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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Launches New Website


Law Enforcement Against ProhibitionAs you’ve heard many times over the past months, LEAP has been preparing for the launch of our new website, and it’s finally up and running! Please click over and look around – we’d love to hear your feedback! LEAP extends our sincere appreciation to the Riverstyx Foundation for generously funding the redesign.

As you’re exploring the new site, be sure to sign the petition located on our front page from global advocacy organization AVAAZ. Their public petition in support of the Global Commission on Drug Policy’s recommendation for countries to establish a system of legalized regulation is a huge step forward in drug policy reform. As LEAP supporters, you should be a part of this by signing the petition and continuing to move legalization forward. Let’s help them reach one million signatures!

We hope you enjoy our new site. Projects like this are made possible by donors like you. Please consider making a donation today in support of LEAP’s work.

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
Executive Director

Your donation puts LEAP speakers in front of audiences. To support LEAP’s work by making a contribution, please click here.


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  2. Javier Torres on

    I have heard of this Org. before. I am so very pleased with the difficult decision these officers had to make as they will be ostricized and shunned by their fellow officers who just love to shoot, maim, beat-up, terrify, and otherwise torture the mostly laid-back and peaceful smokers who use Cannabis either to help with some Medical issue to just getting high in the privacy of their own home. I say these brave and sensible man and women mostly retired are heros and should be thanked for their efforts to bring common sense and compassion to this draconian way of looking at drugs of any kind.

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