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Leave Hash Making To The Experts


Only Experts Who Know What They Are Doing Should Make Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

Consider this a public service announcement. I don’t know if I have hammered this point home enough, but if you are not an expert at making butane hash oil (BHO), PUT EVERYTHING DOWN, TURN OFF THE STOVE, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUM, AND EXIT THE KITCHEN. Making BHO is a very dangerous thing, and if you slip up in any way, you will no doubt light something on fire, including yourself.

I understand that people like BHO, and/or people want to make money. But when rookies do stuff like this, it makes the entire movement look bad, and puts innocent people at risk. If you are going to make BHO, know what you are doing, and if you can, make it somewhere that is not surrounded by people. Below is a great example of what can happen if you don’t know what you are doing:


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  1. I’ve been making bho for years and never once have i ever used a stove or an open flame I’ve made the alcohol based tincture like these chuckle heads are trying to do in the video here but its not as tasty, all that green was vegetable oil not thc its got a amber color when its successfully extracted,.but I can’t point out all the things these dumbasses did wrong… I just don’t have the spaces here I suppose. but you are right people that can’t figure that you don’t put open flame to pyrex or not to smoke when you have the equivalent to a leaky pipe bomb in the room shouldn’t do this…

  2. washintoniantipster on

    look ill say this if you want bho and dont want it blowing up the natural dentancy of the butaine will cause it to evaporate even at room temperature. the only thing keeping it a liquid in the bottle is pressure once its released putting it on the stove to double boil it is just risking losing valuable thc content now in the butaine mixture. let sit for up to a week and the bho has been safely and PROPERLY made. all stove methods are just quick finishing styles that are from impatient stoners who cant wait. keep on making your shit guys just takes some reading and commonsence. COMMONSENCE will take you every were and back think before you leap.

    be safe guys

  3. umm the idiots in the video were not making bho. that was qwiso hash. silverado(commenter) is talking about bubble hash. if you are a fan of the oil, bubble just wont do. if you want to make easy bho. get a glass vaporizer whip from your local headshop. stuff that shit with the best cannabis(1/8th usually fits right) you can get. put coffee filter over fat end. get 2-3 small cans of 5x refined butane. i use vector. take all that stuff OUTSIDE. get a large baking dish fill with boiling water. get a smaller glass dish place inside larger pan of boiling water. now take butane(wear gloves cause this shit gets cold) and stick the tip into small end of vaporizer whip. shoot the now thc soaked butane into the smaller glass pan that is sitting in the larger pan of boiling water. OUTSIDE. allow butane to evaporate in the pan for few mins. now take a razor and scrap the pan for your BHO. use an oil rig. enjoy

  4. Leave it to the experts?? Cool..I’m an expert with bubble bags and I just made a run last Sunday, as a matter of fact. We used up some of our blackberry kush and NL trimmings from our last crop. Of course it turned out excellent and was well worth the time & trouble, I’m an expert. Been making bubble hash since before most knew what it was. And as I was in Germany in the mid 1970’s, compliments of Uncle Sam’s USAF, that made me an expert in hashish long before I knew how to make it. Choking Red, Lebanese black and the blonde-yellow hash was there too. My favorite was the common old green hash that was everywhere back then in Europe. Anyway, remember me telling you that I use those bubble bags to make my own hash?? That hash I make today is every bit as good as what I had back there 40 years ago. That shit was made by Moroccon experts, I believe, who have been at the art of hash-making longer than we’ve been a country. Bag appeal, quality, smell, high – you name it. They’re identical in EVERY respect.

    A $40 – 3 bubble bag set with a 200, 100 and a 20 micron set of bags that’s available right this minute on Ebay, enables anyone with a minimum amount of skill and any amount of what could be some….let’s call it SUB-GRADE trimmings, and make it all the way to a PREMIUM VALUE ADDED PRODUCT (sounds like Weyerhauser Timber Co. describing Douglas fir trees made into dimensional lumber, doesn’t it?) that went from being (almost) worthless to what the dispensaries are charging $20 a gram for. Of course, the better the grade going in the better the grade of the final product. But for us, it’s definitely a mass reducing, value added, artisan produced, agricultural specialty product that EVERYONE (I know) likes to get in that….Christmas stocking. Although they (some of my lucky friends) STILL talk about those special Christmas cards (with no return addresses) I sent to each of them from Germany that contained a flattened, powdered and secure 6 grams of some of the best African produced hash in the world at that time in 1974, they talk even more highly of what they get from me these days. And that’s because they know I’ll be making more….

    Jeeez….if you don’t have a set of these “cold water herbal extraction bags” you really ARE missing something! So don’t fuck with the butane or you could hurt yourself (and wind up in some magazine or a website looking like an idiot). And grab a cheap 3 bag set of Ebay bubble bags and march into hash production the right way. It’s either that or go to North Africa.

  5. We need a “service” that will take your trim and shake and make BHO for you. There are closed systems out there for $1600 which is a lot safer to the operator and the enviroment. It just has to get legal for our own safety.

  6. phoenixtears.ca teaches how to do it properly
    Everything can have an aftermath if you do it wrong.

  7. Who would be stupid enough to put a glass mixing bowl directly on a flame and then when it gets roaring hot pour some sort of liquid into it? Morons. Of course it exploded! What were metal pans made for? Using on the stovetop over a flame!

  8. So funny to hear white “kids” trying to talk like black gangsters. Just don’t have the brain cells going on. “You see that, bam” ya, he got THAT right!

  9. Years ago I happened upon a comic book called “Dr. Atomic’s Marijuana Multiplier”. It explained a method of “Isomerizing & Refluxing” and converting THC from “Low Rotation to “High Rotation” . A couple of old coffee cans along with several other items. Check it out. We did it for a couple of years. The results were absolutely amazing. Let me stress this point again: “Absolutely Amazing” !!!!! I think Dr Atomic’s motto was “Who needs life, I’m high on dope”! I gotta go look for my copy now……….

  10. Wow dude acts real gangsta till the it lights up then acts like a sissy. Johnny is right stuff like this is gonna give idiots stuff to use against the movement and make people think their neighborhood might be leveled by some morons like that. This is bigger than you people your mistakes make the whole movement look like shit.

  11. static electricity is 1 of the ways , its not worth it . The dryice method for kief is safer.

    Once in kief form you can do all kinds of tinctures ,edibles or press into cheese!

  12. Johnny Bloomington on

    Screw BHO, its going to give the prohibitionist ammo against us. Group us up with stupid meth heads!

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