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Last Publicly Operating Medical Marijuana Dispensary In San Diego Currently Being Raided!


No bad copsOne on One Patients Association, the one permitted medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego City, is in the process of being raided, following director Ken Cole’s testimony on behalf of the medical marijuana industry at yesterday’s City Council meeting to discuss Mayor Filner’s medical marijuana zoning proposal.

The agency conducting the raid has not yet been identified.

Ken Cole had spoken at the meeting as a model operator and president of the medical marijuana distributors professional association, The United Patients’ Alliance.  He had championed well run, legally operated dispensaries, working in full compliance with state and local authorities, citing his dispensary as a model.  He also spoke as a terminal patient, suffering from bone cancer and diabetes.

In a brief phone conversation, Ken indicated that he believed this raid was in retaliation for his public statements, made in support of the mayor’s zoning proposal, at yesterday’s council meeting.

One-on-One Patients’ Center had been sued by the City in 2012 for operating out of zoning compliance, but after the election of Bob Filner, upon the Mayor’s directive, the City Attorney had settled with One -on-One Patients Association, allowing them to continue operations at their location.

At yesterday’s city council meeting, the Council had decided to reject Mayor Filner’s proposal for fair zoning, in favor of revisiting the 2011 ban ordinance.

“This is a sad day for the patients of San Diego,” stated Bob Riedel, Vice President of the United Patients’ Alliance, who had previously run the Mother Earth Collective, the one permitted dispensary ever to exist in unincorporated San Diego County, now also shuttered due to federal pressure.

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  1. The San Diego press is calling Nicholas, the man shot by “deputy marshal’s” a wanted narcotics trafficking felon. There is no mention of the fact that Nick is known as one of the people in San Diego that sold medicinal marijuana through his dispensary. The press, the banker/cartel/grower-backed DEA is having a lot of people die of shootings after “using the vehicle as a weapon”. They followed Nick all day. They murdered him.

  2. Damn I can’t beleave people want to fight about weed…yet I see kids that are 14 with meth, pills, and H. I just don’t get way cops are fuckin stupid yet some jackass gives them a gun… I hope people will think one day… by the way my uncle was a fed for 31 years and now he’s a fucking pot head so eat a dick america!!!

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