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Lab Tests Show Hemp Fabric Stops Spread Of Deadly Bacteria


hemp fabric bacteriaMost people have become aware of the fact that hemp is a diverse plant, with a multitude of uses. The newest discovery of use for hemp could save lives.

Staphylococcus Aureus, more commonly known as staph, is a bacteria that causes thousands of deaths each year – specifically the drug resistant strain, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA.  A study conducted by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology showed that each year an estimated 2 million Americans contract MRSA during hospital stays, and at least 90,000 die from it. It has been determined that MRSA is a, if not the, leading cause of hospital-bourne infections.

New research has found that hemp fabrics actually kill bacteria, including MRSA. In a test conducted on a hemp-blend fabric (60% hemp / 40% rayon), where the fabric was infected with staph, researchers found that the hemp material killed the staph bacteria at an incredible rate – the material was found 98.5% bacteria free upon the first measurement. The same material was also infected with Klebsiella Pneumoniae (pneumonia). At first measurement, the pneumonia-infected material was 65.1% bacteria free.

The impact these results could have are immense; staph/MRSA spreads through contact, and by touching items that are infected – such as hospital gowns, towels, privacy curtains, etc.. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology tested both methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant staphylococci on common hospital materials (clothing, towels, scrub suits, lab coats, privacy drapes and splash aprons), and found the bacteria survived on every material for at least 1 day, and in some instances as long as 90 days. Replacing any number of these items with hemp-based materials could severely reduce transmission of these deadly bacterias.

Beyond the standard arguments offered to push the legalization of hemp cultivation (eco-friendly bio-fuels, heart-healthy foods, etc.), this new research presents evidence that not only can hemp help the economy and the environment, it can also prevent the spread of dangerous illnesses, and save thousands of people from infection and even death.

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  1. Barbara EnviroTextiles on

    Each week I will produce a press release which will show one of many
    tests I have performed over the 22 years I have worked solely with hemp
    and plant fibers. Hemp’s inherent properties will prove that we have no
    need for Chemical man made clothing with chemical sunblocks, fire
    retardants, silver embedded particles making claim that could not
    possibly been clinically tested to determine if these finishes have any
    adverse affect on human skin absorption. BY blending natural fibers we
    can produce the same affects; Wools ,Hemp, Flax , Ramie, Nettles, banana
    etc etc will be the next cotton ! NO GMO Corn Clothing ! If I miss a
    week it will be due to traveling;demand product labeling to be
    transparent ;brand names do not tell you what the content truly
    is….when Bamboo first came out commonly seen in T-shirts everyone
    thought how great this was ; how great is bamboo when it takes dozens of
    chemicals in the processing to make that t-shirt? Another thing we all
    must think about is bacteria growth , when you wear the lovely cotton
    think about the harm it causes not only to our earth by over use of
    pesticides herbicides for cotton growing plus huge amounts of water but
    what is being absorbed in the largest cell in our bodies “skin. Odor is caused from bacteria growth , hemp can be worn for days without producing odor.

  2. Mary Peppers on

    Awesome!!!! Loving this new hemp revolution and staff infections are a common fear of many.

    check out my new little hemp store. If you like something use coupon code 10percent01 to save 10 percent. I just started it hoping to move items so I can reinvest in new things!

    Mary’s Hemp Store


  3. Barbara EnviroTextiles on

    Thank you for the the acknowledgement, I spent so many years working on this; all of my testing was long before any other tests were preformed. I also strongly suggest that hemp seed oil replace deep sea fish oil for omega health benefits. Each week I will send another science press release until this ridiculous prohibition is stopped. WE have no need for plastic clothing , if we can’t drink out of it then why would we be wearing it! Protect Corn will not be the next cotton …..

  4. TimothyTipton on

    With Over 36 years experience with Hemp Textiles (worldwide), Everyone in Colorado,, even remotely interested in developing this plant into a Rocky Mountain Hemp Industry should follow her Lead, and allow us the benefit of her vast expertise.

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