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Laffy Taffy Marijuana Strain Pictures


Laffy Taffy Marijuana Strain

I don’t encourage people consuming candy for breakfast, but I think we can all use a little laffy taffy strain in our mornings!

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laffy taffy marijuana strain

laffy taffy cannabis strain


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  1. Johnny Bloomington on

    In that case I live in Missouri and all I need is a job in Colorado and I’m there. Experienced IT manager with degree in Network Admin, A+, and working on Network +

  2. Yes a little strain info would be appreciated.
    Smoke report, clone only or seed, Availability of Genetics.
    Where can it be located?
    This info would be nice if it is available .
    Beautiful bud.

  3. almost 60y.o. in texas. all i need is a job in colorado and i’m there. experienced in aero. ph 6.2 @ 1.8 ec heip me

  4. Johnny Bloomington on

    With these blogs it would be cool if you put up some stats about the strain. Thxs

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