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Latest Poll Shows Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative Losing


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationOne week from today it will be Election Day in Ohio. Ohio voters will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on various issues, the most high profile of which will be marijuana legalization. Issue 3 would legalize marijuana possession, cultivation, and for some, cultivation for profit. If Issue 2 passed as well, it would nullify at least some of the provisions of the marijuana legalization initiative, and according to some in Ohio’s Legislature, would nullify the entire legalization initiative, even if both pass. We can wait for the results to be finalized and cross that bridge when we get there.

There has been a flurry of polls dealing with Issue 3 released lately. It was a just a couple of weeks ago that a poll was released which showed that Issue 3 would win by a fairly large margin. However, two polls were released last week which showed that things were too close to call, with a large chunk of poll respondents saying that they were undecided. A poll released yesterday found that the initiative would fail according to the poll’s results. Per Cleveland.Com:

A new public opinion poll reports nearly half of your Northeast Ohio neighbors have tried marijuana and most support some form of legalization, but they aren’t sold on Issue 3.

Consistent with other recent statewide polls, Northeast Ohioans overwhelmingly support medical marijuana (about 83 percent), according to the Baldwin Wallace University Community Research Institute poll released Monday. A smaller majority — 55 percent — favor legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana for “personal use.”

But only 43 percent of survey respondents said they were likely or very likely to vote for Issue 3, the marijuana legalization amendment on the Nov. 3 ballot. About 38 percent said they would likely not vote for Issue 3 and nearly 20 percent said they were undecided.

I’ve had a more and more conversations with Ohio residents as the vote approaches. I would say that the support I’ve seen via e-mails and messages is about 50/50. How the vote will end up is anyone’s guess right now but one thing is for sure, and it’s something that I tell everyone from Ohio that will listen – if the initiative fails, EVERYONE better step up and if they have deep pockets, they better put their money where their mouths are the next election cycle. And if they don’t have money, they better be first in line to volunteer. We will find out if Ohio becomes the 5th state to legalize marijuana one week from today.


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Johnny Green


  1. Ha, uh… Ahem, (chuckle)… Did y’all say you were close to passing this bill? Did you see your loss margin. ;)

    The bill failed. You were over reaching in this bill. Start small, then build from there. Responsibly.

    I am for legalizing marijuana. It should be legal. But not the way this bill arranged things.

    Make it legal for medical first.

    Then make it legal to grow without restrictions. This bill wanted you to be licensed to grow four plants. You shouldn’t have to be licensed at all, and the limit of four plants is another arbitrary unenforceable limit. Like people making beer in their garages, pot should be free of all restrictions in ownership and use.

    What SHOULD be licensed and monitored is the sale of pot. Everyone should be free to apply for this license as a publicly traded commodity. Just like beer microbrews, any number of businesses (not a glorified ten) should be allowed to start and sell, provided they go through the same licensure as other such businesses.

    As for candy? Hell no. Just leave that out. Really. Bake it in your brownies. But no candy sales. This alone will cause the failure of anything linked with it, and is why so many health and education orgs fought it.

  2. Not looking good. It’s losing by a wide margin. The early polls didn’t show that so I’m really confused. Oh well, keep trying.

  3. Christina ~ cincinnati on

    I’m all for issue 3, I don’t like the idea of it being one company so I understand issue 2 trying to push the no monopoly vote, but I think I’d a believed issue 2 was more in our best interest if they didn’t sneak it in last minute. :-/ I think when people sneak things in on ballots last minute, it shows they didn’t want you having time to fully understand it. Also because issue 2 was proposed only by our Ohio government and not the civilians that says a lot too, Issue 3 was put into voting by we the people, that’s why I’m more comfortable voting yes on 3. No on 2.

  4. Get out and vote yet today! Vote for 3 and AGAINST 2. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s a good start.

  5. Timothy Mcclanahan on

    there has to be a draw the line somewhere for pot growers!! So what let them grow it like it says they put the time and effort to where it is today with Ohio!!! If it was free for anyone to do this Ohio would have nothing but pot growing farms we certainly do not need this in our state… With that be said MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!! Would help sick dying people with cancer it helps shrink tumors and even go into remission!! Thank of the help it does for VETS!! YOU KNOW THE ONES THAT KEEPS US SAFE AND FREE… YOU KNOW THE BRAVE!! Now i tell you if this is a drug that is safe never has there been one report of a death from THC!! It is by far the best pain reliever in the world and it is natural for earth made by “GOD” YOU KNOW YOU KNOW THE FATHER OF JESUS!! okay enough bottom line is Marijuana is not a gate way drug it does not take control of me it is not addicting at all…I myself know why I can tell you this is. It is illegal in the state i am in. Does not matter to me I still can and do get it!! it has replace

    4 pills that have worse drug in it then weed..I myself feel much better today by just smoking Marijuana everyday It eliminates my sever chronic Neuropathy feet pain, Sleep without tossing and turning and when most pain is. Anxiety which if you know about the human body this kind of disease Neuropathy effects the nervous system which makes the brain send wrong messages to the nerves a misfire this causing the nerve to twitch or feel like it itches this is very uncomfortable feeling. there for smoking Marijuana calms them down and i am able to sleep most of the night and feel like i slept.. So i myself know of several others that use it for more reasons then just me. I told you about my life i am disabled because of this and acute depression .. This is a sickness just like so many others that you do not know about or I.. Please Ohioans make this legal for so many reasons i can not list them all.. For the sick the VETS!! the government and states to keep this from being illegal help the ill free the leaf free the weed!! Thanks for reading..If be as so kind to like and share !!
    Thank you for your time and consideration.”


  6. 74 – the soft “vague” language is a FALSE interpretation of how the proposal on 2 reads. The court will have to decide on two affirmed by election issues and how they will have to play together based on years of precedent. “Vague” language doesn’t hold up in a court of law. Once gain, the fear tactic of saying never again in Ohio is totally FALSE as well – Obama will delist MJ as a schedule 1 prior to his term ending – this is well known inside the Dept. of Justice & NIH.

    If the 10 investors were not money mongering fools and did issue 3 right – by not trying to get overly GREEDY by saying “ballot risk” and “deserving of handsome return on investment” and having plain good ole boy oligarchical mindsets — these conversation points would all be for not and their paid TROLLS wouldn’t be on here spreading FALSE information!

  7. Then you have to buy a 50 dollar permit AND allow the newly instated marijuana police, “marijuana control commission”. To enter your home and check up on your operation. Sorry but I’ll keep the government out of my home. I’m pro marijuana, but voting no on 3.

  8. That is untrue, it would only stop issue 3 in this election. It would not stop later issues that would allow an open market for ANY Ohioans to profit from.

  9. If you vote yes on issue 2 it could nullify issue 3 or any other issue that might try to pass that legalizes weed. The language that is used is very vague and states that Issue 2 will: “Prohibit any petitioner from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a commercial interest, right, or
    license that is not available to similarly situated persons or nonpublic entities.” Colorado amended their constitution to make MJ legal. Issue 2 would prevent that from happening in Ohio.

  10. Not exactly true. Issue 2 will: “Prohibit from taking effect any proposed constitutional amendment appearing on the November 3,
    2015 General Election ballot that creates a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel for the sale, distribution,
    or other use of any federal Schedule I controlled substance.” This language vaguely states that Issue 2 can completely nullify issue 3.

  11. DavePrice recently went to Bulacan, Philippines to stay with an online hooker lets vote Yes so DavePrice can spend more money on overseas and hotel hookers

  12. DavePrice is BrainDead and HasBeen for years upon years and DavePrice likes little girls what a pervert

  13. As a reply to Scottay – first and foremost, YES for issue 3 has to be voted for!
    Now for issue 2, a YES for it (and assuming 3 also passes) simply means the OH Supreme Court would be considering how the legalization moves forward. It would not be in their power or best interest even, to scrap issue 3 as a whole – an issue that the OH general public voted for in an open election. They would have the authority to only marry 2 & 3 together.
    MEANING: Sense OH has had monopoly laws in effect since 1912, for issue 3 – the court would be positioned to rule that the 10 organizations represent a monopolistic market place for the production of MJ. They would be inclined, based on precedent, to void just THAT PART of issue 3 and OPEN it up for other allowable organizations to compete on the production side. The legalization would move forward and based on the regulatory piece being put in place – it would NOT delay the process (9mos to a year anyways) for orgs to be awarded licensure for both production and retail.

    Now, this page is filled with those close to the ELITE 10 rich investors and they are spreading fear into the Issue 2 side of things because they stand to become richer millionaires – like an Oscar Robertson slam dunk investment!
    “Already Legal” has provided some very solid discussion points based on what seems to be his/her experience in WA. That system there sounds like a much more open way of doing things, regardless of where the ballot issue money came from.

    It’s important for 2 to pas along with 3!!

  14. It’s very important to understand the grand scope of things – rather than just pass them off as annoyances. In fact, I’m going to get a bit technical on you in point #3, so try and stay with me.

    So the facts are, Oligarchy’s have historically proven
    1) To induce anti-competitiveness which includes price collusion practices (which here with cannabis goes directly against the black market pricing devaluation concept).
    2) Against innovation including new novel cannabis-baed infused products offered to the MANY – options for all … not just a FEW options for the many.
    3) Against product quality improvements over time.

    Here we go stay with me, in WA, what we’ve seen in-house with a few of our own high quality cannabis strains is — after upon cloning the specific strain 3 to 4 generations deep … there has been somewhat of a degenerative affect on the next generations thereafter and upon harvesting said plants, the 3rd party testing labs for THC and CBD content level (as part of the I-502 regulatory piece) have consistently come back at lower and lower levels. Now imagine this phenomena existing with 10 grow sites and a limited number of strains statewide because there is not enough grow to support the system!?! Talking about a pissed off public because their weed has worsening quality – but also pissed off because they don’t have enough CHOICE. This is reality from experience – not hypothetical jargon!

    4) Sets up class warfare between the ultra-rich and the poor.

    YES on 2 – YES on 3

  15. DPrice – I reference my reply to you under “Already Legal’s” commentary … Many of your remarks are confusing and need a bit of deciphering. Thanks for adding your input.

  16. LArcdeTriompheOnTiEsTo on

    Here’s how it will go. The young vote may or may not show up and THAT will be the difference. If every MJ imbiber in OH stepped up to the ballot on Tue and voted sensibly, there would be an end to enormous harms being dealt to the younger generations for an absolutely anachronistic and absurd set of draconian drug laws that need to be put to rest. If not, it”ll be close and next serious election cycle, when yet another layer of the “old and really clueless” has become dust, the polls will tip the other way.

    I say to you Ohio: Show up and finish this!

  17. Additionally, full disclosure is appropriate on both sides of 2 … Something the TV ads running in OH right now are failing to do.

    Seeing NLachey and using his star power in one of them and his current stance against 2 … doesn’t reflect the fact that he is part of a group of investors representing the elite 10.
    My full disclosure, for what its worth and admitedly so – it may not be much, is that believe me, Nick’s a really good guy – I went to elementary school with him in Cincinnati, but equality is for all not just a select few really rich folks.

  18. VOTE YES ON 3 PEOPLE! Screw the monopoly bullshit folks! (Almost) EVERY law thats been passed has also been AMENDED! Lets get this legal in Ohio….then WE THE PEOPLE can vote to AMEND it…..besides folks…..if it passes WE CAN GROW OUR OWN!!! Let me grow 2 & I will pull enough off there to last a year!! Get together with friends….grow different srains & then trade! Always will have a different kind!

  19. Gentlemen – this is my last reply on this issue as it is obvious we are on the opposite sides of this issue – I do NOT represent the elite few, 10 “rich” investors that you admittedly do. But the facts are simply facts!

    To be on the side of voting for something – and saying that it’s the best offering for now … just because big money and a select few “rich players” might not ever invest in the issue again is totally sandbagging the whole dynamic and is overly ridiculous. Thats like saying “here’s my last million dollars to buy sand – rather than buying gold”. The 10 investors taking the big “RISK?!” you speak of – are not the only 10 rich investors supporting the OH cannabis issue. The argument again just isn’t substantiated by that reasoning.
    Oligarchy, has been very well documented throughout history and it only allows for the “good ole boy” corruptive behavior that you are promoting and the general public is very sick of it (using scare tactics of positioning people to vote for this as our best & last chance – is simply not a healthy way to do things for anybody in Ohio, including the 10 investors in the long run). It really goes against everything our nation has ever stood for. Fair balance and equal opportunity for all … has historically proven to be the best way for everyone to profit and succeed.

    I’ve laid out a very STRONG case for letting both issues PASS and for the OH Supreme Court to decide if Oligarchy and going back to the days of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil – is the healthiest way to start a new industry in our state!!!

    YES on 2 – YES on 3

  20. DPrice – I will try to respond but also will need to do a certain amount of deciphering of what you might be trying to say – not quite clear!
    Anyone can do there own research and find out for themselves. The Facts are – if 2 & 3 both pass the OH Supreme Court will have to rule on how the regulatory piece moves forward! This also means the court will be following monopoly laws that have been on the OH books since 1912.
    So please – rather than spread vitrial and fear-based tactics on the passage of Issue 2 – do your homework and the TROLLS will stay at home.

  21. Marijuana has too many benefits for certain medical conditions to not be legal for people in need of such treatment. And being a plant that is easily cultivated, if marijuana ever does become legal, individuals should never have to be licensed to grow it. However, no argument or zeal for smoking pot will ever convince me to vote for issue 3. Regardless of anyone’s view on oligopolies, writing the existence of 10 individual manufacturing businesses into the state constitution is precisely monopoly setting, and is far too close a marriage of politics and business. It is amazing how some of the same people who decry government corruption as they smoke a joint also at the same time can’t wait to vote in favor of issue 3. And putting the product in candy, regardless of the excuses and statements of avoiding attraction for kids by distinct packaging, is out of this world stupid. Who the hell wrote this law? Most Ohioans want marijuana legal at least for medical purposes. How about starting there with a law for medical purposes. You can win that fight. Candy, and business married with politics? Are you freaking kidding me??

  22. issue 2 would stop ANY future legalization in Ohio.. me thinks you have no idea of what you talk about.. Just a pretend TROLL that spews lies.. many a paid poster? but you are based in no facts. Wake Up to people like this Ohio Voters… they are fake and lie.

  23. you have to PAY to respond to cleveland.com polls… i do not have to Pay to vote.. i am not alone.. I WILL be voting YES on issue 3. no on the rhino grab for our rights issue 2.

  24. Again, you’re just not getting it.

    This isn’t about what could be; it’s about what IS.

    We have NO CHANCE for the scenario you propose, where there are “opportunities for “average” investors” to grow commercially.


    It only existed in Washington because the MPP paid for it to exist.

    I’m not defending issue 3 as ideal; I’m simply saying it’s take it or leave it.

    Leave it means waiting who knows how long for another chance.

    No thanks.

    You example of interstate commerce, however, is accurate, and it is the very reason why the so-called monopoly is only temporary.

    Once we have interstate commerce, the exclusionary portion of Ohio’s law will be struck down as violating the US Constitution. It’s a slam-dunk kind of case.

    So why not go ahead and at least get legal cannabis in Ohio between now and then?

  25. saynotohypocrisy on

    You’re taking a big chance voting yet on Issue 2. It gives power to politicians who have nothing but ill will towards us.
    A level playing field for all, that’s what most reformers would prefer. But how many years are you willing to wait for that if Issue 2 kills Issue 3 and make it harder for future direct democracy initiatives? People who need medicinal marijuana in Ohio don’t have time to wait.
    How long do you think RO’s oligopoly will last when it is so widely unpopular?

  26. But John ~ I simply believe the general public is against setting up a system that is exclusionary! And offering the argument that there is a set of rich investors this go round, and maybe not next doesn’t hold water! In fact, if there were more opportunities for “average” investors (ie more grow license opportunities – ideally 100ish would be a good starting point based on our WA experience) along with the well to do – then everybody has an equal opportunity to paid handsomely for their investment. The fact of the matter is, that this will eventually be federally regulated with interstate commerce – meaning (like with a NApa Valley choice wine) if somebody wants an awesome product from WA here in OH, then they can choose to do so. If there is an really well produced cannabis based infused edible made here in OH – people in CA or OR can source it from here!

    I’m for equality and a level playing field for all – not just an elite few. That’s all.

    YES on 2 – YES on 3

  27. Reply to JohnB’s comment:
    Very well intentioned remarks, John. As a premise, this is not about the WA system v the OH proposal. We could go on forever about how the WA system can be improved, but it’s established and operating with 600 growers and 190 retailers. Overall, WA’s system is not exclusionary. Again, it simply comes down to providing people with “Choice” and inclusiveness to all, not just a few. Just allowing multi-millionaires into a system to become richer multi-millionaires produces class warfare and anti-competitive behavior, where in the end, the consumer loses. To say its about taking more of a risk financially or politically (however it can be spinned) and needing to gain a handsome return on that risk is simply B.S. My opinion is that everyone regardless of political influence or financial ware withal should have an opportunity to take the same risks – not producing a system of “the Haves … and of the Have-nots”.

    Lets be clear regardless of who has funded ballot risk. The facts are, Oligarchy’s have historically proven 1) To induce anti-competitiveness which includes price collusion practices (which here with cannabis goes directly against the black market pricing devaluation concept). 2) Against innovation including new novel cannabis-baed infused products offered to the MANY – options for all … not just a FEW options for the many. 3) Against product quality improvements over time – in fact complacency drives just the opposite (as evidenced by the US auto industry in the 60s & 70s) and 4) Sets up class warfare between the ultra-rich and the poor.

    YES on 2 – YES on 3

  28. My point was simply this; without the “greedy monopolists” that everyone decries, there would be NO legalization on the ballot this year, or any year in the future.
    This isn’t about Ohio’s issue 3 versus what COULD be, it’s about Ohio’s issue 3 versus what is – which is NOTHING.
    In Washington, many of the same opposition arguments were made to I-502, but the difference is, there was always a next year for Washington.
    The same is simply NOT TRUE in Ohio.
    We don’t have the MPP coming back for round two, and we most certainly don’t have these investors coming back for any round two.
    I know two of them, and I’m telling you that as a FACT.
    This is it; if they lose these millions, there won’t be any other millions coming in next year.
    It’s easy to complain about egalitarianism when you have the backing of a group like the MPP.
    Ohio doesn’t have that luxury, and never will.

  29. Very well intentioned remarks, John. As a premise, this is not about the WA system v the OH proposal. We could go on forever about how the WA system can be improved, but it’s established and operating with 600 growers and 190 retailers. Overall, WA’s system is not exclusionary. Again, it simply comes down to providing people with “Choice” and inclusiveness to all, not just a few. Just allowing multi-millionaires into a system to become richer multi-millionaires produces class warfare and anti-competitive behavior, where in the end, the consumer loses. To say its about taking more of a risk financially or politically (however it can be spinned) and needing to gain a handsome return on that risk is simply B.S. My opinion is that everyone regardless of political influence or financial ware withal should have an opportunity to take the same risks – not producing a system of “the Haves … and of the Have-nots”.

    Lets be clear regardless of who has funded ballot risk. The facts are, Oligarchy’s have historically proven 1) To induce anti-competitiveness which includes price collusion practices (which here with cannabis goes directly against the black market pricing devaluation concept). 2) Against innovation including new novel cannabis-baed infused products offered to the MANY – options for all … not just a FEW options for the many. 3) Against product quality improvements over time – in fact complacency drives just the opposite (as evidenced by the US auto industry in the 60s & 70s) and 4) Sets up class warfare between the ultra-rich and the poor.

    YES on 2 – YES on 3

  30. issue2 will continue to keep nontax paying black market weed business. yes on 3, no on 2. id rather buy my cannabis from a tax paying legal market.

  31. there are no initiative for 2016 especially if issue 2 passes ift affects future initiatives. this would keep nontax paying black markets in business. id rather purchase cannabis from a legal tax paying buisness anyday, ogilopoply or not.

  32. i rather buy cannabis from a legal taxpaying market than weed from a black market…anyday. VOTE YES ON 3, NO ON 2.

  33. There was never a monopoly, and now, all the lies the greedy growers can think of will be launched because they know there is little time left to debunk them.


  34. We support a Yes on 2 – Yes on 3 movement and let the courts fight out the oligopolistic “big money donors” side of the issue! If this scenario exists (both measures are approved), in my opinion, it will not delay the timing of cannabis being available to our general population in OH. The regulatory approval piece prior to licenses being handed out will take 9months to a year!

  35. As a part-time Washington resident, you should be well aware of how legalization came to pass there.
    It was because the MPP finally stepped in with big money.
    That money was never available in Ohio.
    If an initiative can’t get funding from philanthropy, such as from the MPP, then they must turn to private investors, or try the fool’s errand of trying to get the laws changed without any funding.
    Private investment comes with a demand for profit. It’s as simple as that.
    Without these private investors, who are indeed demanding a return on their investment (something that as a businessman you should well understand), there wouldn’t even be a cannabis legalization law on which to vote.
    We would still be floundering with amateurish part-time attempts to get the law changed via grass roots.

    Don’t begrudge these guys a return on their investment.
    If you think they could get a guaranteed return on this political investment in some way other than the proposal they have, let us know what it is.

  36. I am a partner & co-founder of a legalized WA state based producing company who has residency in both OH and WA. It’s obvious where I stand on 3, however, to legalize a system that allows for the “few” well-off (pay to play stereotypical individuals) to reap the financial rewards goes against everything our democracy stands for! Its well known that Oligarchy disallows innovation, fair balance and for further separation of the rich and poor. It’s very well documented that there are over 2,000 well known specific strains of cannabis offering people all kinds of different benefits but very individualized benefits. It really comes down to CHOICE – In WA, we have developed ourselves as being really well known for producing very high good quality strains and offering different options to the masses who individualize their taste and need for a specific high quality strain and there ate over 600 licensed growers there! by no means am I a proponent for that many in OH, but if there are only 10 organizations producing cannabis, history shows us that innovation and consumer choice and quality of product all suffer.
    To offer another perspective think about all the choices we, as consumers have in other industries – beer, gas stations, medications, cars etc. So here with cannabis lets all ask ourselves – why should we be dictated to – and only be able to choose from a select few growers who are not meeting all the needs of the many!

  37. The only thing you have to worry about is the monopoly buying their seeds from Monsanto which means no thc then it does nothing for medicinal , you’ll probably still get a buzz from the chemicals they will put in it. Also every thing they sell are designed to invade other plants.

  38. saynotohypocrisy on

    Well, Issue 3 does mandate non-profit distribution of medicinal marijuana, so the greed is tempered with compassion, which is a lot more than you can say about the Ohio legislature.

  39. Ummm, you show 43% yes and 38% no. That doesn’t mean it’s losing, that just means there’s a huge chunk of undecideds. I was somewhat undecided because of concern for the potential monopoly before I sent in my absentee ballot, but I still voted no on 2 and yes on 3. I’d rather have a potential business monopoly if it crushes the black market and cartels.

  40. Just a thought on

    Lots are saying they are against a monopoly. I’m kind of lost with this thought. Who are the people getting rich off of people using weed now? The dealers right? Not you or I. So what in the hell is the difference of there being a monopoly making all the money or the dealers? The only thing that is really gonna change is that you can not be arrested for weed. Wake up people. Yes on 3 no on 2!!!

  41. I’m a vet of both Iraq and Afghanistan I need this to pass legal Marijuana in my state will keep me from prison while I find peace of mind from the things I had to see and endure

  42. This will pass keep in mind though 25 percent of ohio is part of southern culture and is in the bible belt. And a third of the state is part of applachia.If it passes it will def influence bordering southern states of Kentucky snd West Virginia.

  43. say no to black market weed and yes to legal cannabis. vote yes on 3, no on two. name one positive thing that clevland.com or Cincinnati.com hace wrtten on issue 3? theg are probibitioist web sire along with a few others.

  44. i would rather buy cannabis from a legal ogliopoly than an illegal black market any day. yes on 3 no on two go vote.

  45. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    This campaign has been close from the start with swings and surprises. I still believe that the Ohio will choose to legalize cannabis and vote yes on issue 3 for the well thought out program of ResponsibleOhio. And they will reject the hysterical deceit and demagoguery and vote no on Issue 2.

  46. uhm 43% likely yes on 3, 38% likely no, 20% undecided, those are decent numbers. they are slightly in our favor. Keep your heads up and make sure you vote!! make sure your friends vote as well. Don’t let issue 2 scare you, if it passes it can be dealt with it’s just a delay. But vote no.

  47. Um yes it will because lets say issue 3 gets 55% of the yes vote and issue 2 gets 51% yes vote. Thenone with the more yes votes is law. Ohio Consitution Article 2 Section 1b

  48. You read yhe poll wrong obviously. It says on 88% of poll are registered voters half of thr registered voters in the poll woul be 44 %. So half of all registered voters support 3 how is that losing?

  49. Wow obviously you guys cannot read considering you read this poll wrong. This was 500 ****residents*** not registered voters. And thr poll also said 88% identified themselves as registered voters. HALF OF 88 IS 44%. 44% OF SAID THEY WILL LIKELY OR VERY LIKELY VOTE FOR 3. SO tell me guys. HOW IS SOMETHING WITH HALF OF ALL REGISTERED VOTERS IN A POLL SAID THEY WOULD SUPPORT 3 and it be losing seriously? JOHNNY GREEN? HELP ME OUT HERE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.

  50. Marijuana initiatives tend to do slightly better than the numbers they are polled at. I really hope that holds true this time. It’s sickening how many so called advocates and activists are against this thing.

  51. Putting this on the ballot in an off year election was not a good strategic move. If they would have waited until next year they would have a much larger youth turnout, which is the demographic that overwhelmingly supports legalization.

  52. David Manevich on

    This year is our best chance vote yes on 3 no on2 I don’t like every aspect either but putting it off now will pretty much defeat us for another decade if 2 passes then it won’t matter what happens in 2016 get it legalized now and we can fix things that don’t work later but this is our best shot to end prohibition period

  53. These fixes happen all the time . of you want to break monopolies why not start with power, utility, cable, and pharmceutical companies that somehow seem to get patent extensions and are not punished for preventing generics from being made. issue 2 was created by politicisn that want to continue to encarcerste OHIOANS. over a plant.

  54. We are so close to this passing. Get out and vote. Vote today if you can.

    Yes on 3
    No on 2
    Make Ohio great again

  55. ass you said you have more skin you have one of teo choices prohibitionist as you admitted in another article or you deal in the black market. i am all out for legalization in ohio as in other parts of the nation. if RO is offering legalization now, it is way better than the status quo. YES ON 3 ALL THE WAY. SCREW TWO.

  56. saynotohypocrisy on

    You’re probably right about this legislature, elected in a very Republican year. They’ll be a new legislature elected in another year, when turnout will be much higher than 2014, favoring the Democrats.

  57. This year 1.6 MILLION Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer, and half of them will eventually die of it, after suffering horribly.
    Every one of them deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every, Single. One.

  58. you need money to buy weed legal or not. id rather by from a legal monopoly than fro a black market thug any day. yes on 3, no on 2.

  59. I really do not see the legislature putting another amendment that would fix what is wrong with this amendment. If anything, I would expect them to only offer up one of full repeal.

  60. Actually, you are one of those that were so cocksure that Issue 3 would pass and Issue would be defeated and sung the praises of RO with every post.

    As for prohibitionist, you do know that is someone against legalization entirely, right? I am not against legalization and I have way more skin in the game then most of the readers on this and many other blogs in regards to resources and time. But just because I am not willing to blindly accept some greedy ass attempt by a group of investors that do not understand much about marijuana or the grass roots efforts to legalize does not put me in the camp of the prohibitionists.

    But it’s nice to see someone of your challenged intellect resorting to name calling rather than debate any points offered. At least you are consistent with your ineffective efforts.

  61. darthhillbilly on

    I wouldn’t be surprised if on some level the poll results are skewed to indicate defeat…if people believe they are wasting time, they can be less likely to vote. Vote anyways people…the vote can give crucial information to the next initiative should it not pass.

  62. Closet Warrior on

    So monopolies aren’t greedy entities and the super wealthy go out of their way to help most poor folk say like Robin hood? Reality check.

  63. The poll isn’t too far off the numbers you give – it says there’s 55% support for legalization in general, and 83% support for medical. The problem is that Issue 3 *specifically* is only at 43% – people don’t like the oligopoly provisions. I still don’t think this is a great poll, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Cleveland.com, they’re just the ones reporting the story. The poll was done by Baldwin Wallace University.

  64. stellarvoyager on

    The headline of this article is misleading. The poll had measure 3 at 43% yes to 38% no, a 5 percentage point lead. So the poll shows issue 3 leading, not losing. So don’t quit now, get out there and vote, and get all of your friends and family to vote yes on 3, no on 2. You have 5 more days, Ohio, don’t let the cannabis consumers of your state down!

  65. you are the same prohibitionist a$$hole i unmasked in a prevoius article. time to cut the crap.

  66. This is spending money, i don’t give a rats tail who gets it monopoly. oligopoly or whatever term ohio politicians want to makeup.

  67. that is completely inaccurate. I you really cared about legalization, the monopoly issue would not matter unless you are dealing in the black market and are involved in the criminal empire, just as the recent article of the hells angles in canada. legalization in any form is better than prohibition. YES ON 3, NO ON TWO.

  68. That’s why he says he’s going against issue 2 as well? Supporting issue 3 won’t stop issue 2 from passing.

  69. that is what california did and six years later they are still waiting. that plain does not make sense . Think hard before you vote no. LEGALIZE AT ALL COST YES ON 3, No on 2.

  70. Everyone here is complaining about the monopoly.

    A monopoly can only exist when it has customers.

    EVERYONE in the state can grow 4 plants each and GIVE away their excess.


    There will be NO customers for the monopoly to monopolize upon after they have already spent millions!

    THE PEOPLE can crush a monopoly.

    Pass the bill.

    We The People.

  71. saynotohypocrisy on

    The Ohio legislature can put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for voters to decide in any election. If Issue 3 passes, it’s because people want marijuana legal, medicinal marijuana especially, not because a majority likes the RO model. If the current state legislature doesn’t offer such an amendment to rein in RO’s monopoly, a future one might, it would become an issue in Ohio politics. I can see many people opposed to legal cannabis nevertheless saying, in the spirit of fair play, that if it is going to be legal, a favored group shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to grow it.

  72. I had a good laugh reading this article Johnny green needs to stop printing nonsense, Cleveland news reports over 90% are for medicinal , 60% are for recreational. And one thing is for sure it is not 50/50. Just because of propaganda Web forums like Cleve.com regularly print nothing but negativity from small town drug enforcement swat chiefs to predicting reports saying crime rates will rise along with traffic accidents . CLeveland.com hasn’t supported the movement at all.

  73. Closet Warrior on

    Ten years ago Colorado didn’t have recreational yet so it would be safe to say that yes they are making more money and Putting it to better use. Property value has also raised, overall crime is down along w/opiate abuse. As far as the cartels go- it’s supposed to be making a dent but until it is tolerated or legalized across the board- their will always be black market affairs.

  74. Do you realize, no wait obviously you don’t realize that if 2 wins the vote..(which it won’t) that there won’t be a next year, there won’t be any new groups campaigning, organizing or creating a new cannabis initiative for 2016, Issue 2 enables secretary of state and and seats to give them even more power to turn down any presentation of further legalization. I guess you don’t mind handing over your freedom to corrupt political blocking Technics . It takes millions of dollars to make movements happen, things just don’t create themselves by saying ” Scrape it up and come up with another plan”

  75. I doubt Colorado is generating much more money from marijuana than it was 10 years ago. The difference is, it’s mostly going to legal, transparent businesses and the state government, rather than criminals and cartels. Personally, I am okay with that.

  76. After reading the adm I kind of hope that both 2 and 3 fail and instead they wait till 2016 for legalization. This just isn’t written out that well to be supported and invites monopolies to control everything. They need to scrap it and come up with a better plan for 2016

  77. California passed up a chance at legalization in 2010, and it won’t be until next year (2016) when they get another shot. How many years are Ohioans willing to throw away by voting no on 3? Six years, eight years, ten years?

  78. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I’m no fan of RO, but the poll in the above article isn’t that valuable. They didn’t even survey most of the state (probably so they could get away with only surveying 500 people), so there’s no way to know if you can generalize their findings to the state as a whole. Now, that DOESN’T mean take some meaningless web poll showing 75% support over this (looking at you, JohnB), because at least this is scientific, but I’d probably take the word of the statewide polls over this one.
    It still doesn’t look good for Issue 3 that support for the issue is trailing 12 points behind support for general legalization (55% vs 43%). That shows that people don’t like the RO initiative in particular, for obvious reasons.

  79. This report is hogwash… 90% of my college has voted yes on issue 3. The polls information getting released comes from paid media who make stories of close battles when actually there’s none in sight. 90% of Ohioans support medicinal marijuana -900,000 signatures were gathered and signed. Therefore a high probability voter turnout is to be expected and its going to be presidented high numbers for marijuana legalization.

    23% vote will go to issue #2 – my predication. Also according to later poll numbers in favor of medical marijuana: 90%
    76% plus + for medicinal marijuana / and i’m being vague.

    – issue 3 will be the winner,

  80. That is why many activists reject RO’s proposal because they are in it for themselves and is trying to use their money to buy and corner the market for themselves. Their monopoly will last as long as the constitutional amendment stands or another future amendment is passed. This is the conundrum that many activists face when trying to decide whether or not to support Issue 3. As it stands, there is nothing requiring RO and its investors to surrender their oligopoly set up as it reads on the ballot even if Ohio farmers want to get in on the action.

    If RO was truly serious about passing legalization, they would have went about it the way Colorado and Oregon did it but greed and dollar signs in their eyes demonstrated that they cared nothing about the true spirit of the legalization movement.

    Now what will be interesting is if both issues pass and the investor growing portion of Issue 3 is deemed invalid because of Issue 2 passing and the remainder of the proposal is allowed to continue (possession and homegrown) if RO will litigate on behalf of the portions for which they cannot profit from.

  81. Closet Warrior on

    That’s why they call them monopolies say no, the $ is the bottom line and the owner’s aren’t gonna give up that kind of money, we all see Colorado and other recreational states generating massive amounts of cash. Once you get your hooks into a treasure chest like that, from my experience, you usually don’t let go of the golden goose. Historically, greed is the rich man’s gold and from what I understand is that it takes deep pockets to upstart a recreational grow and setting up dispensaries, hiring workers, P.R. people, lawyers, etc. Long story short, these 1%ers aren’t giving their inheritance to charities and philanthropy. There is a chance that they do sell out in the future but in true fashion, more likely it will be to a family friend, someone w/an agenda, or just someone who wants to prove to the world that they could run a successful business and succeed, however, marijuana sells itself so I don’t see the success in that. Any way you skin this cat, the businesses will be sold for a PROFIT. That’s just how it is and that’s bad for any state, especially if it’s mmj only. The patient suffers from monopolies. Monopolies which in turn repeat their rich predecessors cycles to generate new monopolies. They better vote no on issue2 and yes on issue 3 just to get the ball rolling and better framework can be laid later on down the road but for now this is their shot. I live in a bordering state so I am very aware and careful of the right info to digest about this here life-altering movement. Their attitude and business model, if done correctly, will more likely sway our state to jump in. If the money’s right.

  82. saynotohypocrisy on

    It might be enforceable thru public opinion. You’re probably right it wouldn’t be legally binding, maybe there’s some way to make it binding.

    I wish RO wasn’t in this so much for themselves, but they are spending a lot of their own money. If this wins it will really help a lot of people, including patients, and their monopoly just won’t last that long, it’s too offensive to too many people. Ohio farmers, an influential group, are going to want to get in on the action, for one thing.

  83. If RO publicly committed to giving up their oligopoly after 5 years, it would have no enforceable merit since the commitment is not included in the language of the proposal. Nothing could force them to stand by any such commitment other than public backlash that would result in nothing since to undo what RO is proposing would require another constitutional amendment for the public to vote on.

    Had RO took that position from the start, I suspect support would have been much higher from other activists. Make no mistake, if Issue 3 fails, that will be the biggest contributor outside of RO’s greed. The sad part is if this fails, Ohioans will be fucked for the foreseeable future. As I said in the other RO post, I think this was part of RO’s plan that either they and their investors get rich off marijuana legalization or no one else can even if it means killing any future attempts by other groups.

  84. saynotohypocrisy on

    I think it’s going too far to say it’s losing: 43% likely to vote yes, 38% likely to vote no, 20% undecided, more undecided than in other polls.

    If RO would publicly commit to giving up their monopoly after 5 years, that might make a big difference. And probably wouldn’t cost them anything, their monopoly on grow sites is unlikely to last longer than that anyway, if that long.

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