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Latest Poll Shows Medical Marijuana Winning In Florida


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaWait until 2016 they said. You can’t win in 2014 they said. I’m happy to report that national pundits and organizations that said Florida couldn’t win in 2014 have some explaining to do, as yet another poll has come out showing medical marijuana winning in Florida. The results of the poll aren’t as high as some of the previous polls which showed support as high as 88%, but the most recent poll shows Florida’s medical marijuana initiative winning by a landslide. Per the Orlando Sentinel:

Gravis Marketing, which has found voters hovering at or just below the 60 percent level needed to approve Amendment 2 in past surveys, found Floridians have passed that level now and 64 percent said they would “vote for the current amendment use of marijuana for certain medical conditions.” Just 26 percent were opposed and 10 percent said they were unsure.

Other polls have shown much greater support for medical marijuana in Florida — notably the Quinnipiac University poll, which found support as high as 88 percent. But the Quinnipiac Florida Poll did not ask specifically about Florida’s Amendment 2, but rather generically about medical marijuana.

The Gravis poll’s finding of a solid approval level strikes at Amendment 2 opponents argument that voters could overwhelmingly favor medical marijuana in principal without agreeing to the specific proposal on the Nov. 4 ballot.

I’m glad that Florida didn’t wait until 2016. Patients are suffering right now, and there is support to pass the medical marijuana initiative this year. I’m not guaranteeing victory on Election Day, because there is still a lot of campaigning to do, and polls are far from 100% accurate. However, with solid financial backing, support in the polls, and truth and compassion on the initiative’s side, things are looking promising. Florida requires at least 60% of the vote in order to pass a constitutional amendment.


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  1. Yes it should be legal for people in pain I have had 6 back surgries & need another one but they can not do surgery anymore on me because of my health.So many people needs it and the cost needs to come down to.I hope it passes here in Florida in November.

  2. LArcdeTriompheOnTiEsTo on

    Well, the right wingers are DEEP, and I mean DEEP, in the police-incarceration-rehab industry, and they know PERFECTLY well that legalization means fewer jobs in the NO camp for their stooges. There’s a reason Romney wanted to fight MJ “tooth and nail”– this was about Mormons making massive cash off govt contracts in the private prison industry (which “coincidentally”, the Mormons are entrenched in). There is NO interest in responding to the will of the people here; this is about money right wing and pharma agendas. Let’s legalize this amazing plant and begin to respond to the AVALANCHE of scientific evidence rather than ignoring it, like religions and fanatics are prone to do.

  3. Who cares? It should be legal. If you don’t want to use it, then don’t. It’s that simple.

  4. it is very sad to see people of the free world living with ” close minded political bunch of assholes” we all need to put an end to what is being put on our plates and politicians saying eat this.

    We the people for the people and no other way,

    Dave all the best to you , we can make this happen!!!!!!

  5. Unfortunately 60% is a high mark to achieve in any election. I was encouraged with previous polls of 80% plus, but people have to actually vote, not just say that’s what they “would” do. And when the party of NO gets in full swing this week and starts firing off all the lies and obfuscation they are masters of, more people will be scared back to the 80s. It really is critical that everyone get out and vote.

    The more unfortunate thing from my perspective is there has to be a citizens’ initiative to get such a measure on a ballot in the first place. Putting MMJ in the constitution is just asinine. It’s way past time to throw out these hysterical conservatives who have been ruining our state. In this day and age it’s inexcusable to not have legislative support for MMJ.

    And this argument is it’s simply a path to legalization – well so f-ing what? That’s what we should be voting on anyway. Make it legal. Tax it. Stop ruining peoples lives for a crime nobody is getting injured over. People should be able to grow it, smoke it, eat it, do whatever they want with it. This will happen eventually because more and more people see the folly and are getting less tolerant of social conservatives meddling in their personal lives.

  6. Israel and other foreign countries have studied it and made it legal in their countries… You don’t get out much do you?

  7. Those who are for Amendment 2 are not going to change others views. In this day and age if people are undecided then they are living on a different planet. The majority of those who are against cannabis are listening to scare tactics and bias research. Those with something to loss such as pharmacology companies, contract jails and prisons, alcohol producers, and those who think they are above others in IQ and know what is best for the human race i.e. Pam Bondi Florida State attorney. present scare tactics to the cows of our society who are blindly convinced by those listed above. These people think that the government never lies, justice always win, and superman is real. If they new the real truth such as Reagans war on drugs used a research project to show how dangerous pot is with the use of monkeys. What they did not report was that the monkeys were given approx. 1000 joints per day through the mask secured to their face and that the damage was not from THC but rather the carbon dioxide. With Miss Bondi, I do not know who convensed her that she was a prodical and her popo does not smell, but she is an idiot. She is so proud of her war on pain pill mills. Well she appears to have not considered those who actually require the pain medication to go to work so they can pay taxes while supporting their families. I am one of those who have little recourse vut to use pain medication to o go to work, It is hard enough dealing with the doctors but then, you have to take another day off trying to drive to each pharmacy trying to get the prescription filled. I would guess many of those who they think overdosed actually committed suicide from the stress and anxiety associated by Miss Bondi. with the frustration of the game developed. For so many they are unable to take their perscription as instructed due to limited ordering iws, then have no choice but to mposed by Bondi and the DEA. If it were not so serious, it would be so funny that all of this was to stop miss use, and the policies adopted actually cause miss use with pharamcies all of the sudden possessing the power to take away health by not being able to fill perscriptions. . Then comes the suffering of mental health as one has to take off from work to drive to each pharmacy feeling and looked at as a drug addict just trying to get a legal perscription filled. Oh what a screwed up nation which uses scare tactics to influence nieve citizens to support their selfish agendas or premote disturbed egos. ANd, you ask what makes me an expert. I am a Psycjotherapist with a CDC 2 training.

  8. No, you don’t lose your right to drive. You’re not allowed to drive under the influence. There’s a difference. Absolutely no part of the law requires you to surrender your license.

  9. There’s more bad news. Apparently, even if medical marijuana is legal in a state, employers are allowed to prohibit it. I have a friend in Arizona who desperately needs to get off pharmaceutical pain meds, but his boss won’t let him partake, despite Arizona’s state law calling it legal.

  10. Michael Paul Yacovone on

    Medical Cannabis is helping so many sick people with there health. It is important to know the truth and educate your self on this subject. We have more sick and Disabled people in this state then any other state. People dying of cancer can not wait for ever on this topic. I have lost friends to cancer and it is sad to watch them waste a way and die when there is a natural cure. Cannabis shrinks tumors, kills the cancer and gives people there life back. It also helps with HIV,Aids gives the patients an appetite also helps to stabilize the person’s immune system. Cannabis helps with these other Diseases, Alcoholism, ALS, MS, Depression, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Liver Fibrosis,
    Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Epileptic patients have said that, after using cannabis with their
    more conventional prescription drugs, they can wean themselves off the
    prescriptions and stay seizure-free as long as they continue using
    Tourettes Syndrome
    Though it’s not yet on the acceptable conditions list for medical
    marijuana authorization in any state, both anecdotal and clinical
    evidence show that Tourette’s Syndrome symptoms are eased by cannabis.

    California is coming out with more Data since they are the first state to legalize medical cannabis they have found that treating cancer, aggressively in lager amounts is the only thing to work on stage 4 cancer. Please vote yes on Amendment 2.
    Just remember that Knowledge is power, please get informed,believe the truth not the propaganda.

  11. greengirljacksonville on

    HI. I would like to offer to everyone to come join us at Hyatt Regency in downtown Jacksonville for our 1st ever Medical Marijuana Conference. Come learn about our laws and get your knowledge on! . Amazing speakers from all over are coming to speak on laws, edibles, wax, growing and much more! Come meet our local vendors or become a vendor yourself! Find us on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/GreenHubris

  12. I’ve got a question if anyone here can answer. I know that amendment 2 will require 60% to pass, but it seems there are at least two interpretations of what that means. It could mean 60% of the ballots must have a yes vote (including ballots where the person skipped the amendment 2 portion). That would be the equivalent of counting skipped votes as no votes. Or it could mean 60% of the votes where the vote was either a yes or a no, but not skipped. That could mean passage with less than 60% of the ballots having a yes vote. Can anyone clear this up without speculations?

  13. oh…. the DEA another worthless government agency that costs mega to operate and slowly bleeds America and for what
    we could save billions every year by getting rid of these bullshit agencies
    specially DEA bunch of overzealous overpaid cops busting us citizens’
    or just accept socialism as it takes over democracy

  14. And your point is? It’s already illegal to drive when drunk, or taking certain Rx drugs. I think it’s reasonable that people on MMJ should not be able to drive. Long term, they will have to work out details like, which strains are safe to drive with (e.g. high CBD and low THC), testing for people’s impairment, etc. But as a general rule, most states dont allow you to drive on MMJ, and the nuances are being worked out in court.

  15. the cops and the PTA sure will show up, you guys better get your ducks in a row and GET OUT AND VOTE. GET YOUR PARENTS TO VOTE, GET YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE, GET YOUR GRAND PARENTS TO VOTE. look, every black dealer has lost his right to vote pretty much in this state, if your reading this, GET YOUR CLIENTS TO VOTE! i know thats what i had to do with my dude, guy was awww i can’t vote… now, his wife, mother and father, grand mother and his wifes parents are all voting. one negative vote became 7 yes votes. get the word out cuz it sure isn’t on the TV or radio. Tell your friends, make a sign! pass out green little american flags to all your neighbors ! do SOMETHING. Then we get to make the moneys. Hopefully by Nov 4th we will be able to use the bank but thats another hurtle for another day. Pass the VOTE FIRST.

  16. considering it only costs time and dirt to make… also get a caregiver, they will have your 6 plants grown and ready for you in 6 months. makes it where you can buy your pounds off them because well, its your weed :) most of those will go for between 2500 and 3000. and just to make that clear that’s between 4-7 dollars a gram. worth it.

  17. we have legal pot today yet not a single person has been given any, children are still dying and no one has started growing it… they say they are waiting for amendment two to pass before deciding what to do… WEAK!!!!

    so here is the fact, the minute you get done voting have your doctors appointment set up for Nov 5th and give your local dude a call. keep your doctors note on hand at all times (like the free slaves we will be) and get your med. Destin should have a shop open sometime around February if you are in the area, other than that keep it mom and pop and save your money. Personally I’ll be selling 270 zips of dank just to round out at 300 with tax ounces. most home dealers will too. that’s still 4800 a pound thus we will make 3840 a pound after taxes…which is enough by all peoples standards. cheers

  18. it happens. Had you a free ride home you might have taken that drink passed to you as well. He made a mistake, when did we forget that lawyers totally fail sometimes and make mistakes. Guys going to be a millionair 20 times over after all this is said and done, he was just lettign go and blasting the anti pot people like he wanted to…. alcohol does that ya no.

  19. i have yet to see a Vote yes on 2 commercial on TV or the radio. and We still have 60 plus % support. amazing right.

  20. no John, it just makes you stupid and unmotivated… It didn’t make Carl Sagan stupid and unmotivated… some of the most prolific authors, scientists and creative people use cannabis. read a book

  21. screw the pharmaceuticals.. get cannabis oil… if you’re going to have to use your hard earned money to get well cannabis will provide more bang for the buck and without side effects like those damned pills. Basically, the DEA is in control of your health care… this is just wrong on so many levels we’ve got to tell the government to keep it’s freeking nose out of our health care.

  22. Hi I’m a Florida resident.Was told by my doc that I now have to go to a pain management provider for my pain meds. I take tramadol for disc problems and as my physicians “managers” have decided to stop prescribing,this med, to patients due to recent DEA reclassifying it as a controlled substance,I now have more hassle and expense in acquiring it (thanks a bunch DEA!). I use marijuana to control nausea caused by the pain meds. and for appetite stimulation.Being that I will have to submit to drug testing to obtain my medicine,I now have to quit smoking.Don’t know how I’m going to do this.Lousy archaic effen law!! I believe that if more marijuana users would email ALL there representatives and tell them to get off there asses and work at ending this prohibition,we would see an end to it.It’s real easy to contact these clowns and we are their bosses so lets instruct them! Thanks

  23. Randy Robinson on

    I see what you are saying…. you smoke alot? Just thinking, because you left out some puncuation in your sentence.

  24. Randy Robinson on

    yea we heard you the first time and we assumed that would be the case, since you are not allowed to drink and drive, NOR are you supposed to be taking prescriptions and driving EITHER!!!! You need to come up for air soon… you have been underground way tooo long!!!

  25. weed takes away the 37 years of pounding nails kinda pain so I can pound some more nails and get through the day

  26. scarletunderground on

    Please the amendment. You will not be able to operate a
    motor vehicle if you take medical marijuana. You will lose you right to

  27. Scarletunderground on

    People haven’t read the amendment. You will not be able to operate a motor vehicle if you take medical marijuana. You will lose you right to drive.

  28. yep, like Paul McCartney too. I can only hope I’m that stupid and unmotivated when I’m 72 years old!!

  29. I’m not sure what the hell John Morgan was thinking when he got shit faced in a bar in Lakeland and got up and gave a profanity laced speech. This is absolutely NOT what we need at this time. Wrong image John. The competition is having a field day with this. I know Morgan is largely responsible for the amendment in the first place but damn man, I can’t help but feel like you set us back on our heals big time!! Hope I’m wrong. I will be voting YES ON 2 on November 4th. Please join me.

  30. The negatives are fighting hard to get people to vote no this November. Their on T.V., their on Radio, they are on comment sections and blog 1960’s B.S. how the skies falling down. They really have no answers to how Medical Marijuana is helping people all across America that are ill. In fact they ignore that all together. The Sheriffs have gotten together to go negative, gee we wonder why when they find a marijuana seed in your car and they get to keep and sell your car, keep all the money on your person and arrest you. Doctors are against legal medical marijuana (some of them) but the ones that are, are ones who love to write prescription drugs and get that kick back. Please vote yes on amendment #2 even if it’s not for you.

  31. “The currents of history ebb and flow. But over time, they flow toward freedom – more people in every corner of the earth standing up and reaching to claim those rights that are universal, and that’s why, in the end, our ideals are stronger, and that’s why, in the end, our ideals will win. Dignity will win, because every human being is born equal, with free will and inalienable rights, and any regime or system of government that tries to deny these rights will ultimately fail and countries that uphold them will only grow stronger. Justice will win, because might does not make right. And the only path to lasting peace is when people know that their dignity will be respected and that their rights will be upheld. And citizens, like nations, will never settle for a world where the big are allowed to bully the small. Sooner or later, they fight back. (Applause.) Democracy will win, because a government’s legitimacy can only come from citizens. Because in this age of information and empowerment, people want more control over their lives, not less. And because more than any other form of government ever devised, only democracy, rooted in the sanctity of the individual, can deliver real progress. And freedom will win – not because it’s inevitable, not because it is ordained, but because these basic human yearnings for dignity and justice and democracy do not go away. They can be suppressed, at times they can be silenced, but they burn in every human heart, in a place where no regime can ever reach, a light that no army can ever extinguish. And so long as free peoples summon the confidence and the courage and the will to defend the values that we cherish, then freedom will always be stronger and our ideas will always prevail, no matter what.”

    President Barack Obama Sep 3, 2014

  32. I think the legislature has 6 months to get their ducks in a row and find out how much money they can squeeze out of the deal. then they when all the laws are put in to it they will start opening the dispensary’s after July 2015. We should all be getting our medicine by 2016. You know how slow the republican gov is in the poor red states.

  33. Totally agree. The support “appears” to be there, but that can produce a dangerous mindset, which can lead to many people not bothering to show up to vote since it’s a sure thing.

  34. Absolutely untrue! I always thought that too, but it’s not necessarily the case. I am unable to eat without certain oral cannabis medications and it’s been like a miracle. And I’m very intelligent, motivated and busy. Along with lots and lots of other folks like me whom I’ve met in the past year of my treatment. There will always be idiots who smoke, but I’m not sure weed is the problem in those cases. LOL

  35. One step at a time. The law requires a 60% majority to win. Medical marijuana may get that support with a lot of awareness and turnout at the voting booths. But the polls show that the support doesn’t exist yet for recreational marijuana to pass the required 60% threshold. Much better to get something than nothing. Then perhaps in a few years we can attempt the next step.

  36. Sorry folks, but unless you go to the polls and vote, this measure will fail. Support is not raising your fist and yelling “yeah”. Support is voting. All those people you read about on the internet that tell us we’re going to win aren’t going to win this, it’s going to take YOU getting off your butt and voting. If this measure fails and you didn’t vote, you can blame yourself! Don’t kid yourself, this measure is too close to call and everyone’s vote is badly needed. Don’t pump your fist in the until AFTER you’ve VOTED yes on amendment 2.

  37. With this kind of support from the voters, I bet they wished they went for the moon on this one and got a better bill. But still, bravo United for Care!!!

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