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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s 10 Year Anniversary Video


law enforcement against prohibition leap anniversary videoI have long stated that the main reason that some people think that marijuana is ‘bad’ is because they can get arrested for it. They don’t look at the plant for what it is. They don’t realize that marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco, because after all, you can buy those at a store and law enforcement almost never knocks someone’s door in with a battering ram because they have it.

That’s why Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s (LEAP) message is so powerful. When people that are on the fence about the issue hear former members of law enforcement talk about the fact that prohibition is far, far worse than legalization based upon first hand experience, they listen.

See why Michelle Alexander calls Law Enforcement Against Prohibition “one of the most strongest voices against the War on Drugs anywhere in the world!” LEAP’s 10 year video demolishes the war on drugs and gives an intimate view into a remarkable organization of former drug warriors.


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Johnny Green


  1. Maybe you should try it yourself instead of drinking that filth of cancerous free radical saturated Jack Daniels you put down every night, just before you beat your wife and kick the dog around. In fact, where is the apartment, I want to move in!

  2. Oh really? Perhaps you’d be better off with a bunch of party hardy boozers next door. (Edited for syntax correction.)

  3. Oh really? Perhaps you’d be better off with a bunch party hardy boozers next door.

  4. straight and proud to smoke on

    but if you was gay and smoked pot it would be ok because ur civil rights have been violated +

  5. Mark Edwards on

    I have the utmost respect for the work that LEAP is doing, but until this prohibition ends I have no respect for law enforcement and won’t come to their aid if it was needed. If law enforcement wants respect then they need to help end this prohibition.

  6. billeeethekid on

    If they all used vaporizers, then you probably wouldn’t have this problem.
    We have this problem here in NY as well. My mother runs a co-op and every now and then we have the occasional pot smell in the hallways invading apartments.

    You have two options :
    1) Have the tenant purchase a carbon filter to clear the smell out
    2) Have the tenant purchase a vaporizer. (This allows them to heat the bud without creating smell)
    3) Call the cops, and make complaints.

    In NY,
    it is still illegal. so getting caught with a “large” amount can get you a felony.

    Now I understand where you are coming from. I have a child and wouldn’t want him exposed to the smoke in the hallways.

    On the other hand, calling up the cops and getting someone a felony is a horrible thing to do to someone.

    In some cases, these tenants are college students who actually do well in school and have no violent crimes on record.

    Having a felony in america is equivalent to being black in the pre civil rights era. It’s the new jim crow.
    Not only would you be denied the right to vote for having a felony, but you are also denied any form of government assistance, including welfare, housing, healthcare, employment.

    It seems like America has it set up in such a way that if you get caught your life is over. Which I find very funny, because obama is a former pot smoker/ crack head.

    The difference between him and half of america?
    He never got caught!

  7. bryan angus on

    Johnny I would give my right arm to have the police come with a battering ram to the incessant pot smokers that have moved into the apt. beside me here in Toronto. After 23 years all of we neighbours are having our lives ruined by the stench invading our units 24/7

    We are in touch with Property Managers, police including the drug squad and have had to go to court which will take months if not years.

    This is a serious problem and I want pot smoking banned in apts.

    See my rant here at

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