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Last Month’s Anti-Marijuana Poll In Colorado Appears To Have Been Innaccurate


colorado marijuana legalization denver daA poll came out last month that showed a slim majority of mid-term Colorado voters wanted to repeal Colorado’s marijuana legalization law. Marijuana opponents were quick to pounce on the opportunity and started highlighting the poll results every chance they got. So it will be interesting to see them try to explain how the same polling company found opposite results just one month later. Per Fire Dog Lake:

Last month prohibitionists aggressively highlighted a Suffolk poll showing a majority of likely midterm voters in Colorado don’t support the new marijuana law, but now it looks increasingly clear that poll result was a fluke.

The September poll found 45.8 percent of likely midterm voters in Colorado agreed with the decision to legalize marijuana, while 50.2 percent disagreed. Yet their new poll out Wednesday tells a different story with a plurality supporting the law. The new poll has 45.4 agree with the decision to legalize, and only 44.8 percent opposed to the decision.

Marijuana legalization is here to stay, in Colorado and Washington. Hopefully after the 2014 Election, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. will be added to that list. 2016 will no doubt see marijuana legalization spread even farther across this nation. Momentum is building in favor of responsible laws, not failed prohibition policies.


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  1. It’s just like it is in Algebra everything has to be valid across both sides of the equation. These Anti people are using dirty tricks because they do not have Facts on their side.

  2. Even if your new poll was accurate, its still 10% less support than it got on election day 2012. Amendment 64 passed with 55% of the vote. Any poll in Colorado showing less than 55% support means people are turning against us. That should be a concern because if its a trend, then any day now Amendment 64 could be repealed

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