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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Releases Annual Report


Dear Johnny,

We here at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition are pleased to announce the release of our annual report on our activities throughout the 2010 fiscal year.

2010 saw huge strides in drug policy reform. Federal and local initiatives, particularly California’s Proposition 19, brought the failure of prohibition into the mainstream. Media interest intensified, public opinion continued its increasing support of reform and US and international leaders spoke out about the damage done by the “war on drugs.” Legalization has clearly been recognized as a topic worthy of legitimate debate.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition led the way by presenting drug policy reform from a law enforcement perspective, and our speakers’ impeccable credentials lent credibility to an issue that may not have been previously seen as mainstream or commonsensical. LEAP’s longstanding advocacy for the legalization and regulation of all drugs has been adopted by an increasing number of reformers, policymakers and law enforcers over the past few years. We are always there to provide support to all who are willing to come forward and take a stand against the destructive and wasteful policy of drug prohibition, as we were able to do in 2010 by standing behind Alice Huffman, the California NAACP State Conference president, in her endorsement of Proposition 19. LEAP presented at several California NAACP conferences as the NAACP prepared to move forward in support of Prop 19, and we were glad to be able to offer our expertise and support.

LEAP continues to grow and thrive, expanding our international branches, continuing our community outreach and spreading our message of law enforcement-endorsed legalization and regulation. Recently, LEAP asked President Obama for his perspective on whether there should come a time for a national debate on legalization. In response, Obama conceded that legalization is “an entirely legitimate topic for debate,” marking the first time a US president has acknowledged the legitimacy of a national discussion about drug legalization. Our speakers and staff could not accomplish all that they do without the unwavering dedication and generosity of our supporters. And so, on behalf of all of us at LEAP, we thank you. Please click here to view our 2010 annual report in its entirety.


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