and so much more so today. Unfortunately there is no fix for this problem. Its too big. Parents have generations of stupidity and selfish indifference to overcome and government cant fix jack without screwing up more than they actually fix.
    I applaud the kid for standing up for what is right but the outcome was written the minute his lips moved. Being right is not always the best course of action when it comes to the soft headed fools that believe prohibition and the (in)justice system is a cure. The analogy I used with my son is this. You may have right of way when using a cross walk properly but it wont mean squat if you step in front of a moving truck because you didn’t use caution when stepping off the curb. You will be right all the way to the hospital, if you live.

  36. Interesting that you would badmouth communism, seeing as North Korea is the only country on earth where weed is de facto completely legal. Capitalism keeps weed down, because it’s freely available and lessens people’s appetite for the legal but truly harmful drugs like alcohol and tobacco.

  37. That is obviously the exact opposite of what will solve the problem. Capitalism has brought us to this shameful point. Time to end capitalism.

  38. firetheliberals on

    Public schools are a joke and should be abolished. They teach nothing, they are liberal training rooms. Privatize the public schools

  39. It’s called learning to act responsibly, and at the ripe old age of 11 that’s the ideal time to be getting their attention.
    Otherwise, they have ample opportunity to get hung up with the wrong crowd and from that point their lives tend to remain derailed and unfulfilled.

  40. And where are kids supposed to learn responsible behavior these days since far too many parents are either so involved in making a living or simply inept at actual parenting?

  41. Public schools are an insane asylum that teach one thing and one thing only…………..conformity.

  42. You all should visit the D.A.R.E. website to see what they are teaching our kids. They actually refer to pot as “one of the most dangerous drugs on Earth”.
    Also they have a recent article claiming that 21 people have been killed by pot candy in California and Colorado. Also article about pot addicted kids suffering from severe respiratory illnesses.

  43. Andrew Davis on

    Kansas is probably the worst possible state to endure this insanity. My heart goes out to the victim of this madness and her child

  44. One of those dare pamphlets my child brought home also talk about the dangers of tattooing and the people who smoke pot and tattoo people at parties which freaked her out cause her dad Is a tattooist in a shop so she was confused is her dad a bad man now cause it’s in that pamphlet ???it was a odd thing to have to explain to a child .

  45. Makes one wonder what kind of junior citizens they are trying to nurture. The Young Communist League, The Red Guards or the Hitler Youth perhaps?

  46. This lady’s videos are all over youtube. I used to check them out sometimes be a I possibly have Crohn’s myself. She’s a somewhat known pro medical cannabis voice and this is definitely a shame

  47. That’s exactly what this is. The Nazis and the Soviets liked to take children away from their parents for political crimes like this. Even by drug warrior standards, an exceptionally depraved act.

  48. Adam Assenberg on

    The U.S. Federal Government has a terroristic method of governing, and the public needs to stand up and stop this.

  49. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    They basically provide the child with a class called “Government tyranny”

    noun, plural tyrannies.
    arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
    Synonyms: despotism, absolutism, dictatorship.
    the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
    a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.
    oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.
    undue severity or harshness.
    a cruel or harsh act or proceeding; an arbitrary, oppressive, or tyrannical action.

  50. A friend said it always killed him when he had to talk about cannabis in Dare. 99% lies. Even an 11 year old knows better.

  51. I remember back in the days of Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” anti drug campaign, McGruff the crime dog was telling little kids to turn their parents in for smoking weed.
    It was a scary time for parents in some school districts.

  52. Yet another display of how marijuana prohibition is destroying families and traumatizing children this needs to stop

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