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Leaked Documents Show Facebook ‘Bans All Drugs EXCEPT Marijuana’


facebookMARIJUANA is the only drug allowed on Facebook — according to documents leaked by a disgruntled Facebook moderator.

The leaked guidelines to what is officially allowed on the site included the advice that depictions of all illegal drug use are banned EXCEPT marijuana “unless context is clear that the poster is selling/buying/growing”.

The censoring, often done by cheap labour in developing countries, covers everything from sex, to nudity, to gore, racism, and profanity

A document given to the staff of one third party content moderation firm tells them to delete “any OBVIOUS sexual activity, even if naked parts are hidden from view”.

But “deep flesh wounds are ok to show; excessive blood is ok to show” and “crushed heads, limbs, etc are ok as long as no insides are showing”.

“Slurs or racial comments of any kind” should be deleted, it says, but “humour overrules hate speech UNLESS slurs are used or humour is not evident”, meaning that comments reported to Facebook as hate speech should remain online if they are judged to be in jest and do not include racial slurs. The rules are used by the third party firm to screen photographs, text and videos that have been “flagged” by one of Facebook’s 850 million users.

Article From wownews.co.uk/ and republished with special permission.


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  1. I wonder if its because other drugs are not accpeted like marijuana is  or do the ones who partake in other drugs dont want ppl to know…Something to ponder.

  2. this comes as no surprize to me as the facebook organisation is an american company owned & mostly run by coco jews so one cannot expect anything other than their endorement of maijuana

  3. put this to the test! this is bs! what about history? suppose i was doing a report on the mayor of washington dc smoking crack, it should be ok for me to show that due to educational purposes! the world is not black and white and people need to get over it! dont like what ya see, dont look at it, why is this hard to understand, you/anyone cannot police abunch of monkeys that think they are above the rest of the planet! lol thank you!

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