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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Marijuana CakeLaw Enforcement Against Prohibition’s 10th Anniversary

I have long said that Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.) is one of the greatest assets the marijuana movement has. For a vast majority of people that don’t support marijuana legalization, the reason is because, ‘if the cops found out, I could go to jail.’ These people are scared, and rightfully so, considering what they have been told their entire lives by marijuana opponents. That’s why Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is so important, because it helps people realize that even ex-cops, ex-prosecutors, and ex-judges think that marijuana prohibition has failed, and that they are willing to stand next to us and fight for the end to marijuana prohibition.

That’s a very powerful message that I hope readers realize. The credibility that L.E.A.P. brings to the conversation is undeniable. The more Law Enforcement Against Prohibition members can get in front of crowds, the better. Today is L.E.A.P.’s ten year anniversary. I hope the next ten years are even more productive than the last ten years, which would be a LOT! Happy birthday L.E.A.P.! Below is some info that I was sent today by L.E.A.P., please take time to support their cause:

Today is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s 10th anniversary, and we’d like to invite you to help us celebrate.

Founded by five cops on March 16, 2002, over the past ten years LEAP has grown into an international organization with more than 50,000 supporters, 150 dedicated law enforcement speakers, and a remarkable impact on drug policy reform. Today, on the first official day of our eleventh year, we want to say a heartfelt “thank you!” to YOU – each and every one of you who have given your time, effort, financial support, and solidarity to LEAP over the years.

With the recent announcement of our LEAP Membership program, we hope all of you will take the opportunity to strengthen your bond with LEAP and help our speakers continue to do what they do best – educate the public about the dire need to end drug prohibition.

As a law enforcement member or associate member, you will be eligible to receive an official LEAP badge pin as our thank you gift. Wear it proudly. We’d love to see photos of our supporters wearing their LEAP pins or t-shirts and wishing LEAP a “Happy Anniversary!” so, to kick off our second decade right, for the next 10 days we’re welcoming all LEAP supporters to post photos of themselves showing their LEAP pride on LEAP’s Facebook wall. Our staff will choose their favorite photo, and the winner will receive a LEAP prize package.

As always, and especially today, thank you for your support!

Stand with LEAP: Join our new Associate Membership program today!

Your donation puts LEAP speakers in front of audiences. To support LEAP’s work by making a contribution, please click here.


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  1. As many of my supporters remember, LEAP was featured at the THC Tour I organized in 2010. Not only was Jim Gierach instrumental in presenting and educating at the expo, but the time he took both with community members and activists was beyond the call of duty. Spending the day in the Madison lobbying with Mr. Gierach, as well as learning about the ‘drug war gravy train’ elevated my activism into high gear.

    Time and time again when called on, the team at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Jim where back in Wisconsin and on tour the minute we called. I have become so impressed with the organization over the past couple years that when I was offered the opportunity to join the Speakers Bureau Team with the specific role of booking agent for James Gierach, of course I took it!

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