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Largest Study Ever On Marijuana And Epilepsy Shows Effectiveness Of Cannabis


epilepsy marijuanaMarijuana has been proven to be tremendously effective when it comes to treating epilepsy. It seems like most of the time that I see medical marijuana being talked about on the news or in print media, it’s almost always talking about how CBD can help epilepsy, with countless success stories. There are a lot of uses for medical marijuana, all of which I support. But I especially support cannabis for the use of epilepsy because of how many personal success stories I’ve personally witnessed.

The largest study ever conducted on marijuana and epilepsy recently released results, and as expected, the results were favorable to using medical marijuana to treat epilepsy. Per The Joint Blog:

The largest study ever conducted on cannabis and epilepsy was presented this week at the American Epilepsy Society’sannual meeting in Philadelphia.

For the study, 313 children from 16 different epilepsy centers around the United States were put on a regimen of the cannabis compound cannabidiol. After a three-month period, 261 of these children had the amount of convulsive seizures (also called grand mal or tonic-clonic seizures) they experience reduced by an average of nearly half, while experiencing little to no side effects.

In addition, some patients experienced an 100% reduction in seizures; “In the subsequent periods, which are very encouraging, 9 percent of all patients and 13 percent of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy were seizure-free”, says Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a neurologist at theNew York University Langone Medical Center, noting that; “Many have never been seizure-free before”.

CBD alone is not nearly as effective as CBD as part of a full plant extract regimen. I once heard a story about a kid who experienced 300 seizures a month. When given a CBD-only medicine, the kid went down to 50 seizures a month. When the kid was given full plant extracts of a high CBD strain, the seizures were reduced to 8. Share the results of this study with anyone you know that suffers from epilepsy, or knows someone that does.


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  2. Hello Amanda. No Amanda There are No Side Effects. What You mention and Call Sideeffects. That is simply the Effect Cannabis has. You Cannot Say there is any Side effect. It is all Effects. You may like it or not. What You say is. I wanna use it to help an patient with Epilepsy. So You would like to call all other effects sideeffects except the ones that help Epilepsi. What You call possible sideeffects is an effect of Cannabis. You know from start Cannabis has effects. So if You wanna threat someone for one specific disease. You will have to take all the other benefits with. Unless. You wanna manipulate with the Cannabis plant. Of course You can do that. But as we allready know. Those products don’t work as well as the whole plant. AND what about sideeffects unknown? Amanda will You say that the Fact that Cannabis helps Patients with more than 20 Serious diseases are a sideeffect. What is the effect then? By the Way everyone as far as I know increases their appetite. Is that the Effect and all the rest Sideeffects? Merry Christmas Love KeldKrist

  3. Actually a side effect is any effect that occurs as a result of ingesting or using any compound (natural or chemically altered/created) to treat an issue, that is not in direct relation to the issue being treated. A side effect of cannabis in most people is drowsiness, another side effect is increased appetite. If you use cannabis to assist with chronic pain relief or seizure control, possible side effects include the aforementioned drowsiness and increased appetite, but also things like confusion, impaired judgment, and decreased reaction speed. A side effect of green tea can be increased heart rate due to the naturally contained caffeine. No alteration, there.

  4. What sideeffect. You cannot say sideeffect about Cannabis. Sideeffects are when You have made a syntetic specific product for a specific purpose and when something unpredicted comes up it is a sideeffect. You could say: It has very few or almost none bad effects. But don’t use the word sideeffects about a natural product unless of course You have been manipulating with the Cannabis trying to create a Chemical replica. Love KeldKrist

  5. Proven medicinal use. Remove it from the drug schedule altogether. Bernie is right, get it done!

  6. saynotohypocrisy on

    From the President on down, the people who claim there is no such thing as medicinal marijuana are gangster thugs, who take medicine out of the mouths of children. I sugercoat it when I call the White House comments line, but their vile conduct has richly earned them these epithets. They are trampling on science, common decency, compassion and the overwhelming democratic will of Americans..

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