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Learn The Truth About CBD At The Virtual Cannabis Health Summit


cannabidiol cbd cannabis marijuanaCannabidiol (CBD) has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. CBD has proven to be very effective in helping treat a lot of different conditions. The one that is in the news a lot is epilepsy, but CBD is good for a lot of things. Because of increased media coverage, the interest in CBD has grown significantly in recent years. But with that increased interest there has also been an increase in misleading information about CBD, and a huge industry built around junky CBD products that are made with very bad ingredients from overseas.

I get contacted almost every day by someone who wants to know more about CBD after hearing about it on the news. They hear that it’s a miracle drug that can cure all kinds of things, and they often follow it up with asking if ‘fill in the blank’ CBD product that they saw online will work. I am always quick to say that I’m by no means a doctor, but if it’s a CBD product that can be purchased over the internet, it’s likely no more beneficial than snake oil, and could even be harmful depending on what is in it.

What CBD can do and can’t do is hard to determine when you don’t know a lot about science and medicine. That’s why I always tell people to seek out expert advice and opinions, so that they are more informed as to what to expect out of a CBD-treatment regimen. Not all CBD strains and products are created equal, and it’s important to know what strain and method of consumption works best for particular situations. It’s also important to know about the ‘entourage effect’ when it comes to CBD, and why whole plant CBD treatment is what you want to be doing.

My stepdad is battling cancer, and I’m going to watch the upcoming Virtual Cannabis Health Summit with him so that he can learn more about CBD. We have researched it quite a bit already, but the Virtual Cannabis Health Summit is going to be covering the topic, and features some of the best minds in the medical marijuana world. More speakers are being added leading up to the event, but below is a list of who will be giving ‘Ted Talk style presentations’ at the FREE online event:

Steve DeAngelo – Harborside Health Center
Uwe Blesching – Cannabis Health Index
Donald Land PhD – Steep Hill Labs
Dr. Gregory Smith – Medical Cannabis For Health Care Providers
Dr. Dustin Sulak – Healer.com
Joel Stanley – CW Botanicals
Heather Jackson – Realm Of Caring
Dr. Jordan Tishler – Inhale MD
Mary Lynn Mathre – Patients Out Of Time
Dr. Sunil Aggarwal – Physician-Scientist
Mara Gordon – Aunt Zelda’s
Dr. Bonni Goldstein – Canna-Centers
Alison Ettel – Treat Well
Nurse Heather – Cannabis Nurses
Deborah Malka – MD, PHD
Bryan Krumm, CNP – PTSD Expert
Martin Lee – Project CBD
Constance Finley – Constance Theraputics

From what I understand, there is going to be some discussion about cannabis for pets, and that will no doubt include specific information about CBD. CBD for pets absolutely fascinates me, and is going to be a big part of the cannabis world’s future. All you have to do to sign up for the Virtual Cannabis Health Summit is click this link, and enter in your e-mail address. That’s it! Below is a video that describes the event:


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  1. Why are you perpetuating the stereotype that all CBD oils available online are snake oil? That is completely inaccurate. There are MANY reputable brands such as CW Botanicals, Mary’s Nutritionals, etc, etc, that sell high quality WHOLE PLANT CBD rich hemp oils. I am in the industry and have been for over 2 years, working as a consultant and advertiser. I have personally referred THOUSANDS of people to reputable merchants and have received NOT ONE complaint in 2 years. Not ONE. In over 2 years of following the industry, I am unaware of ONE legit story of products that were contaminated with toxic “heavy metals” and any such reports have since been well refuted. I am unaware of anyone that has been harmed from taking CBD oil they bought online. Not saying all companies are awesome, but the number of solid, legit companies far outweigh the small merchants on Etsy and the like selling dubious quality oils. Most of the industry sources from a few very well known suppliers of hemp oil. There is no way these products base extracts could be snake oil, as the quality of these products is confirmed on import, as far as cannabinoid levels, etc etc. The companies supplying the base extract for these oils would be outted very quickly if their oils were bunk. The CBD industry is huge and most of the players sell legit products. Period. I have used many of them myself. Stop spreading the myth about “possibly harmful snake oil”. It is hyperbole and nothing more. If not, link me some sources for your assertation, and don’t link me the hemp oil hustlers story or I will dismantle it piece by erroneous piece. There are many brands of WHOLE PLANT CBD oils on the market. Unless the definition of whole plant happens to include THC.

  2. Yes don’t believe the Internet of things . If you are looking for cbd only products seek local and always do research if cbd is the only thing your looking for try whole herb with high cbd. I am no doctor but maybe a high cbd high full bud will work better than Internet than purchases. They Choice Is ONLY Yours AND YOU SHOULD KNOW What YOU ARE Putting In your body..

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