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Law Enforcement Officials Support Florida Medical Marijuana Bill


Florida medical marijuanaMedical marijuana in Florida seems to be inevitable. Roughly 58% of Florida voters voted for medical marijuana in the last election. Normally that would have been enough of the vote for a huge victory, but Florida requires 60% of the vote to pass a constitutional amendment initiative. That significant level of support has caught the attention of lawmakers in Florida, one of which recently introduced a medical marijuana bill. It’s worth noting that Florida already passed a CBD only bill last session, but that legislation has yet to be implemented, and wouldn’t help that many people even if it does get implemented.

During the 2014 Election, law enforcement helped lead the opposition to medical marijuana, as they often do. But it appears that at least some members of the law enforcement community in Florida support the newly introduced version in the Florida Legislature. Per the Tampa Bay Times:

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, a key opponent to Florida’s medical marijuana amendment, says he could support a new legislative push to legalize pot for patients. And he’s not alone in the law enforcement community.

Gualtieri told the Tampa Bay Times Tuesday that he supports a bill introduced Monday by state Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, that would allow a variety of patients to use a number of different marijuana strains.

David Shoar, president of the Florida Sheriff’s Association, said he thinks most county sheriffs will also support the Brandes bill — or something similar — “as long as it is tightly managed.”

Florida patients deserve safe access to medical marijuana. It’s encouraging to see members of law enforcement recognize that fact. Getting law enforcement on board, or at least to just step out of the way, is a significant hurdle in the fight to bring medical marijuana to Florida. If you live in Florida, make sure to contact your elected officials early and often and let them know how you feel.


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  1. We can clearly see that cannabis is perfectly kosher for human consumption on the basis of the scripture on the 6th day of creation. We also can clearly see that the entire state of Florida seems to love a book that they do not even read. I understand wanting to reduce crime, becoming honest is how one does more of this. If we pretend cannabis is tobacco we end with, what we have here a big lie. Drinking tons of water should be illigal on this basis since this can kill you. Where as no amount of injested cannabis can do this.

  2. F off big ego. Lots of words just shows a kind of desperation so go sell you BS else where I’m not interested.

  3. Myopic? I live in Florida now and have made sure I follow this process closely. I have also been personally involved in this movement so much so that I had a personal conversation with Rep. Curt Clawson on the subject wherein I urged him to investigate the research the Israelis have been doing on medical cannabis for over 20 years. After doing so, he emailed me and said that his eyes were opened to “…facts I was not aware of.” I have also had a one on one with the sheriff of the county in which I live and we candidly discussed the reasons regarding his stance against legalization. I have participated in petition drives and rallies and spoken directly to private citizens and heard their opinions. Many are swayed by the opinion of law enforcement because, like you, they are sheeple of the media. You sit on your couch doing nothing while espousing expertise on the subject. People like you are exactly why we lost this battle. Because of my experience in California I have been asked by a number of organizations here for my input on the subject as that state was the first to legalize and is the role model of how NOT to do it. I have stayed up to date with initiatives in other states such as Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Ohio just to name a few. In virtually ALL of these states, the acceptance of law enforcement, or lack thereof, has had a huge impact on the decisions of the legislature and the citizens. Yours is the myopic (you need to look up the definition of this word, by the way) view as it is merely your opinion and not based on any facts whatsoever. Which organizations in Florida have you worked with? Can you even name any of them? Who is leading the fight against the legalization of medical cannabis in Florida? Which idiot lawyer is responsible for the failure of Amendment 2? (Other than moronic lazy voters that is) How many Florida Sheriffs are actually in favor of legalization for medical purposes? For recreational purposes? How many states have actually passed measures to legalize medical cannabis but done little or nothing to initiate them? I am by no means an expert on this subject but I am deeply involved on a personal level. How about you?

  4. Ray DiPasquale on

    They claim they are compassionate is a ruse and their true agenda is to marginalize, polarize, and control the levels of eu·pho·ri·a and then use those regulations to make more punitive and vin·dic·tive laws to those outlaws who oppose their control grid.

  5. The reason people don’t trust law enforcement these days is because they have become increasingly your judge, jury and executioner with no regard to the fact that they are only on the streets to uphold the laws already on the books. They have gotten so out of control that they are exercising powers well above anything that was originally intended by “protect and serve”.

  6. You are so wrong on this one. I lived in California in the 90s and saw what happened once law enforcement got behind the push to legalize medical cannabis. It changed the minds of many voters that were in their forties and above. Without that demographic you have no chance of winning. Additionally, perception is a powerful thing. Many folks of all ages will change their minds if they perceive cops giving it the go ahead. This includes legislators. It sounds like your view on this is shaped more by the media than reality.

  7. You have to see a Dr. for 3 months and he/she has to try everything before they get weed? After all things have been tried and failed you get your weed and any bad effects i suppose, would be blamed on the Marijuana. All the side effects of prescription drugs vs Mary won’t matter.

  8. I will support almost anything that will ease pain and suffering through the use of Cannabis. That said, Medical Cannabis is the obstructionists and bureaucrats ‘Field Of Dreams’. The opportunities to delay and quibble over every detail are almost endless.
    Cannabis never should have been banned. Stop the lies and fully legalize.

  9. They just enforce the laws and don’t make them so it doesn’t matter what law enforcement thinks on this issue. The people have spoken and will continue to increase their voices until weed is legal. Plenty high school and college kids are aware that the drug war is a joke and will be voting eventually. More pro shows are showing up on the media as well, so I could care less what law enforcement people say. Legalization will occur with or without their input and more and more people these days do not trust or respect law enforcement.

  10. This doesn’t really sound like its about the patients. Providing a limited amount of strains for a limited amount of conditions? It would be so great if this same rule was applied to all prescription drugs. No, they are dolled out in a “pill mill” type fashion that many wrongly criticized amendment 2 over. We have so many people who are zombies for their television and refuse to think for them,selves and this is very convenient for the higher ups. They will give us what we all want, but they wilol give it to us with a small syringe, in a long line, almost as if we were marijuana refugees. Yes, now I can see why law enforcement is behind this, another subsection of society who has trouble thinking for themselves. There are some cops out there who can, but this is only a small subsection . They want to limit strains and THC that is available. the amount they want to have is similar to a tincture. Just enough to help with the pain of chemo….I have to hand it to them. They are brilliant.


  11. Legislation to be introduced here in the state of Georgia, they have a very limited list of those that qualify for medical marijuana and are only going to allow two or three universities to grow. But I guess it is better than nothing. Personally, I’ve been hounding the governor and some reps about industrial hemp. It blew my mind when I realized no one from my state even requested to be part of the pilot program. Farmers are a dying breed here and the climate is perfect.

  12. Most folks in law enforcement fear the loss of funding in their departments more than they do the safety of little Timmy and Mandy. But what they fail to realize is that regulated drugs like marijuana create more avenues of funding as it becomes important to insure providers are distributing a quality product. Many of the resources currently dealing with low level pot dealers could then be diverted to the more dangerous drugs like heroin (Yes, it is making a big comeback as those addicted to opiate based pharmaceuticals look for cheaper alternatives). This will do far more to make our communities safer.

    But before I go too far, let me address the comment I hear so often at this point of my speech. POT IS NOT THE GATEWAY DRUG!!! If you talk to any addiction counselor or a psychologist, they will tell you a psychoactive drug is anything that alters a person’s perception of reality. If there are any drugs we give our kids that leave them ‘high’ and wanting more, it is sugar and caffeine. But let’s not stop there. How about that first dose of Benadryl, cough syrup or sinus medicine? And for some reason, the most obvious gateways are excluded from the conversation because it is just too damn inconvenient; Cigarettes and alcohol are by far the worst of all of the above. Why? Because of the taboo associated with using them while underage. Everyone knows about the rush of doing something you are not suppose to do. Ask the psychiatrist about that one too.

    But back to my take on how decriminalization has little to no affect on the number of law enforcement positions, the need for enforcing current and new regulatory laws, funding for their efforts and how legalization doesn’t undermine the very fabric of society. I mean really, everyone that has researched just HOW marijuana (that’s the word they used because calling it hemp would have guaranteed complete failure of any type of prohibition) ((and I know that telling most of the readers here all of this is nothing more than a broken record of facts you may already know, but this is for that one reader that may not)). The fact is, decriminalization will only broaden current powers of law enforcement, give clear cut laws that secure a positive outcome of a majority of cases, allow people to have access to safely regulated product instead of laced or tainted marijuana. And my favorite improvement to the status quo, safer streets due to decreased gang violence. Every country that has decriminalized drugs have seen a major decrease in violent crime. If I had my way, I’d legalize it all. Yeah, I know there are some drugs nobody needs. But what would these drug dealers and cartels do if all drugs suddenly became almost worthless? Let’s try it for a year, regulate and test all products, create a national database for users of heroin and meth with limits on purchases just to see how it goes.

  13. Not entirely true. State laws in place (or voted on in the future) decide how law enforcement deals with assets. They just liked the federal route because it was easier and had the least amount of oversight. Much like how local law enforcement uses unconstitutional means of collecting information (attaching GPS devices to vehicles, tapping phones, etc.) just because they saw those on the federal level doing it and thought, “How cool would that be?”

  14. PatientPatient on

    What’s crazy to me is that the handwringers who support high-CBD cannabis oil as long as it only has a small amount of THC in it seem to be willfully ignorant of the fact that pure THC is already legally sold in pharmacies in every American state (under the brand name Marinol™ or as the generic drug, dronabinol) & has been without incident since 1985.

    Why no outrage about the pure THC pills that Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. sell?


    “MARINOL Capsules contain man-made dronabinol (THC). THC is also a naturally occuring component of Cannabis sativa L. (marijuana).”

  15. Could be, because civil asset forfeiture has been taken away from the local cops that they can’t profit from it any more?

  16. Sad to say this but you can’t always believe what the police say when it comes right down to it.The should be catching real criminals and not even worry about any form of Marijuana use. Why don’t they just do there jobs and stay out of politics? The only thing that they are truly trying to do is control legalization they know some form or another is going to happen sooner or later they just want to control how much and what is legal. This is proven by the CBD legalization that will never help everyone and probably won’t help 1/3 of the people who would benefit from CBD. The politicians need to quit play control freaks and do their jobs.

  17. I wouldn’t be so sure they will step out of the way because Sheriff Bob still wants to refuse it being smoked. His main goal is and has been to prevent MMJ ever coming close to evidence that cannabis is not dangerous because then the public might support full legalization. His department is dependent on continued illegality for the funds and fines. What he should be doing is shutting the fuck up and staying out of legislating process because he has an invested interest in keeping general consumption illegal.

  18. But, you have to visit your doctor for 3 months and catch this, he has tried everything on you and “if” that other stuff doesn’t work, he, the doctor “may” decide if marijuana is ok for you and give you a thumbs up on a medical marijuana I.D. card. What, this is B.S. and my dealer doesn’t jerk me off before I get my weed. How about allowing me, an adult tax payer in my 60’s let me decide if marijuana is what’s needed to allow me to feel better. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s I had no problem deciding what I liked, now well holy crap the doctor has to tell me what I need or want. F you doctor, I will find another way to smoke marijuana so quit eyeballing my butt hole.

  19. 58% is a clear “majority”
    The pink elephant has turned into a 500 lb gorilla!
    Thank you Genie!
    (Popping sound)

  20. They see the wave coming, turn coats. 2 med bills, one hemp bill and one amendment. something has got to give, maybe the young people will come out for and vote the presidential election and stop fucking shit up

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