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Learn How To Market Your Oregon Marijuana Business


portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective deliveryThere are a lot of people that know how to grow marijuana. There are a lot of people that know how to make edibles. There are even a lot of people that know how to make concentrates. However, it’s fairly rare that someone knows how to not only grow marijuana and make marijuana products, but they also know how to make their products stand out. To make matter worse, there are not a lot of people in the marijuana industry that can offer up sound advice on the topic because either they don’t have much experience with marijuana branding, or they don’t have a track record of success with marijuana branding. That leaves a lot of people out there with amazing products and ideas that are left scratching their heads wondering how marijuana consumers are going to know their products and ideas are amazing.

If you live in or around Portland, Oregon, you are in luck. The Portland Advertising Federation is putting on a marijuana branding education event. Below are more details, via the event’s page on the Portland Advertising Federation:

The Portland Ad Federation (PAF) is holding its second annual Pot Marketing event to provide agencies, as well as retailers, growers, vendors and dispensary owners a chance to learn about the latest laws as well as the different marketing opportunities in this quickly evolving marketplace.

The PAF has pulled together a panel of industry insiders and pundits who will discuss current marketing practices, new trends and thoughts on where the industry is headed.

The event will take place on July 22nd from 4:20 pm to 7:30 pm at the Mercy Corps HQ at 45 SW Ankeny St in Portland. I was very, very excited to buy a ticket and attend the event, but alas, I have to work til 5 pm that day, and after a 1.5ish hour commute to Portland, I would be showing up quite late. But if you have a freer schedule than I do, I strongly encourage you to attend. The event will involve an hour of networking, an almost two hour panel discussion, followed by more networking.

The panel will be moderated by Claire Kaufmann, someone who is very knowledgeable when it comes to branding. I have known Claire for a couple of years, and she is very sharp. Participating in the panel is Brad Zusman, CEO, Busy Bee LLC, who owns arguably one of the most popular marijuana brands in Oregon (Canna Daddy Wellness Center). Also, Noelle Crombie from the Oregonian will be participating. Noelle is the most high profile mainstream media marijuana reporter in Oregon, and I’m very curious to see what she has to say about the topic of marijuana branding. I have talked with her via social media quite a bit over the last year or so, and she is very intelligent. Paul Campbell is the marketing director for Leafly, which is a very popular website when it comes to people looking for where to buy marijuana, what products outlets have in stock, and more information about marijuana strains. I’d be very curious to pick Mr. Campbell’s brain.

You can purchase tickets to the event at this link here. Prices are very reasonable for an event like this, and I’m very confident anyone who attends will gain a lot of valuable knowledge.

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  1. Good post for the marketing professionals who want to enhance their marijuana brands in the targeted market. Brandsy is one such emerging marijuana branding agency in Seattle.

  2. Bongstar420 on

    Um…much of the branding is going along with misconceptions that should not be propagated by actual important people generating product for the market.

    Why is Marijuana candy OK but Vicodin candy is not just due to toxicity? The fact that both drugs get you high should be why they are not formulated in candy…to minimize encouragement for drug abuse. Candy is how Marlboro introduces children to cigarettes- ever had those bubble gum cigarettes that blow powdered sugar? There is no reason cannabis preparations can’t be formulated in generic capsules and taken with a healthy fruit drink instead.

    As far as “cannabis products” goes, they are almost all established things that can be googled and generally only take good adherence to established protocol to generate…. and despite the fact that almost all of these products are not “new” many people are trying to file patents just by adding the word “cannabis” to old patents for other drug products. The image on the product should be irrelevant really. Buy out of convenience or necessity (products that are better than you can self produce)…and I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy Advanced Nutrients but rather I buy food and technical grade salts like potassium phosphate and citric acid that are not marketed for anything but basic use because a label isn’t worth the cost.

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