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Kryptonite Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Kryptonite Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

I think that the name Kryptonite for this marijuana strain is fitting, because I’m completely powerless against it. The Kryptonite marijuana strain is an indica dominant hybrid, and is known for having a light green color with some purple tinges, an abundance of trichomes, and a very heavy high. The THC content of the sample I received tested at 25%. The high lasted a long time, and eventually sent me to bed early. This is a great strain if you suffer from pain or insomnia, or if you just want to check out for the day.

Check out the Kryptonite marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Kryptonite, and how Kryptonite affects various ailments.

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kryptonite marijuana strain


kryptonite marijuana strain


kryptonite marijuana strain


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  1. Really nice pictures of the bud, amazing quality. Kryptonite is a strain that I’ve had the pleasure to sample myself and it is quite a excellent strain. I must agree this strain is great for sleeping, pain, from it’s powerful indica roots; while providing that mental sativa high.

    Keep up the work with these reviews, do you sample them all yourself?

    Justin @ Budski.net

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