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Latest Poll Shows Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Losing


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaFlorida is the only state in the 2014 Election that is voting on medical marijuana. The campaign there has done a fantastic job of getting donations, getting the word out, and dealing with attempts by the opposition to spread anti-medical marijuana propaganda. Dealing with the opposition has not been easy, as they are very well funded thanks to a hefty donation from conservative funder Sheldon Adelson. Florida’s election requirements are different than most other states, in that the Florida medical marijuana initiative (Amendment 2) has to get 60%+ of the vote on Election Day – not the usual 50%+ as in most other states. Months ago a poll was released that showed 88% support for the initiative. But the latest poll shows the support at a much lower level. Per Fire Dog Lake:

Efforts to make Florida the first southern state to adopt medical marijuana are in danger of possibly coming up short this November. A new SurveyUSA/WFLA poll found only 56 percent of voters at this moment plan to support Amendment 2, Florida’s Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative while 31 percent plan to vote against it. The remaining 13 percent are still undecided.

If the undecided voters break evenly the measure would end up with roughly 62 percent of the vote, just barely clearing the threshold, but when it comes to ballot measures people are who undecided at the end tend to break towards the “No” camp. People often vote to maintain the status quo if they are unsure.

Rather than look at these poll results as ‘doom and gloom,’ people in Florida should look at it as an opportunity to step up their efforts. Make a donation to the Amendment 2 campaign to help them battle the opposition’s well funded propaganda. Volunteer for the campaign to help get the word out. Help in voter registration efforts. Do everything you can to help ensure victory on Election Day and help bring safe access to Florida patients who desperately need it.


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  1. William Sanders on

    The argument against legal pot is based on, no FDA oversight. But, if you must have a federal agency like the FDA administering the program, it would be in violation of Federal Law, so it could not approve it. The Federal Government needs to legalize, and create a reasonable FDA oversight by requiring inspections for pesticides and other problems. The California growers already have testing labs. There is such a happy medium for everyone with a federal change in laws, with reasonable testing, and taxing. The main thing is enforcement of laws for people who supply to minors, they should get an automatic 20 years hard labor. The ineffective laws we have now are allowing underage drinking and drug use, and it is wide spread. Anyone caught selling to minors gets 20 years! Let Adults decide for themselves how they want to imbibe. Let the tobacco farmers grow something they can make money on instead of a deadly product. COMMON SENSE PLEASE!!!

  2. With one gubernatorial candidate (Crist) in favor of it and the incumbent governor (Scott) opposed to it, and with that race too close to call, the medical marijuana vote may be even closer than expected. I hope Charlie Crist gets out the vote as I believe his supporters are more likely to vote yes.

  3. polls? what polls? no one asked me. the polls are propaganda trying to sway the voting!

    So, when i was around 18 yrs young, the minimum drinking age in the state of MA changed to 18. It didn’t remain that way for very long. I understood the change. To me it made perfect sense. If people under 21 yrs could be indoctrinated into the US Armed Forces, live and die for their country, why shouldn’t they be of age to be responsible drinkers? I also can remember my mother sending me with 29 cents to the local corner store to fetch her a pack of cigarettes – Virginia Slims. I was only around 10 at the time. Boy, times have changed, haven’t they.

    This November 2014, people in the state of Florida will be voting whether or not to approve Medical Marijuana. For me, my hopes are high. I need something, besides the hazards of opiates, to control my chronic pain. I overdosed on prescription pain killer. Not because I misused them but because my immune system caused the opiate to pool up in my liver. My husband had to call EMS because he couldn’t wake me. I was hospitalized, experienced seizures and suffered immediate withdrawal from morphine. Now I’m asking/begging all Florida voters to vote YES to Amendment 2 this November. The quality of my life, among others, depends upon it.

  4. Christian 4 good on

    Israel — the current world leader in
    medical marijuana research at the Center for the Biology of Addictive Diseases
    at Tel Aviv University. The Center has made advances in studying how marijuana and its associated
    chemicals can potentially mitigate brain injuries and reduce the symptoms of
    degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

    Oh the are considered Christians!

  5. Obliviously you are misinformed and uneducated…Sorry for your disability. You must be one of those people who places your nose in others business, try minding your own and see how that works! Try speaking to Dr’s and how they truly feel about having an alternative to Hardcore pain killers…

  6. Nathan Rogers on

    If it doesn’t pass.. I’ll have to. I have established myself in florida, until developing MS.

  7. Nathan Rogers on

    Leave the propaganda to rest, vote YES on Amendment 2.
    Stage 4 Cancer; Multiple Schlerosis; Parkinsons;
    Schizophrenia. — yes CBD is a powerful anti-psychotic rivaling a-typical pharmaceuticals, in combination I’m certain these people could be (norml)ized.

    Only summarizing a few

    Just because there are a lot of conditions that may respond positively to Medical Marijuana, DOES NOT EQUATE these people as recreational abusers.

    The current infrastructure for the usage and consumption of medical marijuana treating debilitating diseases is a sketchy one at best, 1) having a ‘medical necessity’ to grow, supply, and consume it medically to treat a life-threatening disease, is only for the defense during a court trial, and even then the judge would have to agree individually case-by-case, that means people who did have a medical necessity defense and used it during trial could still be sent to jail, and this also doesn’t protect a necessity patient from being arrested or having all their medicine and equipment confiscated.

    2) This Amendment protects sick patients whom suffer everyday already with a debilitating disease and seek an alternative medicine that won’t cause severe side effects and is completely safe and effective, that Medical Marijuana can be, has been shown to be, and with restricted anecdotal research has proven why it is to be.

    Vote Yes on Amendment 2; prove to yourself and others that you’re believer of compassion, even when the world has forgotten what it means to care.

  8. I am also an X-New Yorker. I was on Long Island when the Twin Towers fell!!! I’m a Grown Man, but I still shed my Tears over the Tragedy. God Bless You Sir… for helping in the clean-up, and showing the World what we New Yorkers are truly made of. I had FDNY Buddies that perished on that Day.
    God Bless them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This measure is nothing more than a scheme to get liberal minded voters on election day in order to help charlie crist win back the governor seat. you people are tools

  10. Michael Paul Yacovone on

    We need everyone to vote yes on Amendment 2. this is a chance to help so many that suffer on a daily base’s and have no quality of life, those with cancer ALS MS Parkinson’s Chronic pain plus many other diseases to help treat and cure. Please do not buy in to the lies and propaganda. People dying need your help, so have some compassion for your fellow Floridian’s. Medical Cannabis can help stimulate a dying economy. Look at other state that have medical cannabis look at all the good it is doing to help so many sick and dying. Also there economies are in much better shape then states that do not have medical cannabis. Please do the research on medical cannabis see for yourself all the good cannabis has done medically and for the economy as well. Thank you for making a difference.

  11. Chromium Blue on

    A statutory approach would never work with the corrupt Scott/Bondi team in charge. Scott has repeatedly announced that he will veto any bill relating to medical marijuana. He has been paid too much money by big pharma to do otherwise.

  12. Chromium Blue on

    He is the (bad) face of the pro-legalization effort. Too bad a professional group wasn’t in charge.

  13. Chromium Blue on

    I totally agree with you. Morgan should be ashamed of himself for behaving like a three year old at a critical time in this important vote. It’s a shame the face of the Florida legalization effort is headed by a self-serving halfwit.

    The campaign itself it highly unresponsive. I indicated I was available for telephone calls and anything else in support of this effort- no response despite repeated contacts with the Yes On 2 campaign. The effort seems like more of a project run from a college dorm than a professional approach to the cause. What a shame.

  14. Chromium Blue on

    You are at best ill-informed and at worst a lackey of big pharma, private prison corporations and the fake rehab businesses. A typical “good christian” who would impose your narrow-minded views on others to the detriment of those in real need.

  15. I don’t see any links to the “information” shown in the video. What are the sources for the claims? And the term ‘potheads’ is outdated and misused… Some of the most intelligent people, and our founding fathers, have been and still are cannabis consumers.

  16. “With 43 days until the election, and only days until early voting starts, public support for medical marijuana remains very stable:

    Our new poll shows 69% of likely voters in Florida support this measure with only 28% opposed. 60% voter approval is needed to pass a Constitutional Amendment in the State of Florida. The findings are significant because they show voter backing of the amendment has remained virtually unchanged since the beginning of 2013. Previous polls (conducted by 3 different pollsters) showed support at 70% in January, 71% in March, and 70% in June.” – Ben Pollara

    Please consider using this picture below as your Facebook profile pic and help support United For Care campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

  17. It’s not too different from taking a college course. All of the homework, exams and projects that you struggle through along the way are required to pass the course. But none of those efforts count for anything if you don’t show up for the final exam. It’s been a long arduous journey, but the final exam, the final step, is now within our sites. On Tuesday November 4th we must all show up at the polls to vote in our final (and most important) show of support for amendment 2. If we don’t show up to vote, we will have thrown all of our hard work away – just as though this all had never happened.

  18. I am pretty confident Amendment 2 is going to pass, here in Florida. I was actually one of the thousands of petitioners here in Florida. Who walked around getting signatures so the issue to get on the ballad to allow “the people” a chance to vote on the issue. What most people don’t realize is all of the hard work and effort that goes into even getting an issue on the ballot. Florida makes it harder than any other state to petition. most states simply require just a signature. Here in florida you have to fill in your name, voter number, or address because most dont know there voter number, on top of this, the address has to be the same address usef when you originally registured to vote. They crossed referenced each petition with voter registratio and if any information was incorrect, that petition is deemed invalid. (thank your sleezy politicians, and the whole bush, recount scandal)we needed 800 thousand valid petitions to even get it on the ballad. I just saw a poll the night before last conducted my channel 9 news and they showed voters were in favor 9 to 1. So it will come down to who show up and votes on November 4th. If you are for it. Then get the word out so your friends and family who share the same view get out to the polls and vote!

  19. In 1938 Popular Mechanic Magazine featured the article the Billion dollar crop Today that’s a Trillion Dollar Crop and with the potential of and International Medical Cannabis industry here and a perfect growing climate. This does not even count the green industrial related product that this plant will later bring,(Fuel, Food, Fiber and Medicine.) these are labor intensive jobs of all skill levels. Corn was never feasible or practical, where as much or more than 1,800 gallons or more per acre could be had and relying less on drilling off shore. Charlie Crist along with Bill Wolsifer for AG are the best choices for Florida. The passage of Amendment 2 will begin this

  20. If this does not pass, it will set marijuana legislation changes in Florida back for years, meanwhile innocents will be suffering. Not to mention, florida being the first southern state to put it on the ballot… the nation is watching, get out and vote Florida! On the plus side, this is the only article I can find that says they don’t think Fl will hit the 60%.

  21. Floridians would be shooting themselves in the feet if they dont for medical marijuana. Once they tried it for the pain, nausea, alzheimers, they would be amazed at how much better they felt without having to take as much other medications.

  22. Florida’s initiative on 2
    Cannabis has young voters
    they will show!
    Prohibition is a stain on America
    Yes on 2

  23. I wonder if John Morgan’s drunken video has affected the overall opinion. He is a major player in this thing and showed major irresponsibility by getting shit faced and acting like a fool.

  24. It does look close, but very hopeful. The following new article talks about a “model” that “weighed the polls on past performance and freshness, then was adjusted for turnout and undecided voters based on historical trends” They have it winning at 61.9% to 38.1%. Still no reason to get too comfortable though.
    Link: http://tinyurl.com/m5dm4qu

  25. I believe they also used different language than the actual ballot. They say on the website that they shortened the question so this could have varying effects on the answers people give. Ie. “Should people be allowed to smoke marijuana for medical conditions” might give different answers than “Should doctors be allowed to recommend marijuana to patients” or “Should people be allowed to circumvent federal law to smoke medical marijuana” … I couldn’t find the actual question, but if someone sees please repost it.

  26. They didn’t say how many people they polled. IT was conducted by surveyusa, and they specifically say on their website they use different language than the ballot (more succint as they put it ).

  27. They probably could have gone for a statutory change instead of a constitutional amendment, and passed it with only 50% of the vote. But the problem there is that a statute could be repealed or amended by the legislature, while a constitutional amendment cannot. So they took the gamble to get a more secure program in place, but with the cost of a higher vote threshhold to pass it.

  28. My only fear is that most people who need this medicine will not get up out of their recliner and vote. Everyone wants to blog about it but do not want to register to vote. I understand the government makes it a hassle to vote. They dont want you to! Get off your butts and DO IT !!!!

  29. I find it a gross misrepresentation of law that the will of the people is represented by 40% in Florida. What kind of crooked politics do the Republicans who run the south call that? The people did not vote for the law that is in place now! But we must have 60% to fight the draconian politicians who drafted these laws in the 1930’s and 70’s? What a corrupt law!!!

  30. Michael Swannick on


    No, that would be one of my brothers. My entire family are/were civil service employees.

  31. I hope you’re right, and it sounds encouraging, but let’s not put our guards down. Getting out the vote is THE most important factor with this issue. It certainly has wide support, but that support only translates into something meaningful if these people actually vote!

  32. It might be worth noting that the only group that rejected the Amendment, those over 65, were vastly over-represented in this poll – they made up 177 of the 571 persons polled who were considered by the SurveyUSA ‘likely to vote’ – or 31% of the total counted survey participants. In 2012, voters over 65 cast only 16% of the total votes in the general election, and in 2010 only 17%. Additionally, voters aged 30 – 64 made up 71% of total voters in the 2012 election, but only 52% of the survey participants. And that does not even address the fact that a total of 750 persons participated in the survey, meaning that with 571 persons considered ‘likely to vote’ the survey essentially threw out the responses given by 179 participants. While I’m no expert on ‘un-skewing’ polls, I did take a statistics class or two, and it seems like a more realistic outcome based on these numbers might have been about 64% in favor of the ballot measure.

  33. Sad but true let face it Cannabis has been in a temporary Class #1 Scheduling now going on a half century still with no scientific justification. The DEA maintains strict control preventing any real research. Their mission is all about marijuana and its a house of cards ready to fall and it will take hundreds of thousand of high paying prohibition jobs with it with no replacements.

  34. “”” WARNING “”””
    We here in Florida all want Amend 2, to pass. But Please, I warn all. If you post anything on your car or truck,,(advertise), be prepared for a traffic stop, for bald tires or something or even a driver safety check
    (yes they can do that, anywhere in any state). But Florida is a very strange country unto itself..
    Do not, I repeat do not, have anything in the vehicle, and please do not be DUID. If you advertise anything.
    Be extremely cautious in this endeavor. You will be stopped, PERIOD. Act as compliant as possible, do not cause any turbulent nonsense. Any smart cop, can always find something wrong with any traffic stop.
    Trust me, many are for this passage, but they must go by the powers that be, or work at Wal-Mart.
    I have 30 yrs. as a L.E.O. and I know this will happen. I have seen it happen.
    This also applies to any other state of county, that may have a ballot initiative or legislation pending.
    Don’t carry and advertise, it’s almost over for everybody !!!!
    Here in Florida we have the ability to vote 3 or 4 times,, use it. (lol)
    Perhaps the Mods may want to keep this warning at the top of comments.

  35. I am with you brother ” ‘fidelis ad mortem”.
    That day alone is etched in my mind forever. 72 hrs. with no sleep, embedded it in my minds hard drive. Most of the time it replays and reruns like a bad movie. I to have various unexplained ailments. Mount Sinai was a joke. Pills,, Rx’s,, studies,, you know the drill. They kept blaming in all on HCV and the early interferon treatment, that turned by body into a piece of toast, but “Da”, Mt. Sinai that was 4 years later. Thankfully I have a Dr. here in Fl. that’s all for MMJ. Writes Rx’s for nonsense med’s, to cover his ass. Forwards all info to the monitoring unit. But we both know the deal. Life’s a bitch when you are living on a calendar. Stay well by brother.
    Ps; is this the same Swannick, from BCF

  36. You cant go from 88% to lower than 60% like that, polls are random and not all can participate. November 4th is what counts on going to make sure Amendment 2 passes, that is all that matters, not an online poll.

  37. If the majority of Floridians vote against this maybe what they really need is some…”common sense medicine” for their stuck-in-the-past mentality (or is it their believe anything the govt says mentality?) that makes it so the people of age who could really use MMJ and benefit the most are the one’s that are in a majority who constantly vote against it. Maybe if they seen a few more topical use on aches & pains commercials or some old folks eating and enjoying a brownie or some other tasty medible instead of these “smoking or vaping MMJ” commercials? I thought “old people” were supposed to be….smart and/or intelligent? Apparently not in Florida, according to this article anyway. Well, (on a side note – life is grand here in Washington state. As a vendor I was in 3 different Seattle and King County dispensaries this very day. So maybe I am a bit….biased…) we’ll see, won’t we?

  38. Michael Swannick on

    Hi Everyone,

    As a former New York State Law Enforcement Sergeant and sick 9/11 First Responder, I’d like to explain why myself and many other sick Floridians need the passage of amendment 2 come Nov. 4th.

    My Medical Conditions: Renal Cell Carcinoma – Right Nephrectomy, Papillary Cancer – Thyroidectomy, C.O.P.D., Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Atelectasis, Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome, Severe Sleep Apnea, Growing Lung Nodules, Right Temporal Brain Lesion, GERD, Pre Barrett’s – Severe Dysplasia, Degenerative Spinal Disease, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, unexplainable weight loss of 50+ pounds and RLS.

    I wasn’t always pro (Legalization of Medical Marijuana) Amendment 2. It wasn’t until the pain medication that I was prescribed starting making me sick, that’s when I decided to do some research and experiment with marijuana. When I found a 40% – 60% reduction in back pain, my RLS was 100% relieved and I had my appetite back (my weight loss has stabilized) with no stomach issues, that’s when I was convinced that medical marijuana was/is the correct course of treatment for my medical conditions. My quality of life has been increased dramatically, thanks to Marijuana.

    Prior to my experiments the only experience I had with marijuana was when I was a teen, I just couldn’t envision how patients were going to benefit by using this medication. But, I was basing my assumption on my past use when I was a kid, I wasn’t sick back then, I was a vibrant kid who felt great.

    I had no idea just how superior marijuana was/is over opiate medication. With one kidney, I need to be very careful when taking Vicodin, Oxycontin, Codeine and all the other dangerous, addictive pain medication that physicians are allowed to prescribe to patients. I don’t want to destroy my remaining kidney and end up on dialysis, aside from that… My stomach is shot from all the medications I’ve had to take over the years, as well as all the steroids and GERD. My stomach will no longer tolerate these medications, I get sick within 15 minutes and then my stomach is shot for the rest of the day. I’m out of options, If physicians can prescribe dangerous opiate medication, I cannot find any logical reason why they should not be permitted to prescribe a less harmful medication like marijuana. ALL medical treatment options should be between patients and their physicians, politicians and/or the law should have no business interfering with “ANY” treatment options that are available.

  39. Who do you think was smoking all the weed in the 60s & 70s?! They know what weed is! They’re old, not stupid!

  40. Florida will never have full legalization, unless this bill fails and a recreational bill comes down the pipelines. We need a medical bill first to show it’s safe and see how other legalization states doing before we even mention legalization!

  41. Wasserman-Shultz isn’t siding with the Republicans, she’s siding with the NO voters. There’s a big difference since this bill will only pass WITH (a sizable number of) Republican votes. This is NOT a Democrat versus Republican issue. And I’m glad that you won’t have a need for MMJ, but I do have a need. And without the inclusion of “other conditions” among the enumerated illnesses, I wouldn’t have a chance to get it legally. But I think you may be confusing the recently passed “Charlotte’s web legislation” (passed by the Florida legislature and signed by the Governor in June 2014) with amendment 2. You can read the language of amendment 2 here:


  42. Likely voter models (and Nate is coming out with the rankings soon, so we can see how SurveyUSA is doing these days) skew right. But many pollsters underestimate turnout, which skews things back to the left. The key is to have a higher turnout than the pollster assumed based on the recent past. In other words, high turnout, more like “registered voters”, low turnout, more like “likely voters.” Essentially, they’re all assuming a lot of liberals and young people won’t vote.

    I believe there is some research into how much hearing about polling gets people to go to the race. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it said that when the vote was predicted to be close, turnout increased.

  43. It most certainly has to do with Republicans AND Schultz, who is out of step with her party on these issues now. Used to be she had to be “tough on drugs”–whatever that meant, or she’d lose her district to a Republican down there in the cocaine state. She’ll be one of the last Democrats to evolve on this issue, and using her as an example of how the whole party votes is just BS.

  44. I used to bet on Intrade. I called all three legalizations right, and made a little cash on that. But I wouldn’t bet Yes on FL unless I could get really good odds…

    “I suspect Florida will become a lot like Nevada where the state’s politicians”

    Republican governors in both states.

  45. It’s a pretty good poll, but looking at likely voters almost always skews it toward the right. Good turnout, especially among younger people, would negate the advantage. GOTV is where to put your money at this point. If you know a good get out the vote operation that skews younger…

  46. Thanks for that interesting link. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet seen $20 pre-tax per pound prices in Colorado, but it is getting noticeably less expensive. Some shops are about $150 per ounce for non-medical buds of very good quality, and that could be a lot worse.

  47. What this poll tells me is that everyone in support HAS to be registered and vote, it will be close, but if you want this to happen you cant sit at home, burning one, and assume it will pass. Go vote and then burn one knowing you did what you could to finally get Florida on the road to full legalization.

  48. But that is my point for the differences in the two polls. I doubt either poll is actually correct. The only way to get a correct prediction at the polls is to poll those who intend to vote and have no problems being honest about their vote. But it’s unrealistic to expect that.

    As for dragging their feet, I don’t recall if the actual amendment states a time frame for enactment. But as long as they are making progress (albeit slow progress), politicians will have a defense for their foot dragging. They will claim they want to get it right and to be fair and then criticize anyone who disagrees.

    It doesn’t help when you have retarded people like Wasserman-Schultz siding with the Republicans in preventing voters from choosing freedom. But as long as it is MMJ, I could care less as I have nothing that would qualify me for it so I could care less if it passes. The MMJ didn’t care about the legalization for all community after they got theirs in other parts of the nation.

    And the fact they are going to have it set up for 5 places to produce for the entire state is utter bullshit that is already showing how politicians will pick and choose who gets to be a player in this game and who gets to make the money.

  49. The 88% could have been correct, but my understanding is that it was just a random sampling which included many people that don’t have the intention of voting. That’s not a poll that can be used for predicting ballot outcome.

    There are some timelines the Florida language that should prevent permanent foot dragging. And since it is a constitutional amendment, any person can bring suit if stall tactics are used. That being said, I doubt they’ll stall that which is inevitable.

  50. It’s got nothing to do with the list of Republicans that you hate. Debbie Wassermann Schultz (D) is the national DNC chair and has publicly proclaimed her opposition to amendment 2. It’s been estimated that we need somewhere around 44% of the Republican voters to vote yes on amendment 2. So the polls are indicating that we currently have substantial Republican support. Shall we turn this into a political fight and watch amendment 2 go down in smoke? Please extend the hand of compassion and understanding to your Republican friends and acquaintances so that they’ll vote their hearts rather than a falsely perceived party line. It could make the difference.

  51. The earliest polls were not from likely voters. The newer polls are from likely voters which is more likely to resemble actual voting. But what the earliest polls do show is that if we can get people to the polls for this issue, that otherwise wouldn’t have gone, it will probably contribute to passage. There is work to be done.

  52. Every little thing help go to your bank and ask for $2 bills stamp or write vote yes on 2 show our spending. Tell Grandma we wont visit if you don’t vote yes on 2

  53. It’s probably tough to convince a population of geezers who have been brainwashed their entire lives about the evils of demon weed to suddenly accept a different point of view. The obvious answer is to pass out free joints at every retirement community, although that would take a large truckload of reefer.

  54. the constitutional rights of the floridians are to be voted on?
    where does it say in our constitution that a popular vote for equality and freedom be achieved before the fruits of the constitution are available

    where does it say in the constitution that only pill mongers and drunks are free

  55. I’m not going to try and unskew the poll, or “polish a turd” here. If the poll’s methods are sound, we have to assume that it is accurate. It’s nothing to panic about; it is just one more data point. It’s a bit of an outlier compared to other polls, but it is consistent with the general trend that other polls have shown: declining support.

    The good news is that there are still a lot of undecideds out there, and there’s still plenty of time before the election. Hopefully the measure 2 campaign will do a better job of getting their message out over the din of right-wing funded prohibitionist propaganda.

  56. Lots of $$ and fearmongering from the likes of $heldon Adelson and Jeb Bush. Mix in a little Kevin Sabet propaganda, and some good old-fashioned ignorance, and you have this result. You also have Rick Scott getting re-elected, despite being one of the most unpopular governors in the nation. Unless our side can mobilize their supporters.

  57. I don’t think that polls always reflect the true numbers because people have been shown to lie to polls. This subject has seldom had the light shine on it:

    The Gallup International indicates that close to 40%[1] of Americans report they regularly attend religious services, however the numbers that actually do attend are less than half that claimed.

    That said I usually add numbers to the totals because I don’t believe they reflect the true numbers
    and with human nature being what it is.

  58. Polls are an amazing thing in that they are like statistics that can be manipulated to set forth the desired narrative. I doubt the 88% number was correct from the start but if so, it makes you wonder just how lazy the supporters became as that number has nose dived if latest polling is to be believed

    The problem with polling is just like surveys. None of it matters unless those being polled are being honest and have the intention of following through and actually voting.

    Having said that, even if passed I suspect Florida will become a lot like Nevada where the state’s politicians will drag its feet for years before any real implementation occurs if at all.

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