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Learn More About Cannabis And Cancer At The Free Virtual Cannabis Health Summit


virtual cannabis summitI absolutely hate cancer. If you know someone that is suffering from cancer, is a cancer survivor, or lost their life to cancer, than I’m sure you feel the same. It’s absolutely horrific. My stepdad is fighting cancer for the second time, and it makes my heart heavy just thinking about it. But that’s not to say he’s not fighting, because he absolutely is. He kicked cancer’s ass once, and he will do it again.

One thing that my stepdad did the first time he had cancer was use cannabis to help him with his appetite, and to ‘take the edge off’ after treatments. It would very well. This time around, he wants to step it up a bit. We have been looking a lot into the various options for consuming cannabis that will be best for him. There’s a lot of info out there, but it’s hard to know what is legit, and what is just ‘fluff.’

I am in no way a doctor, and while I know about studies and personal testimonies, I’d prefer to learn from a medical expert. The problem with that is that there are a lot of doctor’s out there that just want to push pharmaceuticals and won’t even entertain the idea of using cannabis. My stepdad talked to his primary physician and the small army of other specialists he’s seen, and not one of them will even discuss the idea of using medical cannabis.

Fortunately there is an event that is going to specifically talk about the topic of cancer and cannabis. The event is the Virtual Cannabis Health Summit, and it’s coming up on January 23-24. The event will have more than twenty experts on the subject of medical marijuana, including doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. The event is completely free, and will stream live online, so you don’t even have to leave your home.

The event will also cover several other topics. I personally plan on having a viewing party at my house. My stepdad will be in attendance, along with several other members of my friends and family. I encourage you to check out the event. All you have to do to sign up for the event is click this link, and enter in your e-mail address. That’s it. Below is a video that talks more about the event. A lot of events charge an arm and a leg for this kind of expert info, and you have to travel. That’s why I’m pushing this event so much – it’s free, and you can watch it from home with others that want to learn!


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  1. There is absolutely no doubt that cannabis can directly fight cancer in humans. One of the people you’ll be hearing from at this summit is Mara Gordon, whom I work with at Aunt Zelda’s. She’ll be talking specifically about the anticancer effects of cannabis. Also, you can read my free book at the following link, which is the largest integration of the scientific and anecdotal evidence demonstrating how cannabis fights cancer. Included is medical documentation of terminal cancer patients in remission along with work from doctors, dispensaries, corporations, and caregivers.


  2. According to our Attorney General those 82% of American Oncologists are all liars and quacks. He is the only one that knows best.

    Don’t expect change anytime soon with morons in charge, remember, MMJ is a joke.

  3. Dear Johnny —
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your stepdad — and I’m sure those of every reader of your blog is as well.

  4. Medical Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” for Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy, and the biochemicals in Marijuana fight Cancer six ways —
    1. Medical Marijuana is anti-angiogenic — it prevents tumors from growing new blood vessel networks
    2. It causes Cancer cells to undergo apoptosis, where the cells commit suicide, which is a way that many chemotherapeutic agents work, but its much more specific to only cancer cells so its much gentler on the rest of the patient’s body and doesn’t case secondary Cancers years later like many Chemotherapeutic agents do.
    3. It causes Cancer cells to undergo autophagy, where the defective cells “eat themselves.”
    4. It’s anti-metastatic — it stops Cancer from spreading.
    5. Its anti-proliferative, It stops Cancer cells from over dividing.
    6. Its synergistic with Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy, increasing their effectiveness.
    Because it fights Cancer in multiple ways its much more difficult for the Cancer cells to mutate in a way that defeats the treatment — that’s one of the reasons that modern Chemotherapy uses multiple drug “cocktails,
    Patients around the world are seeing amazing results against a wide range of Cancers, even at stage 4, using High Dose Medical Marijuana Oil Therapy — HDMMOT.
    We need to get large scale clinical trials of HDMMOT going IMMEDIATELY.
    In a recent survey, 82% of American Oncologists said they wanted their Cancer patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana as part of their treatment regimen.
    We need action of the federal level on this important issue NOW.
    This year 1.7 Million Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer, and half of them will eventually die from it — after going through “Hell on Earth”
    Every American with Cancer deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.

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