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Latest Poll Shows Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Winning


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaFlorida has the chance this November to legalize medical marijuana. The signatures have already been collected and verified, securing medical marijuana’s place on the 2014 ballot. The Amendment 2 campaign has been working very hard to educate voters on the benefits of approving the initiative. Opponents have been fighting very hard to spread false propaganda in a desperate attempt to cling to failed policies and prevent Florida patients from pursuing relief from a safer form of medicine than pharmaceuticals.

Per a recently released poll by Public Policy Polling, it appears that Florida medical marijuana supporters are winning the battle.

Florida’s medical marijuana amendment that will be on the ballot this fall continues to appear headed for easy passage, with 66% of voters saying they support it to just 25% who are opposed. Those numbers are almost identical to 65/23 when we last polled on it in January, indicating the proposal is not losing any steam. Democrats and independents are overwhelmingly in support of it, and even Republicans narrowly favor it 44/42.

This is great news for Florida. Florida patients deserve to choose a safer, effective form of medication to help them deal with their ailments. Anyone who argues otherwise lacks compassion. It’s worth noting that even though Amendment 2 is currently winning in the polls, there is still a long time between now and Election Day and there’s still a lot of work to do. Please make a contribution to the Florida campaign at this link here, so that they can continue to fight for compassion.


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  1. William Sanders on

    I grew up in the bar business, and can tell about alcohol & tobacco, they WILL KILL YOU, Alcohol can also cause you to become violent, and dangerous. Pot calms you down, helps with your digestive system, and pain. I am a burn out, I can’t get high, but that does not mean is not helping me with my severe back pain, and fibromyalgia. I prefer this medication to any form of narcotic. Pot is much safer. I’ve had the best California has to offer, and no one can get me high, and so guys have tried. MY LOSS, but legal access will finally make it legal for me. I’ve support law enforcement and Republicans, and hope they will finally understand, it’s like prohibition, it didn’t work, it only made criminals of hard working tax paying citizens. If only the establishment would understand how much less alcohol and tobacco will be consumed when this all natural product is offered as a replacement. MY OPINION, if you vote against it, you are voting for more alcohol and tobacco consumption…………….which is just plain stupid.

  2. I live in Florida and I’m disabled. Marijuana does help my pain and it helps me sleep. I obviously support legal marijuana but also recreational use. If tobacco and alcohol are legal then so should pot. It needs to be regulated, enforced and taxed like alcohol. Legalize pot and prostitution and no more national debt! The only argument I ever hear against it is how it harms children’s brains, well duh, so does alcohol. Kids won’t be able to go into a store and buy pot just like they can’t buy alcohol, and yes, I know it’ll still happen, but they buy it on the street now. One last comment, quit with the God made pot so it’s good. God made the opium poppy, do we legalize heroin? He also made hemlock, nightshade, oleander and tons of poisonous plants too, so enough with the God made it argument.

  3. Full Legalization with regulation is the only fair way to free it for everyone. You will always have people who disrespect their freedoms. To me, it’s apparent that in America, the people who abuse the use of alcohol have cast a shadow over responsible alcohol use, but they haven’t ruined it for us all. Let it play out.

  4. For every American behind bars, for a non-violent marijuana related offense, the federal government is guilty of wrongful prosecution, and they know it. When you study how the Nixon policy of scheduling against what his medical adviser Dr. Egeberg who was bullied into only a temporary classification #1 and discarded 700 pages of his own commissioned Shafer report. This was all about getting back at his enemies.

  5. Uncle Arthur on

    Many states that have medical marijuana laws because the majority of people that voted in favor are the recreational users that you demonized. If God created marijuana, then who the hell are you to decide who is worthy of plant? Why should rec users be forced into the black market? Shouldn’t they have safe access? I’ve been to Colorado. Legalization Works! Prohibition is a crime against humanity.

  6. I agree with “downthelaw”!!! I use to be 100% Republican, now (as age and wisdom have set in) I consider myself a Conservative Liberatarian. I am 100% in favor of legalization of medical cannabis. I am 50/50 on legalization for recreational purposes. I am afraid that the recreational side may eventually ruin it for everyone else. If those “recreational” people will “respect” the blessing bestowed upon them with its use, it will provide the light that is needed to the powers that be for legalization throughout the U.S.
    The arrogance of the federal government, particularly the DEA and their ongoing “threats” tp doctors and other medical professionals is absolutely despicable!
    God created marijuana… Therefore it shall be!!!

  7. Uncle Arthur on

    I am no fan of the Republican party whatsoever and I have clashed with Republicans in the past. However, in all fairness, there are some good willed Republicans who support cannabis reform. The recent victory in the House that defunds the DEA war against medical marijuana had bipartisan support. It wouldn’t have passed with just Democrats since they are the minority party. BTW, There are Democrats like Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and some others who voted to support the DEA raiding medical marijuana operations. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz also voted against allowing the use of medical marijuana for PTSD. There’s enough bipartisan sin to go around.

  8. I don’t get why Republicans are so for the prohibition against marijuana. They are all for stopping the waste of tax dollars but for prohibition, the most pointlessly tax wasting law that we have today. Not only is it so costly. It stops so much job growth and tax revenue that we would gain with legalization.And stop so much wastefulness that we have on this FAILED prohibition. Just another instance where government makes not since at all. I’m not a dem or a republican. I’m an American but I’m a republican before dem and I can’t get my head around their issue. Just MORON every last one of them in government.



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  9. I live in the Orlando area and have contributed to the United For Care YES ON 2 group. What it comes down to is not people saying they are for or against it. It is getting off your butts in November and voting. Too many people will read the overwhelming support in favor of passing the amendment and will just figure that’s it, no need to vote. Laziness could be the reason this will not pass. Having to get 60% of the vote will be VERY difficult to do. PLEASE PLEASE do not pay any attention to these polls. They are meaningless. YOU MUST VOTE IN NOVEMBER if we are to get this done. Let’s not blow this very rare opportunity. Vote YES ON 2.

  10. Taken June 6-9, 2014 ,, The survey of only 672 Floridian voters in my opinion hardly reflects anything substantial. Just in regular conversation on the subject, shows me it’s much more than 66%. More like >75%. are in favor. One must keep in mind that those queried over the phone are very reluctant to be forthcoming.
    I know that I am.

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