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LEAP’s Marijuana Legalization Question Ignored By YouTube And White House


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

YouTube Ignores Cop’s First Place Marijuana Legalization Video Question for Obama

Well, the YouTube/White House “Your Interview with the President” livestream just wrapped up, and unfortunately the web giant did not find the time to present President Obama with the marijuana legalization video question from a retired police officer that received, by far, more votes than any other video in the contest.

They did find time, however, to pick the president’s brain on pressing national issues like…. late night snacks, singing and dancing, celebrating wedding anniversaries and playing tennis.


A press release is below.

Site Finds Time for Questions About Dancing, Late-Night Snacks and Playing Tennis

WASHINGTON, DC — Today YouTube ignored a question advocating marijuana legalization from a retired LAPD deputy chief of police that won twice as many votes as any other video question in the White House’s “Your Interview with the President” competition on the Google-owned site. They did, however, find the time to get the president on record about late night snacking, singing and dancing, celebrating wedding anniversaries and playing tennis.

Stephen Downing, the retired LAPD police officer and a board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), had this to say about the site ignoring his question: “It’s worse than silly that YouTube and Google would waste the time of the president and of the American people discussing things like midnight snacks and playing tennis when there is a much more pressing question on the minds of the people who took the time to participate in voting on submissions. A majority of Americans now support legalizing marijuana to de-fund cartels and gangs, lower incarceration and arrest rates and save scarce public resources, all while generating new much-needed tax revenue. The time to discuss this issue is now. We’re tired of this serious public policy crisis being pushed aside or laughed off.”

The top-voted video question from Downing is as follows: “Mr. President, my name is Stephen Downing, and I’m a retired deputy chief of police from the Los Angeles Police Department. From my 20 years of experience I have come to see our country’s drug policies as a failure and a complete waste of criminal justice resources. According to the Gallup Poll, the number of Americans who support legalizing and regulating marijuana now outnumbers those who support continuing prohibition. What do you say to this growing voter constituency that wants more changes to drug policy than you have delivered in your first term?” The question can be viewed below:

Downing’s question came in first place for video questions and ranked second out of all questions (with the overall top spot going to a text question about copyright infringement). Many of the other top-ranking questions were about marijuana policy or the failed “war on drugs,” as has been the case every other time the White House has invited citizens to submit and vote on questions via the web.

Voting in the YouTube contest wrapped up Saturday at midnight EST. In addition to the top-voted marijuana and drug policy questions mentioned above, there were a number of other similar questions that received thousands of votes but were mysteriously deleted after being marked “inappropriate.”

More information about the contest and the top-voted questions can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/whitehouse. The Gallup poll referenced in Downing’s winning question can be found online at http://www.gallup.com/poll/150149/Record-High-Americans-Favor-Legalizing-Marijuana.aspx.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) represents police, prosecutors, judges, FBI/DEA agents and others who want to legalize and regulate drugs after fighting on the front lines of the war on drugs and learning firsthand that prohibition only serves to worsen addiction and violence. More info at http://www.CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com.


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  1. I am certainly pleased to see the anger being vented by theweedblog.com readers regarding You Tube/Google complete disregard for their users by not confronting the President with the most voted on question You Tube users wanted asked. It shows a generation of young voters the real limits of the high tech revolution. Big business, is big business, and High Tech’s willingness to curry political favor for tax breaks (repatriating monies held off shore for example) at the cost of customer/citizen wishes shows that their young founders and owners to be no different from the industry leaders of past decades. I’m not seeing any large demonstrations of this anger on the streets of company headquarters in Silicon Valley or in the internet media, so I have to assume that most of You Tube/Google users don’t give a fig, and just wan’t to know if Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears have exposed their cootch again.

  2. We all know what it is going to come down to. It will have to go to a vote of the people. Does anyone know if there is a national petition on line to get this started? We need one that is legal and can actually make them put this on the ballot. This would be the year to to it since this is an election year. I have seen on line petitions but none are approved to make a legal ballot initiative. We need one and it would be great if THE WEED BLOG could post the URL on their home page. Marijuana will never be legal until WE THE PEOPLE put it on the ballot. My hats off to the states that have done this but we need it at the federal level. If I knew how to do it I would do it myself. There is one hope for a politician doing this, Ron Paul but as much as I would love to see him win I feel the cards are stacked against him.

  3. Stop using Google, and stop watching YouTube. This president said anything he had to, to get elected. Now we know he was a joke.

  4. You really think Google is to blame? I have absolutely no doubt the questions for these occasional publicity stunts are picked by the White House. All these so-called Q/A sessions or the “petition the president” thing are just PR. Nothing changes and no real questions are ever answered.

  5. This is a glaring example of how mainstream media is controlled by international corporations. B.H. Obama is just a side show puppet.

    The media and hired talk show goons are going to disparage Ron Paul every step of the way. Please see through the propaganda and see Ron Paul’s consistent message of “do into others, as you would have them do to you”.
    Vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

  6. That seriously pissed me off. What a smack in the face to everyone who voted and had there questions on the top of the list but was ignored. We really have to do something about this. We the people should take our government back. Lets kick all those assholes out of office and run it ourselves. Let the people run the country not these morons.

    I just can’t believe they made a joke of it. This was the chance to have serious questions addressed and people talked about tennis and dancing. WTF is that all about. I feel like I was slapped in the face and spit on. It disgusts me. And what about the medical patients? Thats bascially telling them who gives a shit about your problems, talking about dancing is more important then talking about your medical problems/medicine.

    And the officer that protected and served people most of his life just had his question ignored like it was nothing. It makes me SICK!

    This is insane. I wish I was able to rally up everyone and take our government back. I can already see what my next post about this is going to be like. To bad I am a new blog and don’t have a big enough reader base yet to make a difference.

    Well that’s it for now because thinking about it just pisses me off more!

  7. why are the people of the United States, even allowed to ask this puppet, questions? He evades the most important, and talked about subject; THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS FAILED; and THE PEOPLE WANT MARIJUANA LEGALIZED, ALL OVER THECOUNTRY? He must be outsted from the White House; and immediatly; he is ignoring the majority of the countrys people; who have demanded that something be done about legalizing Marijuana, and ending the cartel drug wars; gangs; imprisonment of people who use it…..what the hell is going on in this country; is it not run by the people, for the people, like the constitution of the United States is written???

  8. When is the gov’t going to start be concerned about “we the people” and “land of the free”?

  9. Anyone who is serious about cannabis law reform should boycott all google products. They were completely complicit in Obama’s avoidance of voters’ will. Spread the word, companies only care about one thing. Money. I watched the entire video and it made me sick. Not one hard hitting question. It couldnt have been more chummy if it were broadcast on the “People’s Democratic Party of America” state sanctioned channel.

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