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LA Confidential Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


LA Confidential Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

LA Confidential is a commercial seed strain that captures the genetics of OG Kush. An Afghan strain grown from clones, OG Kush first became popular in the Los Angeles market in the 1990s, and then became world famous as California rappers like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill name-checked it in their songs. OG Kush offers a hash-like experience from reefer: a resinous smoke, deep and spicy-sweet like nutmeg, that draws the smoker into a lush, slightly trippy dreamland. While “Authentic OG Kush” may be hard to find if you’re not a rap star, DNA’s LA Confidential brings the secrets of this celebrity smoke to the market.

“This strain is a great mix of uplifting and relaxing. Works amazing for pain and anxiety.” – Brad420brad

Check out the LA Confidential marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about LA Confidential, and how LA Confidential affects various ailments.

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la confidential marijuana strain


la confidential marijuana strain


la confidential marijuana strain


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  1. kingsfantilidie . on


    this is just whats online the rest is in my cannabis indica book, no im an illegal operator and operate well under my limit.
    please do some research ignorance is bliss, and you are full of it.
    the reason i dont have a picture up there is because of my employer and my views…. im not afraid of showing pictures and shit

  2. Wow you sound like a moron. Go online and search about it kid, you’ll see LA Affie HAS NEVER been called OG LA Affie. Ever. You’re the first person to add that stupid ‘OG’ tag to it. There may have been some guy you know who’s crossed LA Affie with OG Kush…wow what a shock. But guess what? That’s not just LA Affie then.

    People like you really make me laugh. You think the only weed worth smoking in the world is grown in Cali. You’re comically wrong. But since you’ve probably never left California, what the hell do you really know about anything? See I’ve been around the country kid, I’ve smoked some of the best weed out there, talked with growers and seen some of the craziest grows ever.

    Oh and btw, We’ve got some of the kindest bud in the country in Wisconsin, but moron wannabe gangbangers like you talk all your shit without knowing that there is great weed grown outside of California.

    That’s fine, you go on thinking what you want. Just know that you are wrong, and that LA Affie is pure Indica, as is LA Confidential. Douche.

    OH and btw, at least i have the BALLS to post a picture of myself. I guess punk asses like you are worried about posting a picture of yourself and having the feds know who you are…since you’re obviously illegally growing too many plants.

  3. kingsfantilidie . on

    ya go a head and criticize me, the guy who has been growing for 8 years, vending to collectives for 5 years, has multiple 99 plant locations under mine and a few business associates names. you know there is a reason some people just leave tidbits of info to pass on because they know what they are talking about when doing so, your just giving me some of your personal opinions. wanna learn somethings about growing cannabis do it first hand or go to oaksterdamn, other than that might as well shut your recreational user mouth Ken Olsen of Wisconsin… btw hows the medical up there hahaha, mr know it all..

  4. I know, I couldn’t believe how little this post described LA Confidential, an award-winning and popular strain, and how inaccurate it was.

  5. how is that different than what I linked to? You didn’t tell me anything new. This isn’t a review of OG Kush. It’s LA Confidential, which like I said and you just repeated, is LA Affie (not OG anything..LA Affie is PURE INDICA) and Afghani.

    BTW, Bubba Kush is a HYBRID, that is MOSTLY Indica, not pure indica like LA Confidential
    OG Kush isn’t purely indica. It’s a cross with Lemon Thai, a PURE SATIVA. If anything it’s a hybrid strain, with a slight leaning towards mostly indica.

    You better know your facts before you try to correct someone.

  6. kingsfantilidie . on

    og kush can be indica bubba kush is an og cross.. and its fully indica… btw its actually og la affie x afghani….check dna genetics info on it, thats the best breeder of it in so cal…

  7. kingsfantilidie . on

    this is horrible, what a careless review and im currently growing the plant, this guy needs to be sacked…

  8. Dr. Scott Perlman on

    Please have an opened mind and research why lots of people are begging for this to legal, many health concerns benefit from such a plant. It can be made with out the euphoria effect and still get what you need from the plant for your situation. I do understand we don’t want our kids that are to young getting a hold of this for the wrong reason, but their are a lot of people that can greatly help by this plant and it’s cellular components, my wife is one of them. I want her to stay around a lot longer wouldn’t it be nice!

  9. I really don’t understand this review. You start out by explaining it is a seed that captures the genetics of OG Kush, when OG Kush is no where in this strains genetics. It’s L.A. Affie crossed with Afghani. No OG Kush anywhere in there.

    I know everyone just loves OG Kush, but maybe you could try again, and come up with a better blog post about LA Confidential…a pure indica..

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