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Last Chance To Send In Your Florida Medical Marijuana Petition


united for care florida medical marijuanaThe deadline to turn in your signed Florida medical marijuana petition is rapidly approaching. I received the following reminder from the Florida campaign. If you haven’t signed the petition yet and made sure the campaign has it, please do so asap:


If you do not mail in your 2016 signed medical marijuana petition to the campaign by Monday, we can’t guarantee it will be processed in time to help us.

As a reminder, we need to get 683,149 petitions validated by the various Supervisors of Elections in each county. However, we need time to sort and submit them, and they can take as long as 30 days to process.

If you haven’t already, print, sign and send in your petition by end of day Monday.  Instructions and address are on the pdf at that link. If you are not sure whether you signed this one or not, please sign it and mail it again. It will not be double counted.

Once you have sent in your petition, please help us fund the collection of petitions across Florida by making a contribution before our end of month deadline. We need to hit our goal of $150,000 by Friday – and we are REALLY close.

We can’t let this opportunity to help patients get access to medical marijuana slip by. We’re too close.

Thanks for your help.

– Ben

Campaign Manager
United for Care


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  1. We need change at the federal level, NOW.
    Please call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President get Marijuana removed from Schedule IMMEDIATELY, so Physicians in all 50 states can Prescribe it on the same basis as every other Medication.

  2. Florida is a pill mill state. They been mailing out meds to the country from Lakeland Florida for decades, not to mention the many scandals of near past w/those pill stores w/ an all you need is a valid MRI and you’re in attitude. Plenty of Roxies, plenty of Xanax, no problem just pay n leave. I hope they get mmj but they’re dragging their feet. They need a change, at one point they were helping to kill our nation’s youth but now maybe they will start thinking long term and ethically. Stay NORML!!!

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