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Lansing Medical Marijuana Patient Support Group Begins In January At ACT Labs


act labratories michiganACT Labs, one of the state’s premiere medical marijuana testing facilities, has teamed up with Michigan’s best medical marijuana magazine to host a patient support group. Hybrid:Life Magazine began publishing about the new group via their publication’s website on December 25.

The group begins monthly meetings on January 12, 6:30 PM at the ACT Labs facility. The lab is located at 617 E. Hazel, Lansing.

The patient support group has a Facebook group page, located here:


This is the event’s description:

Act Laboratories and Hybrid.Life Magazine are excited to announce the beginning of our monthly Cannabis support groups. We welcome all patients, caregivers and family members who have been helped or want help using and understanding cannabis as medicine.

The event is Totally FREE!

Patients in the program will reviece Free testing of Meds.”

“Medical marijuana: Does it work? What’s in it? And where do I start? How do I support a family member that uses it?” author Steve Greene asked in the Hybrid:Life article. “Sometimes talking to people in similar shoes can relieve stress and anxiety as well as build friendships and a network of like-minded people.”

“Now Act Laboratories and Hybrid.Life Magazine are excited to announce the beginning of our monthly Cannabis support groups. Attendees will have the chance to talk with other patients, caregivers, and families. We will be applying a holistic approach to this free program: talking in small groups can help put your mind at ease, testing and understanding the results is good for your body, and community is good for the Spirit. Maria Green, a local herbalist specializing in cannabis plant therapy, and many other cannabis-friendly professionals like doctors and attorneys, will be featured at the meetings for additional input,” Greene wrote.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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