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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Members Talk About The Drug War


Neil Franklin Explains Why No One Escapes The Failed Drug War

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is one of the most important organizations in the movement. A lot of people I know that are against reform only feel that way because ‘that is what cops say.’ So when they hear former members of law enforcement talk rationally about the issue, the message resonates in them in a way that is not possible when they hear it from the rest of us. Please consider making a donation to LEAP today!


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  1. Tyler Malcom is using sarcasm to make a point! As a speaker for LEAP thanks Johnny for posting all the articles that support LEAP. It will be our collective voices that will help us end prohibition thus bring peace back to policing.

  2. Th FloridaBadger on

    Talkin about living out of touch w/reality!! ALL positives being shown!!! Ur still caught up in 40s & 50s black & white tv days commercials!! Evolve w/reality plz!!

  3. Malcolm you are an idiot every time you post. You try to use sentences and well placed words to sound like you know a lot. You are the only one who thinks you are great. People like you don’t realize that today’s babies have the intelligence and the resources to make educated decisions until someone like you starts saying that they really shouldn’t do something because it could harm them. A child’s natural progression is to wonder why grownups can do fun stuff like drive and have sex and drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and maybe do some drugs and they can’t. It makes kids sneak around to try everything “fun and grownup” that they miss out on. EDUCATE TO SAVE THE CUDDLY BABIES LEGALIZE MEDICINE TO SAVE LIVES. thanks

  4. This guy below me is fucking nuts. Abraham Lincoln smoked weed. I don’t believe anyone thought he should be jailed.

  5. We should continue to save our nation’s children from the deadly disease of marijuana!

    I’m against legalizing marijuana, and not just to save our very precious children, but also because marijuana addiction is a terrible, and often deadly, disease. A panel of US health experts headed by “abort every black baby” Bill Bennet has declared as such, as have many credible-looking websites such as the ONDCP’s.

    I live in a city that is at the center of the deadly marijuana trade, yet I have never been near this dangerous and disgusting stuff. Diseases possess some very evil and inherent form of agency—They can severely infect our dear beloved children.

    Classifying hard marijuana addiction as a very deadly disease does at least acknowledge the horrors that it unleashes on our defenseless children. Unlike the far less-harmful and rightfully-legal-substances: alcohol and tobacco, marijuana totally destroys the pitiful lives of most of it’s disgusting abusers who surely all wish to injure and maim our defenseless and innocent children.

    For our tiny, cuddly, defenseless, and totally innocent, babies, we must not fail to totally rid ourselves of this very evil, rather deadly, and very smelly, green-scourge!

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