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Legal Marijuana In Uruguay Will Cost Less Than In Colorado And Washington


Cash cost of legal marijuana uruguay colorado washingtonI have always said that the cost of legal marijuana will largely determine if it is considered to be successful by many people. If the cost of legal marijuana in Colorado and Washington is more than it costs on the black market, then clearly there is a problem. I have heard people toss around the figure of thirty dollars per gram after taxes in Washington State, which would be sad considering that people can buy good marijuana on the black market right now for as low as five dollars per gram. Below is an article about how much Uruguay plans on charging, which is considerably lower than any figure that I have heard coming out of Colorado and Washington:

Courtesy of The Joint Blog

Cannabis is on the verge of being legalized in Uruguay, with the nation’s House of Representatives recently passing a president-backed legalization measure which has enough support in the Senate to be approved. Once the law takes effect, cannabis possession and private home cultivation will be legalized for adults 18 and older, as will government-authorized sales through cannabis clubs and designated pharmacies.

Under the proposed regulation system, cannabis will be sold at only $2.5 per gram,according to Univision.

According to advocates of the proposed law, having the price set at a reasonable rate is important, so to sway people away from the black-market which tends to fund criminal enterprises.

As the nation moves forward with this plan to legalize and regulate cannabis, the whole world is watching closely. In September, Uruguay’s president will give a speech to the United Nations, defending this new policy.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. In NJ were looking at about $500 per ounce for medicine that is at most allowed 10% THC. Not to mention that the program is getting seriously hindered by Gov. Christie. Only 124 people so far can get the MM when it is available and currently it isn’t. over 1000 have cards but are on a waiting list.

  2. If you are making an argument that it’s better to have illegal weed, then you are justifying prohibition. It’s sickening and disheartening that many marijuana users like yourself support their own criminalization. It just makes me want to throw up my hands and say why bother?

  3. Hi the thing that find about Drugs Abuse is Free choice I do not Know someone that takes Drugs by force they must take them for some reason! But it Free choice! Why Bust some thing like that! Restricted it to 18 year old! Like Smoking and Alcohol Tax it! control it But its still Free Choice! I am 50 year old and read a lot and see the Governments of the world fighting a losing battle on Drugs wast of money you bust some one and 10 take His place for some thing that can be legal and controlled! The very reason That most take Drugs is knowing its illegal make it legal and the fun is gone! Fight Drug Abuse you are wasting you time! Show me some wear in the world they are winning that Fight I don’t think there is one

  4. MartinBeckthefirst on

    Not just America , the greed is worldwide and will eventually throw up on it self . Then the greedy can sell ” barf bags ” at outrageous prices . and on and on and on and fucking boring

  5. MartinBeckthefirst on

    Sure I knew this was going to happen . It was much easier as illegal and it cost less . In California you can get very good medical marijuana , and they usually have specials , so its not too costly

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