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Legal Marijuana In Colorado Has Generated $15 Million For Schools


colorado schools marijuanaIs there any state in America that doesn’t need more money for schools? I know here in Oregon schools are hurting, and I have to assume that every other state in America is also experiencing inadequate school budgets. Classes are overpopulated, teachers are overworked, and very few classrooms have a proper amount of school supplies. So a new significant funding source for schools should be welcomed across America. Fortunately for Colorado, they have one. Per the Huffington Post:

Legal marijuana in Colorado has already generated more than $15 million in tax revenue that is specifically earmarked for public schools, according to the latest data from the state’s Department of Education.

Since Jan. 1, 2014, when the state’s first retail marijuana shops opened, $15.6 million has been generated for the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant program, said Scott Newell, director of the office of capital construction for the state’s Education Department. The marijuana funds for schools were generated via a special voter-approved 15 percent excise tax on marijuana sales.

Marijuana legalization creates jobs, allows law enforcement to focus on real crime, and in the case of Colorado, generates significant sums of money for schools. How many teachers can be hired for $15 million dollars? How many books does that buy? Consider the fact that the Colorado marijuana industry continues to grow, and that even more money will be generated in the next year compared to the last one. Why isn’t every state doing this?

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  1. Colorado is changing minds all around this country. The media is showing positive shows on weed and recently Dr. Oz had a show featuring medical weed and it was 95% positive. The media coverage is crossing all demographics and gaining more credibility for Cannabis every day

  2. The other states will follow soon enough. There is simply no effective opposition to state legalization at the national level. The whole rotted out enterprise of marijuana prohibition is crumbling right before our eyes.

  3. Johnny oneye on

    We have legal gambling , legal brothels ,casinos, Scratch tickets , alcohol tax ,tabacco tax
    The only difference with cannabis tax
    Is it’s not as detrimental as those products
    win win!

  4. Silly Rabbit on

    This is just money earned for the schools …… We are not even talking about the improvement in the crime stats, win win for everyone!

  5. It’s just a matter of time and the ignorance of prohibition will end. People are learning that they have been lied to for years. We are fortunate that we live in an age when all kinds of information is at our finger tips. We have learned that our politicians our government does lie and our politicians are learning that they need to follow our will or they will have to get a real job. The school funding is a great idea. I am surprised that the feds allowed such a thing. I am not a fan of more taxes but our children are our future

  6. Why isn’t every state doing this? Could it be that there are some states that would rather have perpetually underfunded public education? If you can afford to send your kids to private schools, then you are “one of us.” If not, maybe you want to move to one of those blue states.

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