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Latest Poll Finds Washington State Voters Split On Marijuana Legalization


washington medical marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

An Elway Research poll released Wednesday found more support for than opposition to marijuana legalization in Washington state, but support was under 50%. When asked if they favored legalization, 48% said yes, with 45% opposed.

That marks a decline in support from the last Elway Research poll in July, when 54% favored legalization.

The poll results come just days after New Approach Washington handed in over 355,000 voter signatures in its bid to get its Initiative 502 on the November ballot. The initiative would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana by people 21 and over and would regulate and tax marijuana sales at stores operated by the state Liquor Control Board. (All liquor stores in Washington are also operated by the state.)

The Elway polls asked generic questions about marijuana legalization. A November KING-TV/Survey USA poll that asked about specific provisions in I-502 found greater enthusiasm among voters. That poll had support at 57%.

Noting that the Elway Research poll only asked the generic question, New Approach director Alison Holcomb told the Seattle Times it didn’t mention provisions in I-502 that are popular with voters, such as age restrictions and designating marijuana tax revenues for health and prevention programs.”Our research over the years has shown us that voters really care about what the details are,” she said.

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  1. After several conversations with mumps patiences. No one has much of an issue about the legalization. Its just that the WA state liquor board just lost the control of liquior and now all stores will be able to carry it. The board then quickly jumped on the cannibis wagon to make money. The measure wants it to be dispensed by a pharmacy and mumps will not be able to drive since thee is a legal limit on among in your system to operate a motor vehecle. Cannibis is a not one size fits all medication. The language is the part that has many unclear issues. Having a pharmacy suspender it in small quantities and not only paying a Dr. To get the prescription every 30 days then paying a pharmacy is not the control mumps need. We all agree that the states can make a lot of money and help keep many programs we need by taxing it, but not by having the liquor board control it. There will be no experienced crowds. It will go to corporate farms and pharmaceutical. Companies to produce. The mom n pop shops will be illegal. Not a good measure.

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