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Leading National Anti-Marijuana Group Accidentally Makes The Case For Legalization


Reefer MadnessIf you don’t know about Project S.A.M., you probably should. Not because they are a worthwhile organization, because they are not. Not because they have strong leadership, because they don’t. You need to know about Project S.A.M. because they are leading the charge against cannabis reform. But just because you need to know about the organization doesn’t mean that you should be worried about them. Project S.A.M. relies on propaganda and cherry picked data to try to push their agenda. They are not very good at what they do, although there are some people out there that believe the half-truths and errors that Project S.A.M. spreads.

To see just how bad Project S.A.M. is at their job, consider one of their most recent press releases. The feds released statistics that showed marijuana consumption for teens in America. It’s part of a national survey that is conducted every year by the feds. Below is Project S.A.M.’s press release about the data, via Marijuana Politics (emphasis added):

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services found that heavy marijuana use among monthly users – defined as 20 or more days of marijuana use per month – significantly increased among 12-to-17 year-olds in 2014 compared to 2013. Overall past month marijuana use among those 12 and older also jumped significantly.

“We should not be surprised that heavy marijuana use is on its way up,” remarked SAM President Kevin Sabet. “The marijuana industry is telling kids — indeed all Americans — that their product is safe and healthy. Now more than ever, we need a major public awareness effort launched in this country to counter the misinformation of Big Marijuana.”

The headline of the press release read ‘HHS FINDS HEAVY MARIJUANA USE SOARING AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE.’ If that were true, that would of course be great news for a group like Project S.A.M.. The problem is, the title is actually the opposite of what happened, and the true stats actually support legalization. Below is an explanation, also from Marijuana Politics:

That’s right, among the minors aged 12-17, the “heavy marijuana use among monthly users – defined as 20 or more days of marijuana use per month” actually declined from 25.6 percent to 21.8 percent, a relative decrease of 4.8 percent. Even looking among the annual teen users, their use of pot 1/3rd of the days or more (100+ days a year), there were declines.

Then the release tries to pivot that scary “heavy youth use increase” lie into the more general stat that “Overall past month marijuana use among those 12 and older also jumped significantly.” The problem there is that the increase from ages 12 and up is primarily due to the increase in adult marijuana use, according to the study’s authors:

Marijuana use is especially growing among those aged 26 and older – from 5.6 percent in 2013 to 6.6 percent in 2014. The percentage of teens who were current marijuana users in 2014 (7.4 percent) was similar to recent years.

As always, great work by Russ Belville. He has always been a thorn in the side of Project S.A.M. and Kevin Sabet, and I’m sure he will continue to be because Russ is a freedom fighter. Shame on Project S.A.M. and Kevin Sabet for trying to use their spin doctor voodoo in an attempt to try to scare the American public. When will they just give up and move on to something else?


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Johnny Green


  1. No. He is a Billionaire taking a season off TV so when he goes back to his show next season the ratings will be higher. You didn’t actually believe he is in the race for any reason other than to prop up the ego of the GOP as if they had a candidate that could must a lead? Of course it is a joke. He is a mason the same as all the men on the stage.

  2. Donald Trump summed it up. STUPID PEOPLE are in charge of this country. STUPID PEOPLE. If we cannot execute the IDIOTS and STUPID people we can surely elect intelligent people who will make laws to CAGE STUPID & UNINTELLIGENT people. Begin with the IDIOT Democrat/Republican Criminal Syndicate faithful who have elected and re-elected the same psychopaths for 163 straight years.

  3. That’s fucking stupid I personally think that everyone is consuming same amount that they were before, the only difference is with all the states that are pro marijuana plus all the legalization efforts it’s influencing those people to feel more comfortable about admitting it therefore those organizations that are trying to say that it increased are full of shit and realize they can’t win the battle with the truth so they’re trying to come up with more and more bullshit in order to influence people to follow them and attempt to win their pointless battle basically history repeating itself. I smoke marijuana and have been doing so since I was 12 I will not stop no matter what pressures are applied to me or the laws that are enacted to punish me, so to the anti-marijuana government and politicians… go fuck yourself you will not win.

  4. All you have to do is accept reality, that cannabis is becoming increasingly expensive, around 400$ an ounce in my state of Pennsylvania, to realize these people are lying. How many kids have access to that kind of money? I am assuming SAM is comprised of lonely old white men who believe in freedom, except when they don’t. 420 and death metal forever!!

  5. The legalization movement’s official sport should be Whack-A-Mole. We keep disproving their propaganda and someone else pops up saying the same thing like it was never said before……ad infinitum. I’m not a power hitter but I can put a lot of frustration behind my whacks.

    On the other hand as the absurdity of their rants becomes more transparently ridiculous it’s possible they’re doing legalization more good by their comedy act and we should not give any credence to them by responding.

  6. “When will they just give up and move on to something else?” When he is no longer paid to do it. A man without a conscience.

  7. These old school tactics fail miserably now with ‘smart’ information.

    Anyone with half a brain can google the report he is talking about and find out the truth.

    Old school lies and scare tactics only work on those that are afraid to use the internet.

    It’s a nice feeling to know that haters lies can be debunked in seconds with a fingertip!

  8. Now how smart it that Mr. Sabet! Legalize now nation wide. Vote for candidates that show full support for legalization. Too many of our young people have been and continue to be incarcerated over an herb.

  9. Shame on project SAM? Project SAM has no shame.

    Fight them with logic? You can’t argue with crazy.

    But you can expose their insanity as Russ does so deftly.

  10. The tragic thing is – SAM’s lies work on those uninformed or those predisposed to support prohibition, propping up that tired rhetoric. Thanks Johnny and Russ for your hard work! Kevin needs a Russ styled “adjustment” – then a pee test. When he fails the test and sees the light – we can find him a new job.

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